Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Father's Search For His Daughter

Yes, Christmas is a few weeks away. And since September 3, 2008, one family is praying for the recovery of their daughter's body to be found.

On the morning of the 3rd of September, a 28 year old mother of two children, vanished. And since that day her father and other volunteers have continued to search Kelly Currin-Morris.

Her children haven't seen her since the beginning of September --the same day she was reported missing was the same day their home was set on fire in Stem, North Carolina. Authorities ruled the fire that destroyed the home, arson.

Kelly's car was later found abandoned about a mile away. Her cellular phone, keys and purse were also found.

It should be no surprise that her husband, Scott Morris, has been named a person of interest by police. I know we hear and read about these cases and those possibly responsible sit back like the cowardly lions they are, waiting until law enforcement places them under arrest. Maybe you waited on Scott Morris a few months back at a hardware store and are afraid to come forward. Or you might be a friend or a relative who may have heard remarks that you thought odd, but disregared them as nothing. Then when Kelly turned up missing, you remained quiet. Any information a comment, a discussion you overheard is very important in this case.

Please consider contacting authorities.

Searchers in the area are also asking anyone with an abandoned well or quarry within a 40-mile radius of Stem to contact them at (919) 812-2310, or, They also have asked hunters to report any articles of clothing they come across or other unusual finds to the Granville County Sheriff's Office.

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