Friday, July 18, 2008

"Coward Killer"

A fire storm of unanswered questions swirls around the tragic murder of Nancy Cooper.

The thirty-four year of mother of two was last seen early the morning of July 12, 2008, heading out for a morning jog. Not far from her home in Cary, North Carolina, just 18 blocks away, Nancy's body was discovered floating in a pond.

The promise to love honor and protect was broken the moment Bradley Cooper began his affair with another woman. He is not someone who is likely to be truthful about anything.

But, having an affair does not make someone a killer.

I do find it odd that this mindless cowardly wonder did not attend the press conference today with the family.

Yesterday, a Judge granted temporary custody to the maternal grandparents of their grandchildren, it was a relief. During this time with reporters and police surrounding the home at all hours, the children need time in a stable environment to grieve. In my opinion this should occur in all high profile cases. Especially, when a spouse goes missing or their body discovered.

We are seeing an epidemic in this country. A group of "cowardly killers" who do not have enough guts to either walk out of a marriage or pull the trigger to their own heads.


Peanuts said...

I found your post interesting. Not calling Bradley Cooper out as a murderer on your part displayed unusual restraint.

Are you walking on the side of caution? Or will you sit this one out to call out this killer by name, Bradley Coward Cooper.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe for one minute this was some random act. Too many things point to the husband.

Delilah said...

I think he must have read the Scott Peterson handbook on divorce. There are so many similarities.

Even though it is early on in this case, if you follow them, all of the signs are there. It is not a stretch to figure them out anymore, and that is a sad statement.

What is in the water that some males are drinking that makes them into narcissistic beasts?

Anonymous said...

Hardly a day goes by without another woman being "erased" with the husband being the # 1 suspect.
This is extremely disturbing. In Cicero, IL this past week, yet another young wife and mother was found stabbed to death and her baby and husband have fled to Mexico. Another wife and mother from Chicago was murdered a few weeks ago and hubby and kids last seen in Colorado. What in the world is going on ?

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see the girls removed home. I hope Bradley is not the one behind her murder. I wn't hold my breath. He wasn't very nice to any of them.

Prayers to the girls.

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