Friday, December 12, 2008

Protesting A Violent Inmates Parole

Susan Waller

Justice continues to be interrupted each time a victim of a horriffic crime is forced to go every few years and argue to a parole board in order for them to deny the release of a dangerous criminal.

In this case of which I am speaking a judge sentenced 3 men to 2 concurrent life sentences.

Each time they are up for parole, the victim, left for dead by these men must gather herself, travel to another state and speak in front of the group of strangers and re-live her nightmare all over again.

This inmate has been convicted of the crimes of rape in the first degree and attempted murder and has served only 22 years of two concurrent life sentences. Willis , a violent sex offender will not be capable of conforming to minimal standards of conduct within his community, and in fact poses a grave risk to society.

Susan Waller is asking that Mark Caselow Willis not be released from prison, and that he continue to serve the remainder of his original sentence.

To read the rest of the story and sign the petition go HERE


MWaller said...

I would like to see the system change relating to criminal review boards and victims.

You cant rehab an animal.

libet said...

Absolutely outrageous. To go thru a porocess every couple of years for 3 men not worth the air they breath?

And this is our legal system? SHAMFUL

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