Friday, January 21, 2011

Krishonda Leanne Townsend: A Victim of Intimate Partner Violence ?

What does an abandon 1997 Toyota, a karate school, social networks and specific friendships have to do with the disappearance of Krishonda Townsend, age 19 who vanished from Mineral Wells, Texas on July 4, 2010?

Is her case a random abduction? Or a carefully planned out intimate partner homicide?

An intimate relationship is a particularly close interpersonal relationship, and the term is sometimes used euphemistically for a sexual relationship. The characteristics of an intimate relationship include an enduring behavioral interdependence, repeated interactions, emotional attachment and need fulfillment. Intimate relationships include friendships, dating relationships, and marital relationships and there are individual differences in both the quality and quantity of these relationships.

In my opinion, after reviewing new information on Krishonda’s case, one or more individuals who knew her are also involved with her being taken 4th of July night staged to look like an abduction.

On January 12, 2011, Monica Caison, founder of the Cue Center for missing persons, featured Krishonda Townsend’s case on The following day on the "Susan Murphy Milano show Time’s UP" on last half hour of the broadcast, the case was again featured HERE. The date of the broadcast was the 13th of January.

I strongly suggest those with knowledge listen to the entire final half hour, we do everything but say the full names of those involved. Even if you have knowledge of the crime, you can be charged with obstruction of justice for not coming forward.

I am hoping that those “with information” will listen to both shows and step forward by placing an anonymous phone call to either the Cue Center or law enforcement the number listed below. Until her body is recovered and or an arrest is made, coverage will continue on this case.

I would like to send a special message, more like a code, for those in the know on this case-is this really worth free karate lessons? And please take note of the tag words associated with this post.

Details of Disappearance
Krishonda was last seen on July 4th, 2010 at 7:p.M.

She left home in Perrin,Texas and went to a friends house on US Highway 180 West in Mineral Wells Texas. She was driving her gray and purple 1997 Toyota.
Krishonda texted her mother via cell phone at 12:10 A.M and said she was on her way home. She has not been seen or heard from since.
Her 1997 Toyota was located on July 6th, 2010 in the 800 block of SE 3rd Ave in Mineral Wells,Texas

Investigative Agency
Jack County Sheriff’s Office
(940) 567-2161

If you have any information on this case please contact CUE Center For Missing Persons using the contact form below or contact Cue Center at (910) 343-1131 24 hour tipline (910) 232-1687.

Susan Murphy Milano is with the Institute for Relational Harm Reduction and Public Pathology Education. She is an expert on intimate partner violence and homicide crimes. For more information visit She is the author of "Time's Up A Guide on How to Leave and SurviveAbusive and Stalking Relationships," available for purchase at the Institute, and wherever books are sold. Susan is the host of The Susan Murphy Milano Show, "Time's Up!" on Here Women Talk is a regular contributor to the nationally syndicated The Roth Show with Dr. Laurie Roth


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Unknown said...

I hope and pray that the person or person's responsible for taking our Shonda away from us realizes that day by day we're that much closer to finding them..They have taken a small childs mother,daughter,sister,and dear friend from a family.But what they didn't realize is that we are a praying family ,and we have faith in God..And nobody messes with my family and get's away with it..We won't give up untill Shonda is home,and justice has been served.Someone in Mineral Wells knows the truth and one way or another the truth always comes out.

Anonymous said...

A scary world we live in today, isn't it? How does a daughter, mother, sister, niece, cousin, and "FRIEND" vanish right into thin air as quick as a cockroach scurrying across a bathroom floor. Personally, I am terrified of cockroaches and the thought of either is terrifying but I would have to settle for being terrorized by a insect rather than suffer at the hands of those I trust.

Sadly, that is how I feel about Shonda, I feel she suffered at the hands of someone she trusted or someone that was malicious with ill intent to do harm to her all the while gaining her trust. All criminal. I have been thinking about Shonda a lot, so much weighing on my mind about this poor missing girl. I am more than confident there are those out there that hold the answers. It is becoming more transparent as time is moving much faster now. You see, the clock always starts out slow, time drags on and the minutes feel like hours as you wait to see if you will be caught, relief comes and you start to feel as you have escaped what you have done, you pray, you tell yourself it was an accident, you convince yourself how wonderful your life if to try to cope, lying to yourself, trying to forgot what you have done, you move on with your life hoping to forget by putting miles in between, you move away, you go to school, you join our country, you do WHATEVER it takes to forget!! But what goes unrealized until now happens is that time is SPEEDING up. It is only going to become faster. Imagine something like driving down an untraveled dirt road in an average every day car, your accelerating to 60 mph, you want to go faster to keep running away but your car can't go any faster, you need to make it across the BRIDGE before anyone does because before you know it out of nowhere a mustang will be right on your tail and run your car right over the side of that BRIDGE because there is no way a modern day average car can beat a sports car like a mustang. The average will never prevail over such a powerful deadly engine.
Think about it this way. Someone has to loose but the real question is when? It is inevitable so now ask yourself this. What is an average everyday car doing racing a mustang? Physics will prove a dodge can't beat a ford. A JACKss can't beat a COLT and if I were the dodge or the jackrabbit in the race, I would do the right thing, save my own life first and save my car from being throw over the bridge. If if you get by with going tossed over the bridge, mark my words you will be thrown under the bus. I know it's scary, if it has happened to Shonda, what will happen to you? Will you meet the same fate? Are you afraid for your own safety? Have you been intimidated? Do you have a family? IS is blood thicker than water? Do you have children to think about? You have so much to loose but remember you will only loose everything by racing against the mustang because in the end you will ALL end up in the junkyard if you decide to continue in this race because it will not go on forever, it is going to end. In fact, I can already hear the wheels screeching on the bus, trying to slow down not to hit you, because the driver IS talking on their cell phone to their friend recklessly as they are racing with intent to run you over too.

