Monday, May 19, 2008

Lilly Aramburo: Life Interrupted Miami Style

Kelly & Christen in his apt from her myspace she titles the photo" gotta get out of here".jpg

The very last two people on this planet to see Lilly Aramburo alive. Kelly Rae Starling and Christen Pacheco pictured above. The photo was taken after Lilly disappeared in the apartment Lilly lived in a few shorts weeks before. Kelly Rae posted it up on her myspace page, and within a few short weeks Kelly Rae Sterling moved into the residence that Christen and Lilly shared located at 7680 SW 82 street #H 119 in Miami Florida.

Reported just hours ago is the marriage license application that Lilly Aramburo and Christen Pacheco obtained, weeks before Lilly vanished-go to

The Miami Police Department have not even taken the time to investigate Lilly's possible murder. Her mother walks the streets daily to hand out flyers on the streets of Miami.

Lets save Lilly's mother a few steps and contact:Attorney General Bill McCollum Office

The Contact Person is: Sandi Copes Phone: (850) 245-0150.
Call them. and politely ask to investigate the possible homicide of Lilly Amaburo. It only takes a minute to place the call. Or please consider:
How about emailing the Miami Herald and asking that they look into Lilly's case-
There is a little boy who deserves to know what happened to his mother.
If you have any information concerning this case, please contact: Miami-Dade Police Department 305-418-7200


Anonymous said...

Besides the BLATANTLY damning evidence that screams SUSPECTS, one glance at that photo alone of Christen Pacheco and Kelly Starling and one can easily see that they are GUILTY, without a doubt. (IMO!!!)

How dare they take Palden's Mommy from him, how could they have such little regard for a human life. I anxiously await the hours until these two are put away and off the streets!

Anonymous said...

That's what we have a justice system for and a due process. This case just slipped through the cracks who ever is responsible will be arrested and a jury picked to decide the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Not only did both Christen and Kelly continually torment and abuse Lilly while she was here, pathalogical liar, Kelly, also CONTINUES to spew her hateful venom about Lilly NOW, an entire year after she vanished.

Anonymous said...*5qAso18pAuB*88mWZg5XsS*6IKvdqKP2cQMVZMkWwCjve9gxysdn9s-gAiXJC7aXgVNzG2fd*tlJ3n7IrlHqB064/LillyGotMad.jpg

Anonymous said...

Christen is a volatile man with a VIOLENT temper and A LOT to hide. If only the Miami Herald would expose the Miami Dade Police Department for ALL their mistakes in this case. It would be a VERY good day. I pray for justice to be served quickly.

Anonymous said...

Another great entry for Lilly and another step forward in her case. I urge EVERYONE who reads and comments here to carry this message to any and all blogs, forums, or message boards you may belong to. The stage is set to make big strides for Lilly and the only way to do it is to get her story noticed quickly.

Email, call, anything and everything you can in the next few days to get this story to as many places as you can, it is so important to the success of justice for Lilly and her family.


Anonymous said...

I still cannot get over how a man with a profile on a TEEN PORN SITE, Multiple Cocaine Possession Charges, Domestice Violence background, plus much more is given a license in Miami for a CHILDREN'S NON-PROFIT GROUP!!!!!

Christen Pacheco is a dangerous criminal, he is on the same streets as our children, he targets children for his sick, twisted pleasure. Please note that Lilly was only 4' 11" and for all practical purposes looked like a CHILD! This is why Christen was attracted to her!

Anonymous said...

How can the Miami Dade Police Department and Miami Media Outlets sleep at night with the knowledge that they are allowing Christen Pacheco and Kelly Starling to walk free?!

How can the many businesses in Miami sleep at night knowing that they do not even allow Lilly's anguished Mother to post one single Missing Persons flyer of Lilly in their establishments?!

Anonymous said...

your worst nightmare said...
I am so glad that you continue to cover this story. It is obvious by comments here, and in other places, that these people have something to hide. And not just something small!!! ohhh nooo! SOMETHING BIG!

