Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When A Cop Rapes A Child Should Bail Be Denied?

The court documents say forcible rape and incest. In these cases where law enforcement is involved with a crime of a child, in my opinion bond should be automatically, denied.
The am also concerned that the Officer Martinez is a danger to the community. Another issue are his weapons. Allowing officers charged in these cases to retain their weapons, again in a threat to the community. Martinez is a 20 year trained crime fighter.

Perhaps the judge should have issued a GPS monitor for the officer as a condition of his release. Oh, I forgot. They usually don't enforce procedures of safety for police officers.

It is likely this man who raped a 12 year-old child will be represented by a police union lawyer. If Prosecutors offer this bozo a deal. Will he have still be required to register as a sexual predator?

The prosecutors must remember the life of this little girl is in their hands. The victim will live with the scars of this rape, forever. She already lives in a prison. With memories one cannot erase so easily.

And when it is time for Pedro Martinez to resign and sign the paperwork for his pension. Fight to have it taken away. The same way he took away the innocence of the child.

(Source: Bail was set at $75,000 cash or surety Tuesday for a 20-year veteran of the Springfield Police Department who pleaded innocent to child rape and incest charges.

Pedro J. Martinez, 47, a uniformed patrol officer, was arrested at the end of his shift Monday at 3 p.m. Martinez pleaded innocent to three counts of forcible rape of a child and three counts of incest. Police Commissioner William J. Fitchet said that Martinez was immediately suspended for five days without pay pending a grand jury indictment. Defense lawyer Raipher D. Pelligrino said after the arraignment that the charges are the result of a misunderstanding and his client is innocent.

He told District Court Judge Rita Koenigs that the victim has "issues that need to be explored further." Assistant District Attorney John Compton asked for a bail of $100,000 cash or $1 million surety. Compton said the victim said she was raped and sexually abused repeatedly from January 2005, when she was 12, to October 2008.


Cobb County,-Atlanta said...

Especially a LEO once arrested for this type of felony weapons surendered pending the outcome of the case.

The monitor device should also be considered.

The man is sick to do this to a child.

Boston said...

The girl has a lot of mental problems. Rushing to judgement trying this in the court of public opinion is why we have a court of law.

Take you broom & fly elsewhere.

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