My heart goes out to those that sit waiting for the answers to where this sweet girl is. Month by month, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute and second by second....I am VERY confident that time is moving at the quickest pace and there will be no year by year in this case. It stops there. I can only imagine how her little boy feels each night as he goes to sleep with out his mommy there to tuck him in. Trying to explain something to a child when the adults have no answers is tragic. The pain and agony inflicted upon this poor girls mother. How can people be so cruel to victimize so many people? Isn't it bad enough already? Why continue on?

Anonymous said...

God please be kind to show those with these troubled souls who can not sleep at night. Give them the strength to find peace by showing them the warmth of your love, forgiveness and lead them into a lighted path of truthfulness and redemption.

Anonymous said...

Another day this poor girl is still missing? Interesting, folks I don't think this one is all that perplexing.
I recall Sherlock Holmes "A Case of Identity," Mary Sutherland hires Holmes to look into the fate of her beloved fiance Hosmer Angel, who disappeared on their wedding day. Holmes determines that "Angel" is a disguised impostor who never loved her back, but he opts not to tell his client, because he is convinced that she would not believe him anyway. This was a story where Dr. Watson made a decision to publish the whole story which many feel was done to show that he disagreed with Holmes decison? Today it is impossible to decide the point, and yet again, Watson's discretion in masking the actual facts of a given case may be his means of sparing the client's feelings.
Some how I relate this story to most likely must be going on in this case. It is interesting that Watson sold out Holmes in the end, exposing something to the world when Holmes had trusted Watson to recount how he wanted the events relayed. Through out history people have been sold out. The bright side here is that we learn how to prevent these types of events from occurring, certainly this takes trust especially when the secrets are so big that they are life altering. How do you know who to trust is the question? Could you trust your best friend of 15 years better than say a stranger you meet while eating at your local IHOP or Mart? Well, you might be surprised that there are times a stranger will turn to be a better friend rather than those you have known for years. Funny, isn't it? Friendships are born between strangers and then they grow from there.
Shonda seems like she was a real diamond in the ruff... I pray for her and her family.

Anonymous said...

It's time to talk guys. You know who you are and exactly what happened to Shonda. Better to volunteer the information now then to surrender it later.

Those of you who have "heard" rumors can call the anonymous number 940-325-0000. It is set up so the caller may remain totally anonymous. If you know and do not tell you are just as guilty.

Talk today.
Now is the time.
End this for that family.
Bring Shonda home.

I KNOW said...

What makes this case unique is that I am CONFIDENT that there are those "involved" but indirectly as they did not have prior knowledge to the outcome of what would happen to Shonda. I know it is eating you up on the inside. Guilt, Shame, Fear... What you fail to realize is that your going to get run off the bridge and possibly go down for something you did not commit. Why take that chance? If "those" want to escape a life time jail sentence now is their time to reach out for help. Why do I mention help? Because "those" are terrified of the same people who hurt Shonda. I don't blame you. I know your fear is very real, with very real threats and you do have cause to be scared.
But only you can help relieve your fear by taking the first step forward and if you don't you will go down with them all. Is it worth it? All for one and one for all? The first person will get a good deal, maybe immunity and protection? The rest will fry. You will then be safe. What will you tell your children otherwise, do you have children? How will you face the family of your "FRIEND" who you loved so much? How? There are people out there that can protect you. Read this blog and start there, this author is a good place to start if you are not feeling safe in your home. There is help out there, reach for it. You do not have to live in fear.
The CODE"E" in ethics is none between those capable of committing this type of crime. It is too late for Shonda but save yourself by doing the right thing for your friend, it's better late than never.

smellsomethingbad said...

How was your day today?

Was your mission accomplished?

Anonymous said...

Truth is :) likeeee


A Poem For Shonda:

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She is free of your inTIMMidations

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Heed the warning as the talking as begun

You didn’t really think you would get away with it

Did you SON?

Anonymous said...

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Look around you are not safe and you can not trust those around you

Areyoureadyforthesellfallout said...

Your trying so hard to forget her face

You are shutting down the phone and moving place to place

The nightmare you made has just begun the web of lies that you have are starting to come undone

who is the winner? Not Shonda for sure

Was it worth it with the pain you endure

The game won't be the same nor will be your name

I know who you all are and I am driving the car

I know who is talking and they are one of yours

Comfy you think you have for so long but little do you know someone has been singing your song

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Each person for themselves you are no longer a team

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Justice is coming and mistakes have been made
life is so tough so you best start making some lemonade

Heres to you Mrs. Robinson - Jesus knows your name.

mustangcolt said...

