Thursday, March 26, 2009

Need Your Help & Support to Stop HB45 Allows Murderers Over 50 years old To Be Released From Prison

The Illinois General Assembly is voting on a dangerous bill, HB45. This means that any inmate, all convicted murderers serving 25 years or more for mass murder or horrific crimes like rape and murder of a child, etc - a chance at release when they reach the age of 50 which the bill calls "elderly", even if they are serving life without parole! Prisoners like Patricia Columbo who slaughtered her entire family in the name of love. Or the Ripper Murder Crew who murdered, raped and cannibalized more than 20 young women.

Victims families of these crimes have NOT been told of this bill .

PLEASE, we need phone calls and fax’s sent in to the Illinois Representatives listed below! It doesn’t matter if you are a resident of Illinois. These criminals will be out on our streets. Perhaps in your own neighborhoods, near tour relatives and children if we all don’t take a moment and “SAY NO TO HB 45”.

Be polite - be nice - appeal to their good nature - saying things like "I know that Representative SMITH will want to vote NO on HB 45 and would not want to see murderers sentenced to life without parole endangering all our families and the victims of these crimes put through hell".

But also be firm and emphatic - tell them this bill would require victim’s families who have NO idea this is coming and have not been told about this bill - retroactively it would completely RE-OPEN the sentencing in their cases 25 years after the life sentence or long term sentence for murder is given.

Tell them that this is the TOP priority for defeat for the statewide crime victims organization and that we will be working actively come the next election cycle to defeat any legislator who supports this bill and that we will turn out murder victims family members in the news media and in their districts to work to defeat them if they vote yes on HB 45.

States Attorneys oppose it. Law Enforcement opposes it. We are asking them to stand with victims and law enforcement against convicted murderers - these are all the worst of the worst - the ones sentenced to 25 years or more. The victim’s families and the taxpayers of Illinois are entitled to legal FINALITY in these cases and should not have to pay for a new hearing at 25 years to possibly let out a convicted murderer sentenced to life without parole. This bill means that the life without parole sentence for the worst offenses possible in Illinois would now become meaningless.

Tell them to vote NO on HB 45.

I have done the work here to get phone numbers for their offices - PLEASE EVERYONE we need a phone call this morning to each representative listed!

All numbers are 217-782 - and then the four numbers I have next to their name:

Acevedo, 2855
Beiser, 5996
Bellock, 1448
Boland, 3992
Bradley, 1051
Brosnahan, 0515
Chapa La Via, 1002
Coulson, 4194
Crespo, 0347
D'Amico, 8198
Dugan, 5981
Farnham, 8020
Flider, 8398
Fortner, 1653
Franks, 1717
Froehlich, 3725
Holbrook, 0104
Joyce, 8200
Lyons, 8400
Mathias, 1664
Mautino, 0140
McAsey, 4179
McGuire, 8090
Mendoza, 7752
Mulligan, 8007
Nekritz, 1004
Phelps, 5131
Pritchard, 0425
Reitz, 1018
Smith, 8152
Tryon 0432
Walker 3739

If you have an e-fax or a regular Fax their offices, or get their addresses, click on this link: and then go to HOUSE and MEMBERS - each Rep has a link to their own contact page.

NO on HB 45,

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU for taking time to make these very important calls. This is our most important battle this entire year. Thousands of victim’s families who do not even know what is at stake here and have no voice are counting on us.


Chicago Heights said...

I remember the murders with the young girls. My apartment was a few blogs away from Robin Gecht's.
If he's released God help us all!

BTW I called about 20 State Rep's.

Anonymous said...

EASY Link to Illinois legislators

Will generate email/fax/letter for you.

I called and faxed them too! Contact them! Bill is being brought to floor next week.

Elmhurst, IL said...

Patrica was a teenager. She should have another opportunity at freedom. In prison she has been a role model for others. Patricia Columbo has turned her life around.

God forgoves those who are wiling to change and Patricia certainly has proved this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you anonymous for your info, and Susan Murphy Milano for bringing the message forward. To Patricia's family, there are steps in place within the system for her to take advantage of, it appears she is doing that. Accountability for her actions and realizing how this has affected her victims (restitutions) is also part of the process and advancement she/others incarcerated need to make. The effect of HB45 will perpetually continue to re-tramatise her/his victims for every parole hearing that she/he petitions for. I know, my family has endured parole protest hearings the past 35 years under the old laws. for what the system has done to us. To ALL Illinois victims homicide crimes visit: for more info for your rights as victims who will be subjected to HB45 parole protest hearings if this bill passes.

katfish said...

I put a link to this post on my blog. Thank you for compiling the list of numbers for the house members. I also did an entry on my blog but your's was so helpful,not only the member's phone numbers, but the suggestions for what to say are invaluable. Thanks!

katfish said...

I am so happy this lousy Bill was resoundly defeated!!!!!Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I would have been disappointed if this passed without even knowing what it was about.

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