Friday, February 6, 2009

Turning Tragedy Into Triumph

After my mother was killed by my father, I felt completely helpless and absolutely furious. I knew my mothers murder could have been, and should have been, prevented.

Today twenty years later, not much has changed, except, women are dying at the hands of those who profess to love them at epidemic proportions. And, sadly, the deaths have included, the children.

In murders within the past 24 months, the majority of these women were in the process of leaving. Some were filing for divorce, Some filed court orders of protection. Some were moving to an apartment . While were moving in with family and friends. In my opinion, the victims , those killed, were not provided the proper tools to stay safe.

I know I cannot bring my Mother, back. But, I have learned important ways and created tools for those involved in a violent realtionship to either leave safely and or provide documentation so the person responsible does not walk free in society and literally get away with murder.

Whether, the person is in law enforcement, the military or he's Bob the mechanic. If you are reading this and you work with someone or are related to a person in a violent relationship, do something take action by arming yourself with knowledge and safety strategies that work in conjuction with seeking courts orders of protection and divorce.

It is dangerous when you don't have a strategic plan of action. At home or in the workplace. I lecture and teach all over the country. As a published Author,I welcome invitations from human resource professionals, nurses association, health care facilities, mental health professionals, corporations, places of worship, community groups, universities, law schools in educating and providing important tools that saves lives. Together, we can change lives!

I can be reached by email at or by inquiry at:
2205 S. Wolf Road
Hillside, Il 60162

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