Monday, August 10, 2009

Dysfunctional Legal System Leads To Murder

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that Drew Peterson's strategy from my favorite legal marshmallow defense team was going to be to file a motion in court asking for the removal of the Illinois Heresay law before a trial begins sometime in 2010.

And we can all be sure, similar to toilet paper out of a bathroom stall, that Peterson's defense team, if the motion is denied, will roll it all the way to the supreme court. They do not want the testimony of Kathleen's Savio's divorce attorney Harry Smith or the conversation between Pastor Neil Schori and Stacy Peterson among others to be allowed as Hearsay testimony under the new Illiniois law because the defense is claiming it is unconstitutional. I saw bravo to this ridiculous tactic that only makes the prosecutions case stronger. Consider the documentation by Kathleen Savio up to the date of her death. The order of protection, although granted and eventually dropped, was in fact initially given to Kathleen by a judge after she provided sworn testimony as to the abuse suffered during her marriage to Peterson. The defense cannot declare that the photo's of the beatings, hospital reports and letters sent by Kathleen to the Will County State's Attorney's office as inadmissible, but don't be surprised if they attempt to file a motion against that too.

This case is about a legal system that is as dysfunctional and dangerous for all women married to abusive and psychopathic men. This is one woman out of millions similar to Kathleen Savio who happen to be married to a violent offender with a badge to whom in my opinion, lost her life. A woman whose cries for help fell on deaf ears when she called the police for help from inside her home to the courthouse steps where she was turned away and then at her very own botched crime scene.

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Anonymous said...

I have not heard anything new on in months Stacy. Is search efforts on going? What about the kids are they doing okay?

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