It is also obvious to everyone with a clear mind, that these people have something to do with Lily's disappearance.

How is it possible that her supposed future husband, reports her missing , and not even 2 weeks later hes moving on to his next "prey". Because lets call it as it is, all the facts point to him being a predator of the worst kind, a spineless amoeba of a "person". What kind of "successful businessman" hangs out with "barely legal" girls, and feeds them drugs until they are inebriated. The kind that visits "Barely Legal" sites, and opens Non for Profits for children. That is not a man, but a worm, a vile snake. If this doesn't scream RED FLAGS! Dont know what does!

And Kelly Starling, where to begin with this character? A supposed childhood friend? (LOL) With friends like that, who needs enemies. What a succubus! What a hater of love and life. Of course she is bitter towards Lilly. Because Lilly did the right thing, she tried to raise her child, but you! you just threw yours to the sharks. In fact, you tried to monetize your child.. so who is the "evil little monster"?

What kind of friend spews venom and hate towards someone they knew and loved? Even after shes missing!

However many their problems, her disappearance would have put the relationship into perspective for anyone with even 1/4 of a heart and soul. But it didn't it just seemed to enrage Kelly more, I wonder why?

thanks to the hard work of all the beautiful , strong woman involved, as everyday goes by, and all the shattered pieces of this puzzle begin to come together the picture becomes clearer. And that picture is of 2 people. Christen and Kelly! They hold the key to finding Lily.

And now we are rattling their cages, they are scurrying like sewer rats beneath the dark corners of our communities, picking the left over food, leaching from everyone they come in contact, they are so scared, they have come to the lions den to post.LOL!! is that all you have Kelly? some illiterate rantings? don't you see you are dealing with people much smarter than you,we are waiting for you to slip, watching you guys and when you do!!!! we will all be there to make sure "the mother and drug addict" and Palden, who you hate so much, will have their justice!!!!

I'm sorry for having to rant, but it really upsets me that on top of MS Media not covering story, and LE sitting on their doughnut eating A*&^s!!! Now, we get these hateful "anonymous" posts from non other than Kelly I can only assume.

I mean she cant even disguise her misspellings and writing style. Not to mention, as I'm sure Christan knows, is quite easy to capture the IP of commenters.

enough about them, and
Thanks again to ALL people and to everyone giving their all, for sleeping, drinking, eating and living Lillys case. I am sure lil' Palden would thank you if he could.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

if Christen was able to have his Domestice Violence cases not reported due to his connections with LE, I imagine he might be able to have his same connections neglect Lilly's Missing Persons case as well.

And if they did do something "fishy" (as in CRIMINAL) of course they are going to do anything to not have her story shared with any media, right?

Anonymous said...

Christen reported Lilly missing, went to the police and had them write up a missing persons report BEFORE ever calling Lilly's Mom to ask if she was there!

Lilly and her Mom were close, why if he thought she took off, would he not call her Mother to see if Lilly was there prior to going to the police?!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking even more so now that, like many of you, that Christen is the main guilty party...

That Lilly's efforts and determination to live a life that followed her newfound Christian beliefs, cramped his style, perhaps maybe caused him to think of Lilly as a burden. Lilly had been in drug rehab for a while prior to her disappearance, I'm sure Christen was living it up while she was gone, enjoying all his hedonistic desires, perhaps feeling in his own twisted way liberated, free from the responsibilities that a life with Lilly and Palden required.

He had admired her initially from a far, while his presence initially 'creeped' her out. But at her weakest moment, he swooped in and disguised himself as her knight in shining armor, eager to claim his lusted jewel. But once he had her, the conquest was over, he felt trapped, weighed down, but he couldn't just leave her, right? He liked this "I'm the Provider" image he had going on, so maybe he had to think of a sneaky way to shake off his evil interpretation of a burden.

And maybe he knew the perfect person to assist in his evil plan, someone who's lifestyle had also been cramped by Lilly's new found beliefs, someone jealous and resentful of her very presence. Which of course, imo, would be Kelly.

