Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Atlanta Georgia Judge Condone's Officer Murder?


In Dekalb County Georgia last week, Judge Anne Workman allowed Former Dekalb County Sheriff Deputy Derrick Yancy to post bond and return home. This is difficult to comprehend after the murder of his wife Linda Yancey and a day laborer for whom he is accussed of murdering on June 9, 2008.

Did I mention that Yancey is a former corrections officer who escorted prisioners to and from lock up in the very same building for nearly seventeen years?

Where is Bill O'Reilly? He should be jumping all over this judge's behind. Judge Linda Workman has allowed Yancey to return home as he awaits for his trial. If this were anyone other than a law enforcement officer they would not receive bond.

In addition, the former sheriff is also taking care of the couple's 8-year old son. Family and friends are outraged at this politicial blunder.

In my opinion, it is likely Yancey will request a bench trial in his home away from home. He will possibly be acquitted by a friendly judge no doubt and be allowed to return to duty.

There is no justice when a system fails to follow the law.

In my expert opinion Judge Anne Workman needs to be removed from the bench where she has just slapped victims like Linda Yancey whose voices have been silenced because of an officer related murder.

As the daughter from a police officers family whose father murdered my own mother, I am outraged!


Anonymous said...

This is the justice system at its' worst.

Nobody is taking into account the couple was not getting along and Linda Yancey requested to end the marriage with her controlling and abuser husband.

I agree this case will not receive a fair trial.

Resident said...

Derrick Yancey kniws how to manipulatw the legal process. It is evident by what this carzy judge did in releasing him.

Dekalb County where is the outrage?

Anonymous said...

Appears this low life is a real coward. He can't divorce his wife like a real man so makes plans and kill her. The judge should be removed. Where did she go to lawschool Walmart On-Line?

Anonymous said...

Maybe judge Linda Workman didn't read the police reports & the medical exaiminers findings? What is wrong with the Prosecutor?

The state police & the feds should be prosecuting. This way they will enure a fair trail and the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

Judge Workman needs to get up to speed on the laws.

Betcha Yancey still has weapons in the house.

It only gets worse said...

This case reminds me of a similar case here:

Hopefully the police have enough forensic evidence to put this guy away for a very long time.

I do not understand how someone standing trial for a double murder posts a mere $20,0000? Is that because the Judge & Yancey know one another?

Anonymous said...

Here is where to send your comments on this case----

Stone Mountain Circuit

Judge Anne Workman
5230 DeKalb County Courthouse
556 North McDonough Street
Decatur, GA 30030
Work Phone: 404-371-2338

Cruiser said...

Ms. Milano's article refers to Judge Anne Workman and then later refers to her as "Linda" Workman. Understand that Anne Workman has come from one of those groups of attorneys from downtown Decatur, GA who play musical chairs in the court system in DeKalb County. I lost respect for her when she was representing my now ex-wife in a friendly divorce case. My ex FIRED her telling me that any attorney that wears different colored socks can not be responsible for looking out for my best interests. With that we used the same attorney for our divorced, but Ms. Workman's reputation, in our eyes, went out of the window.

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