Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tabitha Raines Shucks Case: Asking For Reader's Support

Tabitha Raines Shucks~ is a 6 yr. unsolved homicide cold case~that with your help, could be re-opened and possibly solved.

Because of new developements, a New Mayor, a New Sheriff, and New Tips and Leads coming in just days ago, Tabitha's Father traveled to Indiana over this past weekend. He was able to get an appointment and sit down with the New Sheriff now in office, providing new tips and leads that had came in regarding information about Tabitha's death.

These new tips and leads WARRANT! another investigation into these matters. The Sheriff told this father, that he would assign a Cold Case Detective to this case and get back with him in a couple of days. We have people willing to come forward and give a deposition if the State of Indiana can provide a case detective. Without any further comments at this time, it is imperative that Society step up and back this father in hopes that the authorities will too step up and investigate these new leads.

Tabitha was 16 yrs. old when shot in the head, and body dumped in a creek. She was identified by her parents by the tattoo on her hip and her wedding rings only. Other things done to this Mother are unspeakable.

She left behind a baby boy. I will come back to this blog post, and provide links to Tabitha's story or you can google her name and all her websites will come up for those who wish to read about her.

Peace4missing.ning an important social awareness network for crime victims and their famillies is asking everyone, to PLEASE, copy and paste and print out the Concerned Citizen Letter below and SNAIL MAIL this letter with a STAMP!

Please, if you have an extra envelope and stamp and have the means to copy/paste/print~ please help us today. I will try to get an email addy too, but for now, this Street Address is all we have to get started.There is also a phone number listed below: For those of you who would also like to call this Sheriff and just inquire about the Tabitha Raines Shucks, Unsolved Homicide case, now would be an excellent time to make that call! "

A simple request for information as to the status of her case is all you would need to say "THANKING THE SHERIFF FOR A GREAT JOB HE IS DOING!

Tipton County Sheriff's OfficeSheriff Frank L Fritch

121 W Madison Street

Tipton, Indiana 46072


Top of The letter should say: RE: Tabitha Raines Shucks~Unsolved Homicide Cold Case

Dear Sheriff Fritch:~

I AM A CONCERNED CITIZEN~After reviewing evidence made available on the Tabitha Raines Shuck's case, and the recent new tips that have came in to your office.

I am just one of many who would like to see this case re-investigated.

This case deserves a second look into the truth and I feel there are criminals walking free todayinvolved in a murder cover up.

Your Dedication and expertise as an agent of change is vital to the new information in this case and closeure for those responsible in the murder of Tabitha.

After reviewing information in this case I feel strongly and believe justice has NOT been served in the unsolved case of Tabitha Raines, requiring further investigation by your department.

Please~Help bring forth Justice and Prosecution for Tabitha's death.

Thank You for your time and attention to this matter.



Star said...

Missing Person Alert$5,000 REWARD
$5000 REWARD
Star G. Boomer (Hurtie)- Victim
Date of Birth: 2-15-1960
5 foot 4 inches, 140 pounds, blue eyes, blonde hair
Last known address:
1737 South 49th Street
Kansas City, Kansas

On the evening of February 23, 1999, Ms. Star Boomer was patron of Uncle Mike's Bar at 49th and Metropolitan in Kansas City, Kansas. Witnesses say she was involved in a violent altercation with a man believed to be lifelong criminal with a history of violent behavior, particularly toward women. At one point during the evening, Ms. Boomer allegedly was knocked to the ground, causing her to lose consciousness, by 'Gino Spradlin' of Kansas City, Kansas/Missouri. She was allegedly given a substance by 'Shon Pernice' while inside the bar, and subsequently carried out by 'Gino Spradlin' and Robert Horn "Butchie" of Kansas City Kansas/Missouri. Ms. Boomer has not been seen or heard from since that date.

The witness accounts that
Shon Pernice administered a substance to Star Boomer before her disappearance along with the current developments in the Missing "Renee Pernice" case in Kansas City, Missouri raises many questions. Investigators believe several individuals may have knowledge and information to help solve this crime, but witnesses have not yet come forward with enough evidence to proceed with an arrest or prosecution.

If you have any information on this case, or know 'any' of the individuals named above, and would like to help generate leads to help find "Star Boomers" remains, please do not hesitate to write: Your tips and identity/handle will be kept anonymous.

Anonymous said...

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