Anonymous said...


Channel 7 WSVN News email contacts

Hans Morgenstern
Web Center Producer

Ingrid Cupeiro
Web Center Writer

Aja Dorsainvil
Web Center Writer

Alex Granda
Web Center Writer

Fernanda Lima
Web Center Writer

Monique Mattiace
Web Center Writer

Caitlin Wilkenson
Web Center Writer

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Missing and Forgotten Mother from Miami, ignored by MDPD, Media and Citizens of Miami. Lilly has a 1 1/2 year old son Palden, who may never have the chance to know his Mommy, he is being raised now by her Mother who barely scrapes together a living as she and Palden sell flowers on the streets of Miami while passing out Lilly's Missing Persons flyers.

Lilly's "fiance" Christen Pacheco and "friend" Kelly Starling were the last to see Lilly. They say she left at 2AM to go pick flowers with no purse, cell phone or even shoes! A few weeks after Lilly vanished Christen and Kelly moved in together, yet the are not suspects, in fact the MDPD has never even looked into them at all. Meanwhile, Palden cries for his Mommy, while MDPD ignores tipline calls and emails and all Miami Media Outlets refuse to tell Lilly's story.

Anonymous said...

Please unite with us to bring justice to Lilly Aramburo.

Anonymous said...

Apparently a woman has to be rich, white and beautiful before the police in Miami will investigate their disappearance??

Anonymous said...

Very good point about reporting her missing before checking with her mother.

Also, if the police had bothered to interview people and take serious notes they would have noticed that there were several stories coming from those in the apartment the night Lilly disappeared, and might have stopped to wonder why that was.

I know I have.

Anonymous said...

One of many arrests in the life of Christen Pacheco...

COURT CASE: F08001777 State Case#: 132008CF0017770001XX Name: PACHECO, CHRISTEN ROBERT DOB: 01/25/1975
Date Filed: 01/16/2008 Date Closed: 02/05/2008 Warrant Type:
Hearing Date: Hearing Time: Hearing Type:
Address: 1351 N.W. 12 ST
Next Case: B08006305
Previous Case:
Defense Attorney:
Bfile Section: F008 File Location: COURT Box Number: -
Seq# Charge Charge Type Disposition

Anonymous said...

COURT CASE: M01053892 State Case#: 132001MM0538920001XX Name: PACHECO, CHRISTEN ROBERT DOB: 01/25/1975
Date Filed: 09/17/2001 Date Closed: 02/19/2002 Warrant Type:
Hearing Date: Hearing Time: Hearing Type:
Address: 175 NW 1ST AVENUE
Next Case:
Previous Case:
Bfile Section: M089 File Location: DESTROYED Box Number: -
ALT Section: M089 ALT/Backup Judge: KELLY, CARROLL
Seq# Charge Charge Type Disposition

Anonymous said...

COURT CASE: M07061459 State Case#: 132007MM0614590001XX Name: PACHECO, CHRISTEN DOB: 01/25/1975
Date Filed: 10/24/2007 Date Closed: 11/15/2007 Warrant Type:
Hearing Date: Hearing Time: Hearing Type:
Address: 1351 N.W. 12 ST
Next Case:
Previous Case:
Defense Attorney:
Bfile Section: M001 File Location: FILE ROOM Box Number: -
Seq# Charge Charge Type Disposition

Anonymous said...

COURT CASE: B08006305 State Case#: 132008MM0063050001XX Name: PACHECO, CHRISTEN ROBERT DOB: 01/25/1975
Date Filed: 02/05/2008 Date Closed: 00/00/0000 Warrant Type:
Hearing Date: Hearing Time: Hearing Type:
Address: 1351 N.W. 12 ST
Next Case:
Previous Case: F08001777
Defense Attorney:
Bfile Section: M001 File Location: FILE ROOM Box Number: -
Seq# Charge Charge Type Disposition

Anonymous said...



He gets around, wouldn't want to think of him being in my town, would you?

Anonymous said...

