Sunday, December 14, 2008

Doe Eyed Angel

After human remains were found last week, likely to be those of 3-year old, Caylee Anthony, the television talking heads shifted gears discussing the possibility of the death penalty for the child’s mother?

Instead of stories about life, joy and hope, the only subject the media and talking crime experts will be serving during the holiday season is every detail possible regarding Caylee’s short life.
What we have not heard about is what to tell those young children who happen across the internet or see a photo or hear about the tragedy of the doe eyed little angel . And that her mother, the person who gave Caylee life, didn't do anything to protect her while in her care, in the blink of an eye.

Under the grandparents roof, George and Cindy, a cop and a medical professional, could the tragedy have been prevented or predicted? No. You can’t blame anyone, but the mother, Casey for not watching an protecting her own child. And you cannot point fingers at anyone other than the only individual responsible, MOM for not protecting her daughter. The mothers fate will be in the hands of a jury, when she goes to trial, not public opinion.

When a “Mommy” or “Daddy” harms their own child, what do we say to our own children in our communities? How do we respond to the 5 or 6 year- old who asks a parent or teacher: “ Will I be hurt or killed by my mommy, if I am bad? How can that girls mom kill her little girl? What did the girl do wrong? These are subjects left for the mental health experts to answer.

With Christmas around the corner, songs with lyrics “you better not shout, you better not pout”, or stories if your not good Santa will be bring you black coal has a threatening tone that I hope parents think twice before using it as a behavior or discipline strategy.

So, if you can’t keep away from those talking heads speculating their brand of finger pointing during the holiday season who will be feeding every drop or sneeze about the tragic death of Caylee Anthony, watch or listen to the coverage when your kids are out of the house or sleeping.

And whatever you do , let your children know how much you love them, minus the threat of a lump of black coal when they are bad.


O'Mara, Iowa said...

We will never know everything about this evil sick woman. Or why people kill their kids.

God must play a larger role in families lives.

Orange County said...

I don't agree. Both Casey's parents knew something. It was their duty to protect Caylee & they didn't

Anonymous said...

Whats next we will until the next nut job does something to top this? The media fuels peoples hunger when every night they continue to talk about these cases.
The day after the childs remains were located Nighline, 20/20, Dateline and the cable stations each had specials on the cases. How much of this are people really watching its so depressing.

Anonymous said...

This defense team is going to try their best to confuse the jury and will surely fail.

They are doing it for the big bucks from later media appearnces, books, movies, etc--justice has nothig to do with it for them. Caylee is gone so what do these people care?

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