Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Isabel Celis Case: Why Are Police Waiting to Make an Arrest?

Isabel Celis Age 6 
From Isabel's home in Tuscon, AZ her father on the morning of April 21, 2012 placed a very calm call to 911 stating his daughter was "abducted."

This case is disturbing because police have made no arrests in the case.  Yesterday, on Crime Wire we spoke with Statement Analysis expert Peter Hyatt who writes a popular blog on crimes both on the national radar and other's often receiving little attention, especially if it involves a child.

Isabel was only six years old.  The chances of her being abducted, slim to none.  The father has since been ordered out of the home by child protective services. He cannot have any contact with his family and authorities will go no further is discussing the details.

After listening to the show you'll ask yourself, too, why hasn't anyone be charged?

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Peter Hyatt's Blog

Websleuth's has great coverage and insight on the case and they are running a poll: What happend to Isabel Celis?

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Anonymous said...

That's relatively simple to explain why police are waiting.

Tucson is near the border and near a military base. These child abductions are used for security for not only the base, but also for rounding up illegals.

Typically, when they abduct, they already have a target set up to become the resident 'serial killer.' Perhaps a maintenance man located nearby. They'll duplicate his vehicle so they can enter his home unnoticed by others not closely watching.If nothing pans out, they'll move on to another target.

Women normally get blamed when these things happen. So, to blame the father, as in this case, is a refreshing turn of events.

My guess would be he made the top ten target list due to his occupation. Florida lost out big time in the Casey Anthony case.

Why is that? Because of all the internet sleuths. The case gained so much fame that the state literally did themselves in trying to cash in on the frenzy.

Dr. Lee is going to milk this out for all the cash he can get, as will Nancy Grace. The bloggers will jump on board,too.

The profilers will come out in full force, but not a single one of them will ever find her. And, it's doubtful they'd have any incentive to find her either.

The journalists will sit around and criticize the family-because they came from royalty I suppose-and write lie after lie to keep the bloggers interested.

The bloggers can't make enough money on these abductions, so they are forced into breaking and entering-an excuse for their private investigations-and stealing. Not to mention hacking, vandalism, threatening friends and relatives,stalking, credit card fraud and anything else they can do to make ends meet. They want everyone to see how kind and generous they are because they are involved in 'charity work.'

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