Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kathleen’s Savio Interruption of Justice Continues as Will County Drops the Legal Ball

In March of 2008, I authored a post pertaining to an important legal strategy available to the Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow. The statue of limitations to bring federal charges against Drew Peterson expired, today.

Glasgow’s office held the key to a strong case against Drew Peterson. In using the United States mail to send insurance documents for payment on Kathleen’s bogus will, Peterson knowingly committed fraud. And he had clear motive. The 1981; case I cited had many similarities to Drew Peterson’s case. Ironically, Thomas York a Chicago police officer received 40 years in a federal prison.

Last week on Justice Interrupted Radio, Reporter Joseph Hosey and author of the book Fatal Vows, indicated, if the State’s Attorney’s office fails to charge Drew Peterson in the murder of Kathleen Savio in the next several weeks, Peterson walks.

Bringing federal; charges against Drew Peterson, in my opinion, was a slam dunk.
The Will County State’s Attorney’s office failed Kathleen Savio not once but 4 times.

First: When Kathleen she died in a dry bath tub because investigators forgot crime scene 101 procedures. Blood is thicker than water. It was impossible for the blood in that bathtub to have drained without the trained locksmith and police officer, Drew Peterson.

Second: Kathleen’s cries for help were denied by the very people sworn to serve and protect. Her case file hidden, on top of a filing cabinet. Found only after Stacy Peterson, vanished and Sue Domain, Kathleen Savio’s sister had copies of letters and court documents proving Kathleen fought to be heard.

Third: the Will County State’s Attorney’s office lost the keys when they failed to enlist the assistance of the US Attorney’s office in this case. Properly, charging Peterson with a federal crime.

Fourth: The ignorant injustice cost two women their lives.

In memory of Kathleen Savio a site dedicated to the lives of these women titled Peterson Story including case updates and posted a great article from the site Mothers Are Vanishing.


rescueapet said...

Ms. Murphy-Milano - I truly come away so much more informed after reading your pieces. Thank you so much for your insight and your wisdom!

WantingJustice said...

It was impossible for the blood in that bathtub to have drained without the trained locksmith and police officer, Drew Peterson.
Color me stupid but this makes no sense to me.

Can you explain what you meant?

WantingJustice said...

I'm afraid insight and wisdom was lost on me.

Susan Murphy Milano's Journal said...

Sure I will. Drew Peterson is the only person in my opinion who killed Kathleen Savio.He is a trained locksmith and had the tools to enter the house.
The bathtub was dry. Blood does not drain that quickly or by itself. One does not die in a bathtup without water or red stains left in the tub.

Nothing was lost on you. I didn't explain it properly.

Delilah said...

Once again, a woman's life and her worth to the world has been diminished by the powers that be in Will County, IL. Drew Peterson is one slippery snake who knows the system, has been trained to leave no evidence, and by his attitude, is feeling pretty good about getting away with murder.

What does it take for Glasgow to hear the cries of, not only Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson, but the thousands of other women in that county who are in danger of losing their lives? Will County, in my opinion, has as much blood on it's hands as the ones who are committing these murders and getting away with it.

Levi said...

It is ashame that they are letting this man walk free in our civilized society, because this monster is anything but civilized.

IMO they have the goods on this man to take him to trial on BOTH CASES and put him in jail for the rest of his life.

I've seen cases without bodies, and even less evidence end up with convictions.


Morgan said...

What's the matter with the State's Attorney?

Kathleen Savio was murdered and they do not appear capable in filing charges against Drew Peterson.

This is a crime!

Anonymous said...

It's more than a shame, it's criminal. Someone needs to sue Will County AGAIN for dereliction of duties.

Tomczak wasn't bad enough Glascow's got to one up him on ineptness!

This cries out for a 2nd Amendment Right's violation!

It's only been 1 yr and a few months and it cost Will County $16 million dollars.

Somebody fire Glascow's ass before he bankrupts the Will County justice system!

Oh wait that's right I heard he wants the Attorney General's job. That's sounds just like Illinois politics doesn't it! The Peter Principle and it's out of control!

QUICK call Atty Kathleen Zellner, "This kind of behavior has got to STOP!"

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