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WASsheAHERNED said...

Calm before the STROM? The lighting has just begun. WATSch for the thunder son. The "Code"E of friendships unravel. Distance will not save you, you can run, you can hide but they know where you are. Vrrooom Vroom that mustang is a very fast car.

Now you lay your head to sleep

Do you think of the tears she weeped

Sleepless nights with so much frights

Nightmares are what you have now

Toss and turn but you are going to burn

The REAL nightmare has just begun

Like I say son your lies have come undone

Nighty night - don't let the cockroaches bite

Anonymous said...

Looking for initials

Someone is quite the poet
little did we know it.

$tick$ and $tones may break your bones


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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By law, an accessory can be held as liable as the principle actor who carries out the criminal act. If a person is an accessory to a felony crime, they too can be charged with committing a felony offense and subject to penalties accordingly.


Anonymous said...

At law, an accomplice is a person who actively participates in the commission of a crime, even though they take no part in the actual criminal offense. For example, in a bank robbery, the person who points the gun at the teller and asks for the money is guilty of armed robbery. However, anyone else directly involved in the commission of the crime, such as the lookout or the getaway car driver, is an accomplice, even though in the absence of an underlying offense keeping a lookout or driving a car would not be an offense.

An accomplice differs from an accessory in that an accomplice is present at the actual crime, and could be prosecuted even if the main criminal (the principal) is not charged or convicted. An accessory is generally not present at the actual crime, and may be subject to lesser penalties than an accomplice or principal.

At law, an accomplice has the same degree of guilt as the person he or she is assisting, is subject to prosecution for the same crime, and faces the same criminal penalties. As such, the three accomplices to the bank robbery above can also be found guilty of armed robbery even though only one whom stole money.

WILL U GET LIFE????????????

Anonymous said...

How can you see into my eyes like open doors?
Leading you down into my core
Where Ive become so numb

Without a soul
My spirit’s sleeping somewhere cold
Until you find it there and lead it back home

Save me
Wake me up inside
I cant wake up
Wake me up inside
Save me
Call my name and save me
from the dark
Wake me up
Bid my blood to run
I cant wake up
Before I come undone
Save me
Save me from the nothing
Ive become

Frozen inside without your touch
Without your love, darling
Only you are the life among the dead

All of this I, I cant believe I couldnt see
Kept in the dark, but you were there in front of me

Ive been sleeping a thousand years it seems
Got to open my eyes to everything

Without a thought, without a voice, without a soul
Dont let me die here
It must be something wrong
Bring me to life

wake me up
Wake me up inside
I cant wake up
Wake me up inside
Save me
Call my name and save me from the dark
Wake me up
Bid my blood to run
I cant wake up
Before I come undone
Save me
Save me from the nothing Ive become

Bring me to life


Anonymous said...

Tell me where our time went
And if it was time well spent
Just don't let me fall asleep
Feeling empty again

Cause I fear I might break
and I fear I can't take it
Tonight I'll lie awake feeling empty

I can feel the pressure
It's getting closer now
We're better off without you
I can feel the pressure
It's getting closer now
We're better off without you

Now that I'm losing hope
And there's nothing else to show
For all of the days that we spent
Carried away from home

Somethings I'll never know
And I had to let them go
I'm sitting all alone feeling empty

I can feel the pressure
It's getting closer now
We're better off without you
I can feel the pressure
It's getting closer now
We're better off without you

Without you

Some things I'll never know
And I had to let them go
Some things I'll never know
And I had to let them go
well I'm sitting all alone feeling empty

I can feel the pressure
It's getting closer now
We're better off without you

i can Feel the pressure
It's getting closer now
You're better off without me...........................

i can Feel the pressure
It's getting closer now

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No one has mentioned the fact that in such a small town things like this don't happen... And another heinous crime was committed against a little boy about 2 weeks later... Could there be some kind of link??

Anonymous said...

it talks about her face book page a lot at web sleuths, About a Wendy M she mentions. There is only one Wendy M in Mineral Wells. What about the bible study teacher who prayed about it and got a 'Vision' of a baseball glove with a shiny sparkling ball in it?

Anonymous said...

it also said her facebook page was last accessed on 7=7-2011! Did LE look at it to check or who was in her account? It also talks about her waiting 12 months to be with her love? Is this Hayden's father who is in jail? I would look into the friends and see who was jealous of her, the last friend she was with or her twin? The friends know a lot more than they are willing to say? This Wendy M she talks about in her face book who is dating a married man, could it be the Wendy who works a the clinic in Mineral Wells?

Anonymous said...

There are at least 2 Wendy M's in Mineral Wells. The Wendy at the clinic is way old compared to Shonda and her friends. Why would she be involved?

Anonymous said...

Wendy Manley? The Wendy at the clinic is a friend of the family and a wonderful person! The Wendy mention on my space must be someone close to her age! I heard there was a sighting in Fort Worth of a girl who looked so much like Shonda! Pray it is her, she was with 4 guys, she could be being held against her will.
The other clue? The POE in POElice? Poe in Perrin?

