Thursday, November 20, 2008

Crime Investigation Expert Gil Alba on Justice Interrupted

On Tuesday, November 25, 2008, Justice Interrupted Radio is featuring a special show for unsolved murders, cold cases and the missing. He has solved a number of missing person and murder cases. Please join us!

Gil Alba will be our very special guest Tuesday, November 25, 2008 his website is he will answer your calls live.

The number to call is 1-914-338-0663.
Show airs 8:00PM Pacific Standard Time/ 10:00PM Central Standard Time/ 11:00PM EST
You can email case details before the show to :

If you have a missing persons case or an unsolved murder of a loved one, tune in and call into the show.

Listen Live and Click:

Gil Alba Facilitated the rescue in a high profile kidnapping case, returning a $3 million ransom. HARVEY WEINSTEIN , CEO of the largest U.S. manufacturer of tuxedos, was kidnapped in New York after having breakfast. The kidnappers wanted $3 million in ransom. He was recovered unharmed from a 12-day stay in a 14-foot hole in the ground.

What does Gil Alba ask when his private investigations firm is hired to probe a day-care center? A sampling of the former NYPD detective's questions: Child Care Article.
Mr. Alba's personal Child Care Questionnaire.

Larry Andrews Jr. disappeared without a trace on New Years Eve in New York City Missing Without a Trace: No Known Suspects
State’s First Missing Persons Day Will Help Ease Suffering For Families

"It’s unspeakable, the anguish that we feel," she said. Kristine Kupka, an honor student originally from the Midwest, was last heard from on Oct. 24, 1998. She allegedly left a message on her sister’s answering machine ...
Read about the family's billboard plea.
Read more about the Kupka case.

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Will Webbyte said...

My home is near a park where there have been a lot of murders. It is very scary for me.

My friends and I used to walk in this park. We no longer feel safe to do that even in a crowd.

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