Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Justice Interrupted Crime Radio Network: 9/30/08

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This week guests are Marc Klass, father whose 12 year daughter Polly was kidnapped and murdered in 1993. Marc Klaas is an important voice providing solutions and proven programs that positively impact crime, abuse and neglect that plaque children. His work in this area includes the creation of the tech Amber Alert and legislation designed to keep sexual predators away from our children and behind bars.

From Texas Faye Aline Self went missing in 1983 – Two notorious serial killers Henry Lee Lucas and Robert Charles Brown both confessed to having murdered the woman. Her daughter Kerrie Bateman has been on a 25 year quest to find answers, The Real answers. Now back at square one and the emotional roller coaster that happens to any child looking for their mother.

What do the Sheriff’s Election in Navajo County Arizona and a missing man likely murdered have in common? Stay tuned as Kim Platter sister of crime victim Michael Tapley updates us with the latest from Washington.

And joining us for this week in crime is War on Crime Radio host Levi Page.

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