Anonymous said...

Ellen Adams I recently saw a girl who resembled Shonda. This is in Ft. Worth, on the west side of town near the Kroger on Camp Bowie at I-820. This girl was with four guys, one of the guys had green tattoos of circles on his face like around his eyes. The girl that looked like Shonda had pink/blond and brown hair. She is really ...young. She is wearing a turquoise ring on her right hand and a gold or gold colored ring on her left hand. This girl is very similar looking to the photos posted here. Probably just my wishful thinking? Hope you find Shonda.
This was posted on facebook!

Anonymous said...

SNAP-CRACKLE-POP are you trying to indicate she was shot or shot at? and why are you listing the storage shed address's? Is there a clue there?

Anonymous said...

No cluz in da rhymez.
Who dunnit
Kno who dunnit
and kno how they dunnit.

Ju$ta few thingz they needa think bout........

Criminal attorney...hello

Bail Bondz...ditto

Storage...for ya junk when ya finally get bu$ted

Anonymous said...

So were her "friends" involved in this?? I am from Mineral Wells, and of course you never know with "rumors"...

Anonymous said...

If you know what happened to Shonda, please reveal this. Her family and her little boy need to know. I am asking you to come forward, please. Lets end this crazy, insane, mystery and bring it out in the open. The rhymes and your writing tell me that you know what happened to her. Think of her baby, family and friends who all love her so and miss her.

Anonymous said...

Who's posting on Craigslist?

Anonymous said...

To Those of You that it Concerns:

One thing to allways remember......
GOD knows and you WILL answer to him even if no one on this earth ever finds out.... now you need to decide how you want to answer to GOD, with the help of others thur their forgiveness or all alone without their forgiveness, realy look deep in yourself and answer this question to yourself. Visuelize yourself standing before an all powerfull, all seeing, awsome, glory GOD explaning your part and why you did what you did and why you did not do what you knew was the right thing to do. The fear you have felt on this earth will never come close to the fear(no words can describe), when you have to do this... and you WILL have to do this, that is a fact!ALL will have to do this and I do mean ALL!!!

Chance said...

You are correct. I read the postings on Craigslist concerning Shonda. Good stuff. The Facebook page for Shonda is a joke!! Two or three postings in the last three months, boy they really are concerned. The Facebook page doesn't allow people to discuss the facts. I hope the person posting on Craigslist continues with more.

Anonymous said...

Please call us if you have any information concerning Shonda's disappearance..any little thing may help bring this chid home, thank you
24/7 Tip Line 910-232-1687

Ellen said...

I have been watching this case since July 5th 2009. I don't feel this is gonna turn out good for the families and friends. Shonda's not coming home with presents for everyone. There will be nothing glorious about this, no happy ending. You should realize that if all of Shonda's close friends are crackheads, Well, she is also!! No angel here. Just another victim of drug violence?
I really feel if Law Enforcement had anything to go on they would have made arrest. I don't know if the two chumps, Riggin Valley and Marvin Burkett, had anything to do with this? I kind of feel that for unknown reasons Shonda may have abandoned her vehicle and a sucker then stole the vehicle and ransacked it and removed the stereo system and maybe other items of value. Not knowing what they were getting into. There is no publicized evidence of foul play. No blood, no crime scene.
As I stated on Facebook. I was going to pay my insurance at the Farmers Insurance Office located in the Kroger Complex in west Ft. Worth at Camp Bowie and I-820. As I arrived at the Office I noticed a white female with pink and blond hair sitting on the bench in front of the Pizza Hut located in the same complex. She was very young and she looked at me and I was floored as I thought it must be Shonda's identical twin. I was so confused as to what had transpired that I walked into the beauty salon instead of the insurance office. I refused to believe what I was seeing, But I made a deal with myself that I would approach the female on the bench when I left Farmers. Unfortunately when I left Farmers the twin had left the bench. I circled the area and located the female sitting outside the Taco Bell in the same lot. She had met up with four white males, they all were sitting outside Taco Bell waiting for opening time. I then departed the area, refusing to let myself believe what I had seen. I went home but could not quit thinking about what I had seen. I went back to the Taco Bell and the group was gone now. I went inside the Taco Bell and asked about the group. A black Female employee of Taco Bell told me the group had said they were going to Braums which is east of there on Camp Bowie. I then went to Braums and I located the female and three of the males sitting in front of the Subway Sandwich shop. The female appeared to be happy and was not in any type of distress. The fourth male then walked up and I saw he had tattoos of green circles on his face, I think I remember those being around his right eye? The group then talked happily for a moment and all five departed the area. The female was wearing a turquoise ring on her right hand and a gold or gold colored ring on her right. She was wearing blue eye shadow and appeared to be clean and orderly. She was very young, small build and looked like the photos of Shonda. This had to be Shonda's identical twin. Just to clarify, the group did appear to be living on the streets, the males in the group were all nearly filthy and dirty, however the female was not.
As I was concerned for my safety, and did not want to believe what I was seeing I did not approach the group or notify FWPD. I now know I should have made some type of move, but was just overwhelmed.
All avenues should be checked completely.