The "unique" writing style and disgusting lifestyle of Kelly Rae Starling, ie. Derrick Sick...

whats up with the fukkin blogs? theyve been fukt up for like 2 weeks now.

me and sean are crashing at david and lillys new appartment right by churchill's in little haiti now. we've been there since the 23rd, a week ago. i know b/c we moved in the night after the faint show. which sukt by the way. we're in the process of fixing up my boat so we can move onto it whenevver we have to. we rowed out to it yesterday but we slacked so bad it was already dark when we got there so i just dumped our bottle of bleach into the water that is my floor and left before the cockroaches could eat us. they're everywhere. i dunno what the fuk happened. they never lived on my boat till i moved offf, i kept that shit clean as fuk and then seeeeeeeeeeean just let it go to shit. the day i went with him to pack all our shit and take it off the boat was fukking disgusting. he blames it on the kittens.

i saw fukkin tony at the pre-drum circle 2 nights ago! thought i was neva gonn' see ma frien' again! *tear* too bad sean got in a fight with someone that night and tony had to pull me off the other guy instead of being able to just chill with me. dude i've been wanting to see that kid since i moved back from melbourne or since i left jeff's house. dude i havent seen him since i was 17. wheres he been for half a year. oh wait, where have i been.

me and sean did dope the day before the faint shjow with amber and the night of the faint show b/c we tyhought that it was i/o lounge which is in my dope hole so we got a couple bags. really good bags. when we were with amber we got these fukking NICKLE BAGS of dope isnt that crazy? and these werent shit bags either sean kept saying he was really impresed and i was gunna like it. 2 of those and i woulda been FUKT UP. but it was enough to feel good. too bad ambers friends sukt.

but we're staying off the dope now, i'm not going to do any while we're living with lilly and david b/c theyre clean and i'm not gunna waste my money on that shite anyways.

i made friends with this white and brown stray kitty from around our place and david talked me into letting him give her a buddhist name so now her name is Bala. its the core poweer of all the things you're supposed to strive to be as a budhist pretty much i think. the power of compassion, the power of truth.. anyways we fed her like 3 cans of tuna the first night she was with us. that was like 2 nights ago and she comes and hangs out with us now. i wish our cats could come with us to stay at david and lilly's.

at first when i asked david if we could stay with them he was like mmm well sean can only stay for a night and you can stay for a week then he felt like a dick and next time said ok sean for a week and you for a month and then lilly came in and ws like no! him for a month and kelly forever! so thats how it is. well i'm not gunna stay without sean tho so we're going to move onto the boat whenever lilly and david say sean has to leave soon. i cant picture them saying "sean has to leave" i can only picture them saying "he's gotta go soon." but i guess thats going to be in a month.
we're going to start going out to my boat like every tues and thurs at least. we gotta bilge all that nasty water out, kill all the cockroaches, take all the trash people have dumped to shore and trash it, scrub all the mold off the walls cieling and floor, find a deeper spot in the cove and move the boat there and anchor it, make the bed in the v-birth bigger so sean can fit back there with me, buy the table for the boat thats still sitting at shell lumber for $40. i wanna call patrick my most recent ex before sean to see if he'll give me that motor for my dingie b/c i fukt up my hand but i dont weanna call him b/c i havet called him in so long he prolly thinks im a bitch. alex is fukkin with me to let her on the computor so i'm gunna go. if theres anything to add later i will.

oh yeah and ambers a psycho bitch which resulted in sean getting his nose broken at the last drum circle. hiscute ass fucking nose. broken. fucking crooked. i'll kill that beast of a man that did it to him if i ever see him again. if i recognize him.

Anonymous said...

LE in Miami took 6 months to question Christen!!! Doesn't this smell "fishy" to everyone? I mean he was her fiance! Please, media pick up this story and let's get some answers from LE!

Anonymous said...

Just had a chance to listen to the radio broadcast. Great information came forth from people of influence.

