Friday, July 17, 2009

Where Is The Asylum For American Women?

Apparently, our government is seriously considering granting asylum for battered women from other countries. Now there is a concept! Curious, I contacted a church that helps those granted asylum and learned when our government provides assistance, the person is given housing, placed on public aide amounting to approximately $2,000 a month and in many cases a second hand vehicle so they can get around. And other perks depending on the individual’s needs. We cannot take care of victims of abuse in our own country. Why are we extending a hand to foreigners? Is the abuse different or more life threatening from the women in our own country?

Women whom are born in United States are living in the same conditions as those the government has offered to help with little to no options for safety and proper services to escape their abusers. I personally know several hundred women whom are beaten, raped, kept like prisoners in their own homes and forced to deal with their abusers one way or the other or else they will be killed, identical life threatening situations as the women in the New York Times article. Where is the asylum for American women?

If our government can come up with a way to house, educate and find jobs for battered women from other countries in this economy, we should first have a system in place for American women before we start offering a safe haven to immigrants.

Do not misunderstand. I am about helping battered women, but let us help those where we have the greatest need, and the highest mortality rate, right here in the good old United States.


Crime Victime Advocacy said...

The idea of this is scary. Helping those from other countries while we turn away from those in our back yard?

Atlanta said...

Can we exchange the idea and be allowed asylum to the live outside America? Seems only fair our system is doing nothing for battered women and mothers without custody.

Sharon daVanport said...

As the old saying goes, "Charity starts at home" - It is a disgrace that our government does not have guaranteed protection and care for citizens of this country who are victims of domestic violence, yet they turn around and grant relief to those of foreign nationality as a matter of policy. One word: Wrong!

Fargunel said...

It is so similar here in Australia.
Perhaps because they actualy know that there are thousands and the asylum seekers are only in the hundreds?
This just goes to show that governments are very aware of the problem at home but are turning a blind eye and putting it in the too hard basket.

Anonymous said...

I wondered the same thing.

Somehow we have all these protected groups except American women who protest domestic battery and romantic love as an excuse for killing them.

Why isn't Domestic Violence thought of and treated as torture? They both have a recognizable profile of imprisonment, detention, enforced isolation, extreme physical and mental abuse and may end in death. Women are raped, beaten, burned, deprived of sleep, food and human contact. It's purpose is to break us. What one learns in order to survive, can make living later unbearable, causing post-traumatic stress even suicide years later. Why is it all the same things happen in Amnesty International reports and accounts of torture as do in women's homes across America. Why is it the constant level of abuse of women acceptable and/or even ignored? Torture is reserved for men and has the dignity of politics. Torture should not be limited to acts by the state, state is not all there is to power. It's an unjust power that subjects one half of the human race against the other. Will women ever be given amnesty?

Debbie said...

We can help people in other countries but we cannot help those women who live on the tught rope of live and death in the united states? Makes no sense!

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