Anonymous said...

Ellen, even so you should turn your tip into crime stoppers, the PD and/or the Cue center.

Chance, what is on your mind, do you have any insight? I am all ears.

Anonymous said...

what the hell? you have a tale to tell?
well spill it near, to me my dear...
Staff Writer Amanda Kimble with the Stephenville Empire-Tribune DARES you to call and tell what you know... free YOUR soul before you go... straight to the pen, perched on death row.. let us hear where she did go..
dead or alive - return this child to her mother and son and realize now that you have not won... you can't escape, you cannot hide.. she has a world fighting and on her side.

Anonymous said...

You can stop trying to scare (THESE) people with GOD tactics. Their god comes in the form of a little white rock and a glass pipe. (Those) that committed this crime have absolutely no thought about actually being caught, tried, found guilty, sitting on death row for thirty years and then being put to death. (They) are more frightened by the mere thought of not having their god to pray to every day. There are two reasons why Shonda is not here right now. Either there was a drug dispute, or there was a dispute over rights to a man. Probably a little of both. Everybody's hands are dirty. But that's not a sane, common sense thought for murder as a result. April is right, her family will never quit looking. MWPD will NEVER STOP, Jack County Sheriff will never stop, all of Law Enforcement will never stop turning over those rocks hoping to find just one clue. You can rest assured that (ALL) of those involved have a concern over who will tell first? Can a Crackhead really trust a Crackhead? The weakest one will tell, HE/SHE will violate another law and be discovered and then make a deal? Do crackheads only kill one person and then stop breaking law and become model citizens? Seems to me as though you would have to kill those that know and those that helped. You can never quit killing people. We all know the first killer to talk always gets rehab and a light sentence. They actually become a victim there selves and are treated royally. But, Whoa is me to those HE/SHE verbally indicts. The one who talks first and co-operates with prosecutors will live to one day be free again. But all (THOSE) behind will face trial, be found guilty, rot on Texas Death Row for thirty years and then be put to death, exactly where the citizens of Texas will all agree you belong. There are no crack pipes on Texas Death Row. No one cares about anyone on Texas Death Row. You should be paranoid. (THEIR) going to make that life saving deal, They always make that life saving deal. Every day in TEXAS people save their own ass by telling their side of the story first. The first story is the only story to be believed. Second, third and so on are all fabricated to save their quivering body from TEXAS DEATH ROW. (YALL) shouldn't have done it. Now, was it worth all that? It takes a lot of crack to mask that pain. Wait till the first tells the story and the rest of yall are on TEXAS DEATH ROW. Your Momma is not on Texas Death Row, there are no benefits to being a death row inmate in Texas. Good thing about it is the first can actually lie and make herself look better, more of a forced victim. You hard assess have a rough life ahead of you. But you can relax knowing that public defender will probably get you off.
Better go now, "Somebodies Knocking", should I let em in?

Anonymous said...

GOD tatics? their are no tatics to my GOD dont know about yours... mine has the power to do anything he wants and he will and dont kid yourself he is a part of their life also ask any x-drugie you can find and he will tell you. GOD is the thing they need to be scared the most just for the salvation of their soul.

Chance said...

Anonymous, You show your ignorance. It is spelled "TACTICS" and we all have them. I did not say your god has TACTICS, I stated that persons posting on this forum could stop their scare tactics by using gods name. These crackheads are not concerned with your god and do not know mine. You are right, persons who have abused drugs sometimes come to find religion. God must live on death row, because this is where all of the scum on death row find god. Get out of the country. Educate yourself, study your spelling and English books. Travel and meet people. Move out of your momma's house. I have no fear of GOD or you, because I am right with god. Move out of Graford and get away from those crackheads. Most of all, don't trust your friends. They will kill you.

Anonymous said...

Sound scared to me, sounds like you know something but to scared to tell.

Anonymous said...

I believe what you meant to state is: " too scared to tell?"

Rocky said...

Well, let me be the one to go ahead and ask. Has anyone had any doubt at all about the story that Tiffany S. is telling? I must be the only person who wonders if Shonda was ever at that place that night? Did she ever leave there alive? I think Tiffany, (Or Mandy Suggs) as ya'll call her, knows more than she tells. What do the rest of the girls think?

barelysane said...

Hello every one first I just wanna say I value your input and opinions very much. Thank you for taking the time to think , listen and discuss our Shonda. Another thing I would like to add is Shonda's group page is also for you tips , input and opinions . I just want you all to know you can express your feelings and opinions openly I just don't want my group member's verbally attacking other group member's . Now commenting on peoples comments is just fine . But let's just be adults is all I'm asking. Other than that. Tell me what you think. Now I am a family member and I am in very close contact with all famiy. And we will be the first to know if anything new has come to the case, Now I apologize for seeming like I'm not posting but the truth of the matter is their just isn't any real news as of this time.But keep in mind if their is we will know first to know, and what is the truth and not just one of the horrible rumors just floating around. So come to Shonda's group page for facts.If you want to go elsewhere for a chat room style bull crap then go for it.You can still post on our page and express yourselves openly.So with that in mind it's your choice. Thank you for all the support and let's do what we can to bring our Shonda home.That's all that matter's..

