Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Drew Peterson Roasting Marshmallows

Drew Peterson is once again making headline news with his recent trip to a Chicago lawyer regarding his "options" to divorce his wife Stacy Peterson, for desertion.

Drew Peterson's actions and remarks have been distubing since Stacy Peterson, vanished.

Instead of the media reporting every sneeze and cough of Peterson and his team of legal roasters, the media should offer information on how women can leave their abusive relationships safely, without being killed.

In my opinion, Drew Peterson is a walking, talking testament of a violent serial criminal.
The only documentation that publicly exists, pointing directly at this cowardly abuser, are the letters that Kathleen Savio wrote to the Will County State's Attorney prior to her death. And let us not forget the photo's of the beatings to Kathleen's face and body during her marriage to Peterson.

These women were married to a police officer. This officer, sworn to protect, unable to stop himself from causing deadly harm to the mother(s) of his own children. Peterson would have the world believe he is an innocent bystander of circumstances or as Matt Lauer stated during numerous interviews,"bad luck."

There is no such thing as "bad luck" or a "bystander criminal victim" as Peterson would like the world to believe.

There are three important facts in this tragedy. Kathleen Savio was murdered. Stacy Peterson is not among the living. And four innocent children are without their mother's forced to live with, in my opinion, a killer.


Anonymous said...

Those are very strongs words, "forced to libve with a killer"? What happened to a person is innocent until proven guilty?

mirep said...

Has the Gov. signed the new hearsay law? Could it have impact on DP's gun trial next month?

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