The thing I picked up on from Mr. Van Zandt was the fact that working any case the first to be questioned is the boyfriend, husband, closest family member, not always as a suspect, but to rule that person out and move on.

MiamiDade Police Dept. apparently did not even do that. They never questioned Christen for 6 months. Any physical evidence is gone! I would assume they have NOT ruled out Christen as a suspect and if they have, on what do they base their findings?

What real evidence or facts are they looking for in this case to take it seriously!!! I think we have provided quite a bit to make the job a little easier.


Anonymous said...

What does it take to get attention in Miami from the press?? Who do you have to be or what do you have to look like before you can get the appropriate attention from the police? Is there a checklist so we know not to waste our time calling the cops or media because we don't meet the right criteria? This disturbing case shows how the Miami PD rates their missing person's cases . Please let both the Miami PD and any Miami media outlet know how you feel and what you think about this case. Maybe the general public will do a better job solving this case!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Miami-Dade Police Department has got a bit of a black eye. Miami Herald doesn't look like it is very impressive either. That's a shame....I was under the impression that MDPD was one of the best in the country. How dense could I be?
I understand there is a lot of crime in Miami......uh.....duh...I think I see why now. You can pretty much get away with MURDER over there if your victim isn't high profile. You don't have to worry about the media probing either. Makes me want to go there. No thanks.
Here's a challendge for you Miami-Dade Police Department.....Why don't you show the citizens who view you as Miami's Finest, what you do. You've completely lost control of your city. And with it went your compassion. Find this girl for her son and her mother. Show future murderers that no matter who their prey might be, if they kill, they will have to face justice.
Miami Media.....your challenge is to put some of those investigational skills to GOOD use.
Show your city that you care about the high profile as well as the not so glamorous. Your city has become a melting pot of crime....which far outshines the beauty, as it stands.
It really doesn't take a detective to find Lilly's disappearance suspect, does it? I mean....if I reported my fiance missing, saying that she has a history of suicide, walking out at 2 am carrying a bungee chord and wearing just pajamas, I would have been hauled in for questioning, and I would have been THE person of interest, in my town. I have that much faith in law enforcement here. Suicidal people can't hide their own body for over a year. Lilly also told ehr mom before she disappeared that if something were to happen, Christen did it. HELLO!!!
Look out Kelly...,.don't be so smug, youmay be next. He just knows that right now, if you disappeared, he may just draw the attention of law enforcement. Remember, Lilly disappeared without a trace in Miami, you can too.
The best thing for you to do, tell what you know, and soon.
Keep up the good work bringing Lilly's case to the public. I know now there people who care enough to make sure Palden knows his mommy didn't desert him. Too bad law enforcement couldn't do their job.

Anonymous said...

Thanks once again, Susan...I had no idea about the marriage license until that show last night.

If Miami police would take this case more seriously, they could still have PLENTY of leads. They need to get on it while it is still (relatively) fresh. Things have been quiet WAY too long.

I'll keep emailing..

Anonymous said...

What is the typical time one applies for a marriage license prior to the actual ceremony? Does anyone know when the actual ceremony was to take place?

Was Kelly going invited to the wedding?

Was Palden going to be in it?

Was Lillie excited to be his wife?

Was she wearing an engagement ring at the time she went missing? Had Christen given her an engagement ring?

Anonymous said...

Kelly, do you have Lilly's engagement ring?!!!! We know you like "used" things and also have no conscience, so...maybe...

Someone needs to find Kelly's camper and scour it for clues, I think they'll find them, this girl neither cleans not throws anything away...

Anonymous said...

Kelly attacked Lilly's boyfriend at one point (not Christen) with a KNIFE! Tried to kill him!!!

I wouldn't think of this one as any kind of "victim" ~ imo, she's as guilty and involved as Christen, they're two of a kind...the epitomies of the devils spawn.

Anonymous said...

Christen continues to live at this address...he's there right now...

7680 SW 82 street #H 119 in Miami Florida

Anonymous said...

To those it may concern...

Christen's email address...

Kelly's email address...