Anonymous said...

Another posting with photos of Shonda and Mandy Suggs on Craigslist in the General Community Section. its a new one, I just now saw it.
There is a total of three i have saw

Anonymous said...

So do people around town "think" they know who did this or what??

Anonymous said...

Whoever the poster posting on craig's list, obviously knows something. I will bite here, I am "getting" possibly the route they are taking? BFF M Suggs? Hmm, not this girl listed but def a real person with connections to "people" - Would love to hear more. Hope they post again soon!

Anonymous said...

Well, they have laready posted another one today.

Anonymous said...

Posted what and were?

Anonymous said...

I have read the craigslist posting, and what is the deal with calling Tiffany S. Mandy Shuggs?

Lena Rittenbury
Sister-In-Law to Shonda.

Anonymous said...

I think someone who knows Tiffany just needs to ask her why she is being referred to as Mandy Suggs.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, good gosh this is all soooo confusing! There are too many "players" in this case to keep up with, people being called the wrong names, people that "think" they know who did this and why. I am sure if law enforcement knew who did this they would be in jail. And who the heck is posting all the stuff on craigslist??!! Poor, poor Shonda!

Anonymous said...

Is M S a clue or not? It is a real person.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, no kidding! Why the heck are they calling Tiff Many Suggs?????? Wierd

Anonymous said...

Hello all! I really urge everyone to go to this site:
to talk about Shonda's case. These people are really very good, and have helped solve many cases, they are very good at digging up information!!

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to tell us to look at MS? Is this the misconception or I should say, the truth? Were they with MS?
Please call in a tip if you have information.

Anonymous said...

yea i am sayin just that

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmm! I am from that town and have never heard of that name!

Anonymous said...

So her alone or connects to her bf?
I will take a riddle at this point, go for it.

Anonymous said...

I named her Mandy Suggs because I can't stand to say her real name. The thought of it makes me puke in my mouth a little bit. My skin crawls and I get sick to my stomach.I am allowed my opinion and my opinion is that Mandy is guilty as sin. I hope to see her and her cohorts charged in this case, soon. I have hate for the fact that Mandy is getting away with this. How blind can you be? Ray Charles could solve this! Mandy is either GUILTY or the most unlucky person in the world. To have your BFF stolen away like a thief in the night, Mandy has made no changes in her day to day life to assure her own safety. Mandy continues to associate with the lowest scum of the earth. The very people who stole Shonda. I have to go now, I have to vomit and change clothes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, just an FYI though, there is a REAL person with that name out there, would hate to have an innocent person's name implicated if that was just a made up name for TS.

So how about it, would love to hear more of your theory.
And also just FYI if you have any information there is a place to submit anonymous tips:

MS said...

What makes ANYONE think that her BEST friend had anything to do with her dissaperance?? What facts does anyone have to go off of to make a claim like that. By all accounts, they were best friends, why would she want to harm her in any way?? Sounds crazy...

Anonymous said...

I don't know, why don't you tell us? Maybe her BFF didn't want to harm her? Maybe someone else did? maybe her BFF is caught up in this mess and scared she will meet the same fate? If it were me and I had to weigh the option of selling out, to help bring Shonda home or say face life in prison, death penalty or is the worse option facing a painful revenge? Harm to self or ones children? You think your safe as long as your quiet, perhaps but if done to one, can be done to another, just a matter of time but only time will tell. You know there are some pretty tight COLTS out there, they run together, play together, sleep together and maybe they kill together? Who knows, time will tell.

MS said...

True, I see where you are coming from! Thanks! I guess I just dont get WHY/WHAT made any of them want to hurt her.... :)

Anonymous said...

First of all it's: Disappearance. Prisons are full of friends that have killed. Prisons are full of "The last person to see her" According to statistics a friend is more likely to cause you harm than a stranger. Please Google "Friend on Friend violence". Greed and envy are dangerous combination, add a crack rock and alcohol and you are asking for trouble. My opinion is Mandy is guilty, Just my opinion. You fools can defend her if you wish, just don't turn your back on her, you may DISAPPEAR. Please learn how to spell. I have to go Vomit.

Anonymous said...

Greed and Envy are dangerous - pick a motive. I can think of a few...

Anonymous said...

May all you "crack heads" not sleep tonight or any night. Yeah, I am talking to you alan suggs.

You all think your so tough, the don't mess with me, big shot "billy badasses" - still doing what you do, eh? Not for long. I am laughing while looking at all of you. PATHETIC low life scum.

Your all so transparent and be warned, their coming to get you... You might be the "big shots" in town but you have another thing coming...

Now is the time for "ONE" to save their own hide, it's going to be too late very soon as everyone will fall. Shows none of you are as smart as you think you are. Good luck making it to the alter. Karma is a bitch, but then again with all of the BAD things that have happened to you ALL since July 2010, that is just as transparent as you are. Nighty Nite.

Anonymous said...

