Monday, January 26, 2009

New York Knicks Son : A Witness to Murder

Nova Henry, just 24 years old and her 9-month old baby daughter Ava were shot dead around 6 p.m. in her West side Chicago apartment on Saturday. Her 3 -year old son, unharmed, witnessed the killings.

Police are saying the suspect is a “known acquaintance” in the murders. It is a person with whom Nova recently ended a relationship with whom she took out a court order of protection against.

In addition, according to 2005 courts records, New York Knicks Baskeball center Eddy Curry is the father of the 3-year old boy. Nova Henry had filed not one but 2 seperate parentage petitions, one in 2005 for the son and another in 2008 claiming Ava Henry, the baby was also the daughter of the $9.4 million dollar a year star.

A little background on the loving father Eddy Curry he is married to Patrice and the father of four other children. He claimed he was not the father of the couple's latest out of wedlock "love child" who was murdered with her mother.

The basketball player was also hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit two weeks ago. A former male employee is claiming Curry made sexual advances towards him.

Hopefully, Eddy Curry will step up and meet his responsibilities and raise the now motherless 3-year old son.

The order of protection is nothing more than a legal paper trail. Hopefully in this case it will lead to the arrest of the person responsible because the information is in the sheriff's data base.

And, I have yet to see any information on this person by name in the news or if Chicago police have him in their custody.

Maybe Eddy Curry, the "cheat on his wife and family man," can catch a flight to Chicago and be with his son. It is the least he can do.


Chicago Bulls Fan said...

Curry is a great ball player and he has suffered a few set backs from weight gain to injuries on the court.

I hope he does the right thing and brings his son into his life. Seems he would have a better chance if Curry brought him to New York,

Miles,NYC said...

I am so tired of seeing these players over paid setting poor examples for their young fans. And having grand affairs without responsibilty, gfathering children outside the union of marriage and patting themselves on the back!

Anonymous said...

I am curious what this does to Curry's his current family situation?

Maybe Patrice his wife can put aside her anger and welcome Curry's son into the family. Although I hear she and Nova did not get along. But for the boy's sake I hope she opens her heart.

Anonymous said...

No suspects? Why has Nova's mom taken custody of the boy. How come the big bad basketball star Eddy Curry can't step up and take his son?

Is he going to pay for the funeral?

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