Thursday, May 31, 2012

Justice Denied in the Twelfth Judicial Circuit of Florida

Running for political office is no picnic.  It takes real heart and commitment to serve the public minus a personal agenda.  By personal agenda I mean doing a job regardless of paying back political favors once a person is in office.

In covering the case of Sheena Morris age 22, murdered on Anna Maria Island in Florida, January 1, 2009.  Between the Bradenton Beach Police Department and the States's Attorney's office, the mother Kelly Morris has been kicked to the streets by both. Recently, I've learned of other cases where the State's Attorney's Office of the 12th Judical Circuit has been negligent and covering up or not prosecuting several murders. Citizens have emailed me asking to have their cases heard after listening to radio broadcasts on the Sheena Morris case, pleading for my help.  In the weeks ahead, we will cover those cases and expose the wide-spread corruption.  You will learn about the cases and hear from the families in the coming weeks.

This is an election year.  In looking at the Website run by State's Attorney Earl Moreland who is retiring this year, has hand picked and endorsed his current Chief Assistant Ed Brodsky to replace him.  .

"The sole objective of the State Attorney's Office is to seek justice by providing the highest level of prosecution in the district.The State Attorney's Office of the Twelfth Judicial Circuit includes SarasotaManatee and DeSoto Counties."

The citizens have an opportunity to lend their voice for change in the primary on August 14, 2012. The current office has failed at prosecuting cases. They have failed at providing justice in the very communities for which they took an oath to uphold the law and serve the people.

The first of the shows will air live on June 21,2012.  

Sheena Morris Murder

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