This is me tiffany s. I am best friend! Why would i ever hurt shonda never would i hurt anybody shonda is my best friend i miss her and i love her and your right she did tell me where she was going and it was home! That's where she told all of us that she was going home. There was three other people in the kitchen when she told me okay y'all really need to stop putting your own words in this!!!!! and Im not a crack head either i have never touch that nasty stuff to be called that you have to be doing that stuff and that's not me

Anonymous said...

more on craigslist just seen it

Anonymous said...

Chance Daily? Is that you posting? Will you ever tell us who you really are?

Anonymous said...

Why has there not been any more searches for Shonda?? Is the community not allowed to come together and do a grid search? I mean, it's crazy. In my town we form communioty searches with maps and get out there and so something.

Anonymous said...

It seems with all this info coming out that this particular "family" in town should probably think about coming clean....

Anonymous said...

If it is Chance Daily, I am okay if they remain anonymous, especially in light of the capabilities of some of these characters. I want to hear more from Chance and I want to know if the name "Chance" is a clue? Am I hot or am I cold? Getting warmer or no?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what kind of number were looking at for this "group" the poster on CL's is claiming? Total over all? Sets of families? 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10? How big? I wonder how many of their mama's are covering for them? That is also a felony charge. When this comes down, and it will come down, it's going to be a mess for a lot of people on top of those who were physically involved as these people will turn in each and every person who had knowledge as they will seek the best deal for themselves.

Anonymous said...

It is a family, yes.

Anonymous said...

How many sets of families? Seems like there may be more than one? Possibly two?

Anonymous said...

Basically 1, with help from a few friends.

Anonymous said...

And how many friends would you speculate? Motive?

Anonymous said...

so many clues! Matt Ahern,
Anjelica Ahern is she the ANGEL?
Farmer in the Dell? Bryan Farmer
Dell Light? Karate studio?

Ben Dewercs said...

You can forget Dell Light. Dell is a liar, thief and a pidgeon, but he's no murderer. If I remember right Dell was locked up in Granbury for burglary while this happened.

Anonymous said...

Poem For Shonda:

A Strom has been brewing and it is a quandary indeed

Stones have been thrown but with out any Witt., (Tisha Stone)

Ill bet you feel manley a coward you $hit, (Wendy Manley)

The beacon of Light shines that some of us know (Dell Light)

Aherned (Matt Ahern)is a possibility but you RELLy know

VICious it is that you lay in the cold but donta ya worry as help is on the way VIC IS VICKY SORRELS

We will find you and they will pay

The Straw that is breaking is the sound of mistrust,Brenda Strawbridge

Someone has turned and I hope you enjoy the smell of rust

It is Hayezie out side but the Mist is about to lift, (Ashley Hayes, works at IHOP

The Towel has dropped to the floor = Jaclyn Towles

It is Rainey outside but it still won’t stop the Burns, (Tiffany Burns), (Chrissy Rainey)

Get your feet out of the CLay and run for your life, Clayton Watson

This game is over and I am sorry you loose

There is no Justice for some as she is gone but you will be paying because you were so very wrong, Justin Pete Simmons)

She is an ANGELi and she guides us the way Angelica Joyce Ahern

She is free of your inTIMMidations,(Linda jo Timmons)

If you feel left of out please dont you worry about me

I have plenty of people

Heed the warning as the talking as begun

You didn’t really think you would get away with it

Did you SON?
January 27, 2011 9:28 PM
Anonymous said...

The Farmer in the DELL the Farmer in the DELL (Bryan Farmer, Dell Light)

Ring around the Rosey a pocket full of "sold me" pop goes the CODE"E" Code E=Cody

All around the mulberry bush the monkey chased the weasel somebody told me that you snmell holleey

Tick Tock.. Tick Tock.. the Mice run up the clock and when it strikes colt ( Colotn Watson) the mice run down ...Someone is talking going to the POEliece Poilce (Shorty Poe)

Look around you are not safe and you can not trust those around you
January 27, 2011 11:36 PM

Anonymous said...

Well, with some research, I am finding that the definition of "aherned" is "To get hit in the face with a shovel" - wow, so there are people with this last name? Do these characters connect to the other clues? Good to know that some can be accounted for due to incarceration. Probably the best alibi one could hope for in this case.

I have to say, I am willing to give TS the benefit of the doubt since she was big enough to come here and post. To TS, can you provide us any feedback on the other 3 people you mention in the kitchen that evening? Have they all been cooperative with LE? And please share what all you have done to find your friend, so these rumors can be dispelled as far as your involvement into Shonda's disappearance.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I go and post and now all of this? Thank you poster, may I ask you a question? Since you have the ability to decipher these clues, do you know these people and feel the poem posted could be close to the true or utterly false? Red herrings are so boring.

Alrighty then, so there seem to have been some names posted, TS can you tell us if any of these names ring a bell? Would any of these people know where Shonda is? Since you are very concerned, so are many of us who are willing to help out here. Please share or call in a tip if your memory is sparked. You can call any of the PD's or the CUE center for missing person's tip line at 910-232-1687 -

Anonymous said...

susan jackson is the JACK and Tiffany S knows them all so it is up to her to come forward.

Anonymous said...

We do not know these people but TS does! It was not hard to figure out. Have no idea if it is a red herring, but I think someone knows something and these people are the first to start with.

