Monday, April 28, 2008

"All But My Soul" Abuse Beyond Control

If you are a battered woman entangled in, or recovering from, divorce proceedings with an abuser, this book is a must read! Order it now at Or go to your local library.

It could save you-your life, your children, your job, savings and your home. ...And if you've experienced any of these losses, it WILL help you heal!

You wake up and find yourself reaching out for society’s aid to help you protect yourself and your children. And in many cases, they show up before you realize that you invited them.

Your emotions are mixed, your day-to-day reality clear and your future fuzzy. You want to believe your attorney is working for your "best interest," but this belief can't be supported by the proceedings, especially when his/her fees are funded by the marital estate which your controlling spouse controls.

The financial social politics are crystal clear, but you cling to the ideal of "social justice" and human decency, until you hear your counsel and the court throw a deaf ear to your child’s self-mutilating in the face of being forced to live with someone who abuses him (sometimes before and WITHOUT a custody trial).

And you may even find yourself desperately struggling to have contact with your children after they are denied access to you...for days, weeks, months and for some protective parents for years.

You recognize that life, as you once knew it, is vanishing ...your children, your home, your savings, your career and, for many domestic abuse survivors, your health.

Far too often, domestic abuse survivors go from the "frying pan" to the "fire" on their way out of an abusive relationship. And they wonder how this can happen. While it doesn’t always happen, it’s more common than most people realize.

If you are a living domestic abuse, either on the inside of the relationship or on your way out of it, being informed about systemic abuse is essential to your survival.

Victims of domestic abuse can avoid being mothers without custody by recognizing, and not falling prey to, systemic abuse before it spirals out of control.

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