Just a thought, if MDPD, the Miami Media Outlets, etc. aren't going to question these 2, maybe we should...

Anonymous said...

"but we're staying off the dope now, i'm not going to do any while we're living with lilly and david b/c theyre clean"
This is a quote from kelly- PROOF that Lilly was doing very well before KELLY came back into the picture!!!

Lilly was CLEAN that week when she was in rehab, (3 days before she VANISHED) she was CLEAR in her own mind, she wrote beautiful journal entries about her hopes & dreams of a good future with her baby, Palden. She wrote letters to friends about how hopeful she was.

Yet the DAY CHRISTEN picks her up for her court appearance, she fails a drug test given by the court. She INSISTED, under oath, that she had NOT used any drugs. She was adamant about it! But nobody believed her. Thinking back, it is a possibility that he drugged her without her knowledge. Lilly had previously shared with family that she had awoken several times in his apartment with her arms bleeding, with track marks and full of HICKEYS. She NEVER injected herself NEVER!! She was deathly afraid of needles. Christen would do ANYTHING to keep her with HIM.

Is it possible that he drugged her and she overdosed? Did he give her a deadly dose?

She was in TREMENDOUS fear for her life. She called someone shortly before her disappearance, crying, scared, desperate for HELP.

So sad to think that she tried so hard to reach out for help, she begged & pleaded. But nobody DID ANYTHING TO HELP. They didn't do anything..

It's so painful to see how MDPD has FAILED her, how the system FAILED her. How some of her friends FAILED her. As Christen & Kelly continue living and getting away with MURDER. Partying, living it up, NEVER taking the time to even LOOK for her. NEVER cooperating with police through their own efforts.

There are MANY clues and enough evidence, at the very least, for the MDPD to make this case higher up on their priority list. What is it going to take for LE and media to do the right thing?

PLEASE PLEASE HELP DEMAND JUSTICE FOR LILLY. Write emails to Governor Crist. Simply copy & paste the article. There are a lot more people that can be contacted to put some MUCH NEEDED PRESSURE on MDPD.
PLEASE do everything in your power to bring closure to this family. MDPD should be investigated for their disregard in this case. Lilly is a human being and all human life is precious.

DEMAND JUSTICE FOR LILLY!Her mother is SUFFERING so much. Her son is slowly losing any memories he had of his mommy. It's the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

The time line is confusing if you ask me. When was she actually reported missing and who made the call. What were the boyfriend and woman doing during that time. Is it possible she died of an over dose and they panicked? Bevause they were on drugs too? Just thinking out loud. What a tragedy.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering about the area Lilly lived in. Neighbors where she lived did anyone ever talk about fighting or loud noises. Is where she lived was it a popultated all residential, some business, mixed. Were there ever police reports for noise disturance?

Anonymous said...

Look at this photo its with Kelly & Christen. It shows the real story. When are the police going to investigate these two love birds?

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing, at 'best case' Lilly overdosed in the presence of Christen and/or Kelly and they hid her body because they were high and did not want to face authorities.

However, with Christen's temper, and Kelly's temper (Her trying to kill someone in the past, and the proof we have that he is violent to women) I really do not think that is what happened.

Without a major favor or blessing we may never find out.. unless someone makes the police do their job- it doesn't look like they will.

Someone please help.

Anonymous said...


Thus, Here is a Contact List of the Employees of Cathedral House Miami, who is the Partner of Kidz Comfort Zone...

(Just thinking that if my child was hanging out with a Christen under the disguise of a charity...I sure as heck would want to know!)


Executive Director
Pastor Melvin C. Dawson, Jr.

Program Director
Kay Dawson, MS

Contract Manager:
Georgette Smith:
Visitation Counselors:

Lyndon K. Williams:

Ronnie Griffin:

Melissa Reeves

Devon Harrington, LSCW

Fritza Dorisca, MS

Marjorie Solar, MS

Frantz Morency MS, MHC

Patricia Louis, MSW,LCSWI

Jose Merlet, M.R.E.

