Thursday, October 2, 2008

Justice Interrupted: Michael Tapley Navajo County, Arizona

Michael Tapley has been missing since February 15, 2008. The last person to see him alive was his wife Gina Tapley who told police in a report that she dropped him off in a casino in another state.
According to documents, Gina Tapley who was also reported missing until she magically appeared on March 8, 2008 in Navajo County, AZ, provided the Sheriff with enough information to basically [Not] investigate the case. On Septemnber 9, 2008, orginally on this blog we posted informatrion on the case. Now a disturbing new fact has surfaced, the Najavo Sheriff is in the middle of an election and is unable to be bothered with this until after the election.

So my question is for the people in Navajo County., Arizona. Why would anyone elect a person to any office who is refusing to investigate a possible homicide? Yes, I said homicide. Information points in that direction and yet, it is evident that a powerful Najavo County Sheriff is too busy campaigning for votes. The case of Michael Tapley must investigated. You, the County should be considered. There just may be a potential murderer walking among you, do you feel safe?

The Tapley Family has a right to Justice. Please help by contacting the numbers below and asking why no one is doing their jobs.

Navajo County Sheriff’s Office

Mission Statement
The Sheriff of Navajo County is an elected position with powers exercised under common law, except in so far as it has been modified by constitutional and statutory provisions. The powers of the Sheriff are delegated to employees of the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office in order to fulfill the requirements as established by law.
This mission is accomplished in an atmosphere of trust, mutual support and understanding maintained through participative involvement by all employees.
The powers and duties of the sheriff are to preserve the peace; prevent all affrays; breaches of the peace; riots and insurrections; attend all courts, except justice and police; take charge and keep the county jail; endorse all process and notices; serve process and notices; secure the home of a deceased person until heirs or executor has been determined; command as many inhabitants of the county as the sheriff deems necessary in the execution of his duties; conduct and coordinate search and rescue operations involving the life or health of any person; request the aid of volunteer posse and reserve organizations; assist other counties at the request of that Sheriff; cause prisoners who on work release to reimburse the county.
This mission is accomplished in an atmosphere of trust, mutual support and understanding maintained through participative involvement by all employees.

Navajo CountySheriff's OfficePO Box 668Holbrook, AZ 86025General Info:

(928) 524-4450

(928) 536-7327


Gun Powder said...

The Deputy Commander K.C. Clark is so busy kissing butt for election votes he is neglecting his duties on the job. Wonder what else the sheriff's office is not doing?

Anonymous said...

For those people who do not know. KC Clark had to take a leave of absence from the Sheriff's Office to run for the Office of Sheriff. That means he is not being paid or performing law enforcement duties right now until the election is over.

Anonymous said...

KC Clark is a Commander and he oversees the CI division. He is on a leave of absence for the election that is required by Navajo County Policy. He has no say in what goes on at the Sheriffs office right now. There are Detectives that are assigned the cases, not KC Clark. Just because the Sheriffs office is in an election does not mean that crimes are not being investigated. They are being investigated, just not as fast as someone would like. These things take time.

Vivian Lee said...

In Arizona the sheriffs are administrators. They do not investigate crimes, their detectives investigate.
The county is large with a huge amount of wilderness area.
Please do not trash our sheriff's department when you obviously have no idea how they operate.

Anonymous said...

People can and should trash our so-called sheriff's department early and often.
They have a drug enforcement officer that's a known meth user, KC Clark is a "former" drug dealer and convicted poacher, and they have a deputy named Jeff Adams that assaults people on a continuous basis, women especially, and his boss won't do a damned thing about it. Try being assaulted by a drugged up asshole named Jeff just because he hates your non-Mormon status or the fact that you're a woman. Especially when the actual criminals, a family of dirtbags named Berryman, got away with filing false charges against me, which led to the brutal assault I was victim to by this pile of garbage. Imagine getting arrested and thrown in jail only for having an argument with a wife-beating scumbag that can't handle any woman standing up to him. Imagine his whorish wife and scummy children also lying just to get "back at me" for questioning them. Imagine knowing you're innocent and having these scum attack you at every opportunity and you can't do anything about it, because most of the so-called law enforcement is a bunch of half-witted morons. In fact, this family of scum also got away with vandalizing my family's home, and the scumbags and the half wits decided to blame me for it.
Stop supporting garbage, and keep calling attention to what's wrong with this county.
-Stacey E.

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