Friday, November 13, 2009


Wednesday around 4:00 pm, Teresann Moore was kidnapped and taken to by her estranged husband to his apartment. Neighbors heard screams and called 911. Within minutes the streets were lined with responding officers. Upon arrival officers heard shots fired from the apartment complex.

Then her estranged husband opened fire from his balcony while screaming he would kill any officer who came closer. An officer was shot in the hand by the 38 year-old Randall Moore.
Luckily, the couple's 8 month-old baby boy was at day-care. Police stormed the apartment and found Teresann dead and took Moore into custody.

Theresann was an Air Guard veteran and she had completed three missions in Iraq. She was a member of the 132nd Fighter Wind based out of Des Moines. All her training sadly could not and did not prevent her death.

Often people married to violent offenders are not prepared to deal with continued random acts of violence once the relationship ends. In this case, and I am only guessing, this woman obviously felt that once she was divorced he would leave her alone.

Similar to a ticking bomb, a person leaving, from the moment they say the words "the relationship or marriage is over" to the time they walk out the door, a victim must be on their guard around the clock. Because as I have said before, ending a relationship is the most dangerous time and a plan for all around safety must be implemented immediately, otherwise as we see in this tragedy, it will cost your life!

Prayers to the family and friends and for the wounded police officer.

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Ronni said...

Some have to be careful for years after the split! I met a woman in a battered women's support group whose ex had stalked her across 5 states in 3 years.

Some of these guys eventually give up, particularly if they find the next victim, but others are so obsessed with the slight to their masculinity that they will pursue for years!

Women leaving a relationship with such a man need to be proactive in their own defense.

Please, once you are gone, STAY GONE! Do not talk to him, accept calls from him or see him. Don't thing an apology is any more real now than it was when you were together. If you see him lurking, call the police. If he keeps lurking, get a gun, and don't be afraid to use it before he gets close enough to grab it. If you have to forgo child support to keep the kids away from him, do so. Otherwise, they become pawns by which he will keep you in thrall for years. If you have to keep him in the kids' life, arrange for somebody else to pick up and drop off, at a neutral location.

I am so frustrated by these cases. Cruel, manipulative men, and the intelligent women who get suckered in over and over.

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