Derrick Dixon
Paul Gaynor

KellyS said...

So these blogs about Lilie were just brought to my attention yesterday, august 13th. I had no idea so many people were writing malicious untruths about me and blaming me for Lilie’s disappearance or hiding important facts. I have a few responses for some of these comments.

1) Lilie spells her name L-I-L-I-E. Any real friend of hers would know that.
2) A sad looking picture of Chris and I taken during a visit I made to Miami does not suggest either of us would have ever hurt Lilie. I don't see your point there, sorry, that's ridiculous. It also doesn’t make us look like a couple. We were very close friends and his home was my home, since December of ’05. I did not always stay there but that was always my home, there for me if I needed it. We weren’t “lovebirds!”
3) Christen and I never tormented and abused Lilie, and where the heck is that coming from? Lilie and I became really close friends very quickly, about 7 years ago now. Before I even met Christen, in fact I met him through her! They were neighbors in Little Haiti. Also, Christen never did anything but help Lilie and I. He was there for both of us whenever we needed help with anything. Christen really helped both Lilie and I a lot.
4) I was never jealous or hateful towards Lilie. That's just not the way we were. We may have argued a lot, but we also lived together a lot. And as far as us and how we were with our children, that has nothing to do with anything, and definitely would not be a source of jealousy for me. I feel compelled to tell you, I did NOT "throw my son to the sharks." It took a lot of strength to make the decisions I made for my son, so he could have a better life than I could offer him. I did not try to "monetize," Connor, maybe you need a dictionary because that is far from anything I ever did.
5) I do not, "spew hateful venom about Lilly." I believe what is being misconstrued here is an on-line journal entry I posted when I was really mad at Lilie a long time ago, before she ever went missing, when she was doing a LOT of drugs.
6) Now about their marriage.. they both decided that they should do that because that would be an easy way for Lilie and Palden to get all the benefits that came with Christen's career at the time. Like I said before, Christen helped us out A LOT. They were not really together anymore at that point, at least not on most days.
7) Christen and I did not start dating after Lilie left. I did not move in after she left. That was already my residence, my address, and I sometimes lived there and sometimes didn’t. I was already staying with Christen and Lilie before she left. AGAIN, Christen helped us A LOT.
8) Something that has frustrated me since the night Lilie left is that the police would NOT look for her just because she is over 18! Apparently, THAT is why they never spoke with me! All these, "Christen and Kelly say..." comments are entirely untrue. I never got to say ANYTHING TO ANYONE. NO ONE ever spoke to me about Lilie! There have been several people that e-mailed me, and I told these people I would be more than willing to talk about Lilie to try to offer any help I could, I have been wanting her to come home or be found, but these people never called. Finally I got an e-mail from Janet and I got her number and I called her. However, I was asleep when Lilie left that night, so I can't help with any details of that night. I just want to be able to answer any questions asked about that time period.
9) A friend of ours, EJ, was also there that night. A commenter here would like to make it sound like Christen and I made this friend up. We do not know while whole name, and there is no address for him right now, and he IS in Europe. He flew to Germany and is right now traveling in Europe with some of our other friends. The only thing I can do, and I will, is e-mail one of my friends that he was hanging out with, and i think traveling with, and hope I can reach him that way.

I would never cover it up if I knew something that could help to find Lilie. I was always mad at the police for not wanting to look for my friend. I don’t see how people could start pointing fingers at me or Christen. Christen could not have done anything to Lilie that night and how could he have done anything later? He was VERY upset about Lilie leaving, even though I read where someone wrote that they never saw him suffering. I’m not surprised that she never saw him suffering, seeing as I never saw her around him at all!

Unknown said...

Yeah I understand,but you have to see were other people are coming guys were all with her the nite she disappeared,someone had to have seen something.why would she go pick flowers???c'mon wtf is supposed to believe that shit.people just want the can you all be in that house that nite and then she dissppears,it doesn't add up,and why failed polygraphs?again doesn't fucking add up babe!

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