Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Devil's Closet: Best Crime Thriller of the Year

"The Devil's Closet, in bookstores now, Author" Stacy Dittrich in her new book has created a fascinating monster and an equally fascinating team of monster hunters. CeeCee Gallagher is a hard-nosed detective trying to track down a man who abducts and kills little girls. But, it's the big girl on his trail that the killer really wants......

This is no ordinary killer; he borders on the surreal. The thought that he might be living just down the street from you is disturbing.

This is a quick read that may appeal more to women than men due to the heavy emphasis on romantic entanglements within the monster hunting team.
Dittrich, a real-life police officer, provides plenty of twists and turns and non-stop action.

This is her first novel, the first of many more to come. This is the first from a series based on he character Cee Cee Gallagher. I would not be surprised if in the very near furture Stacy Dittrich's Cee Cee Gallager character shows up on the silver screen.

The book is available at all bookstores and on amazon.com

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