Saturday, November 14, 2009

Behind The One Way Mirror: Robin Sax

Veteran prosecutor Robin Sax is a former deputy district attorney who was with Los Angeles County Distrist Attorney's office specializing in sex crimes against children. Robin has witnessed first hand the devastating toll these crimes take on innocent children, some so young they are barely able to see the top of a kitchen counter.

When we watch Nancy Grace or Larry King on CNN talk about the latest abduction, murder or sexual assualt against a child the general public doesn't see much other than what is being reported on a crime. We hope and pray when a child is found the person responsible is brought to justice. But, beyond that society doesn't think much more about the justice system unless the case is being covered in the news or televised. Then we see the talking heads debating the strength and outcome of the case. And cases involving children are never televised.

Up until a few months ago Robin Sax was the "heartbeat" for justice when in came to prosecuting child sexual assault cases. Now with her new book titled "It Happens Everday inside the life of a Sex Crimes D.A.", readers will gain insight into a world only prosecutors understand, that is until, now.

Robin provides a view in this amazing book of what goes right and what also go wrong in the prosecuting of these cases. And in a language all her own Robin Sax tells readers like it is within the system. A legal system that unless we make changes, the very children whom we are trying to protect that will lose in the end.

Dividing the book into two parts, she begins with "Behind the One-Way Mirror," which deals with the investigation portion of child sexual assault. She defines exactly what constitutes sexual assault and then presents the ingredients of what makes a case "fileable." She also explains why some cases never get filed.

In the second part, "Behind the Counsel Table," Robin sheds light on the whole court process. She discusses a range of issues, including mandatory sentencing, plea bargains, unsupportive parents, using children's testimony to prosecute the perpetrator, DNA evidence, the importance of corroboration, and the weaknesses of the jury system.

Her first authored book equally important for all parents is "Predators and Child Molesters" with a forward written by Marc Klaas, Klaas Kids Foundation.

To me being safe is more important than buying the lastest fashion or spending money on items you really don't need. Safety of our children is easier when we take the time to pick up information and learn as parents how to keep our kids safe. Robin Sax's information is similar to "boot camp guide for parents. Hey maybe that should be the title of her next book!

Either way the books are available in books stores and on If your local library does not have a copy or two on their shelves politely ask the librarian to order it. Tell them Susan suggested it!


Lisa Marie Michels said...

I'm ordering both books right now. I'd love it if Robin had a "How To" book on what to do to successfully bring a Perpetrator to justice. A step-by-step guide from the moment you find out someone has done the unspeakable to your child. When the system fails us it not only fails the child that has been harmed, it also fails the innocent children that will soon become the next victim.

Anonymous said...

Readers may find this interesting reading:
Newsletters published by the NDAA's American Prosecutors Research Institute's National Center for the Prosecution of Violence Against Women. They're very informative on how Prosecutors prosecute. Varied subjects include strange vs non-stranger crime, Sexual Assault , etc.
The Voice

Buy Robin's book too!

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