Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stacy Peterson Book:"Recipe For Hope"

Drew Peterson continues to catch the attention of the media and maybe all his on air experience will land him a job as the new spokesperson or press agent to inmates when he moves to his new home.

One minute Peterson claims his children's mother ran off with a man, the next he is all over Internet dating sites looking for women, like a used car salesman. And now, this cowardly dickless wonder, is engaged, with the girfriend and her two small children living in a crime scene!

Have you had about enough of this constant barrage of disrespect for the women and murdered mother(s) of his 4 children? Are you interested in doing something about this bozo and his camp of marshmallow roasters?

There is a group of business professionals, media and violence awareness groups who have joined together bringing dignity and respect for Stacy Peterson and Kathleen Savio. Sadly, both these women did not stand a chance against in my opinion, as an expert in the area of police perpetrated-domestic homicide. This newly formed entity will raise money to bolster the efforts of numerous domestic violence organizations. How you ask? It's called "Receipe For Hope".

This is no plain, ordinary cookbook. But, a cookbook with recipes along with safety tips for women caught in this cycle of abuse. Here's how you can help.

Are you a survivor of an abusive relationship? Do you assist a friend or a relative in leaving their violent environment, safely? How about contributing your safety tips for the book? You can save someone's life. Or in memory of someone who was murdered, what tip can you offer in their memory? Participation for the cookbook is easy. All you need is a computer to enter.

Write out your favorite recipe, add your name and city, if you like, and email it to: Oh! One more thing!!...Please, please include any safety tips for that someone you know who is looking to safely get out of the cycle of abuse! These valuable tips will be included in the cookbook in recipe form.....sort of like 1oz. of prevention, 1C safety, stir in a pinch of caution and don't let it boil over!

All of the printing costs have been generously donated this project and ALL proceeds will go to organization's provding safety and direction for those in violent relationships!


shark said...

Mine is on the way Susan
This is so needed!!!


Mauri Espisito said...

Wow! fantastic. Hope it is a great success. BTW-your post really made me laugh. Only you could call DP a dickless wonder.

Waynette said...


NOW, send in your recipes!!!!

(Even you Susan! I want your Moms Chicken Soup recipe!)

I will call you tomorrow with more info!


Anonymous said...

I have to wonder how motivated the Will County States Attorney is in solving this case.........

Susie said...

Hi my name is Susan Sovsky and My daughter and I need Susan Murphy Milano to read this story please we need her help to get our story heard

Susie said...

Hi my name is Susan Sovsky
my daughter and I need her help
please get this address to her we need our story to be heard.. please help us

Susie said...

Susan Murphy Milano
I sent you a message and a web site you are also working on a murder case and that female is my sister I heard about you threw that story and prayed that you would also help us get this story out please Susan your our last hope

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