Anonymous said...

Who is Susan Jackson. Any relation to a kid who plays football with the same last name

sparky said...

yay i know who some of those peeps mention up there. they are a wild bunch always running their mouths after people in town. think they related but have some different last names i may be scared to if it is some them folk would be calling for help now if i was them afriad and knew

pAnTsOnFiRe said...

YeAh YeAh sAys tHe biOtch. Having trouble sleeping TiFaNaNy? wHy CaNt YoU sLeEp tIfAnNy? MuRdEr oN yOuR mInD? MiNd fOgGy oR iS iT fINalLy Clearing UP? HoW mAnY pEoPlE yOu SaY wErE iN ThEe KiTcHen? LiAR lIar PaNtS ON FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE BURN BURN BURN BURN RUN RUN RUN RUN NO NO NO NO NO NO SAVE ME SAVE ME SAVE ME SAVE ME save yourself tiFfany dO iT bEfOrE iTs tOo lAte!

Anonymous said...

Mandy, Are you sure there were three people in your kitchen who heard Shonda's last words? Count again, can you name the three?

Anonymous said...

more posted on craigslist its new

Anonymous said...

plese post the link to Craigs list

Anonymous said...

Well well wouldn't you know

Look like someone else is ready to glow

It took long enough but I am ready to go.

The riddle is not yet quite complete

You missed a few but I am willing to cheat

Let's have another go around

What do you say?

The STROM is dark and dangerous as can be

Don't mess with any of the half breeds or you will be AHERNED

There are more than one who drops the TOWELELS

You were STONED but you forgot your WITT

The kicking farmers have more than one in the dell not sure if you have the right one that is bound for hell

Cover ups are a serious crime and it don't matter if it is one of your prime

Kiddos or not a felony it is don't make the mistake or who will be left to raise the kids

The GIG ahem RIG is hard to lift

Some of the stupidest criminals I have yet to see rift

In the end the blood will thin

Every man out to save his own skin

The ITTANY shouldn't think being so sweet

Will make her less than BUBA's treat

The Straw and MANlee is not very smart

But I will save that one for the next pop tart

The CODE "E" is one of many half breeds

Watchout as he is the STROM that rolls into town

Just make sure there is no blood on the wedding gown

the stupid dumb shits thought nobody knew their game

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Is the STROM the guy from Millsap?
What is with the fast Mustang?

Anonymous said...

is STORM Kendal Storm?
Angeli Amanda Ahern I think... who is Cody?
Rig is Riggin I believe.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

riggin Valley?
Tasha Towles?
Lacy Poe?

Anonymous said...

the guy who lives in Strawn has a MUSTANG

Anonymous said...

c0ulD iT bE ThAT MANY

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Colton Doyle and Matt Ahern have mustangs

Anonymous said...

This is tiff s. Why are you doing this to me? I am not a murder i love shonda and would never hurt her! And just to let you know i do talk to the family and i stay with them i talk to shonda mom every day i past my lie detector test i have nothin to hide i told everybody the truth okay just please leave my name out of this if the family or cops needs me they know how to get a hold of me! And the names you put on here are not nobody that was there with us in the kitchen...... My ex boyfriend was there and two kids was there get your shit right before you say anything.... shonda baby girl i love you and we miss you we are going to find you so that you can come home. To your baby boy and family and friends!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please everybody don't listen to any of this its all lies this person has nothin better to do then set here and put shit in your heads none of these people had anything to do with this...... nobody knows who was in this not the cops not the family just please people don't believe this at all these people that are putting this stuff on here about other people is crazy and lame wow there people make my day with all these lies crazy people

Anonymous said...

has anyone ever checked her family or questioned them?.. i mean its kinda weird how they had a birthday party the next weekend after she came up missing.. (and there were witnesses) i mean normal families would be morning a loss not partying it up.. i mean come one there must have been some drugs involved.. like with her brothers one of her brothers were "OUT OF TOWN" (im Sure) Oh and the money thing everyone is giving big donations to her cause but where is that money going to her little sisters big flat screen tv and her new cell phone oh and dont forget that new sterio.. isnt it weird how that money is to help find shonda and help out with haiden not to spend on their own personal wants!?! kinda weird..
funny how ANONYMOUS has so much time to put stuff on here but not reveal the real story they just want to play games well guess what honey this is no time for games.. Funny how this person will put so much stuff on here and craigs list and facebook but wont reveal what they really want to say.. WEIRD.. THIS IS ALL WEIRD...


Anonymous said...

y have anonymous post if it can be found out who is the poster?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

oh wait aren't you family? That's right you have a child with Shonda's brother, maybe they should check "family" AKA:you

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To bad that wasnt tiffany..
it maybe someone that knows both the family and tiffany and all the accused people..

its really nice how you got so defensive .. it must be you or your mom..
or your brother.. or at least one of them...


just an fyi any FBI agent can findout who posts what do you not watch criminal minds..
if not you should maybe it will help you..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Idiot say what?


HE disappeared?

Well considering all the peeps who have left town say in the last 7 months, it really is anyone's guess as it seems a lot have been vanishing, course under different circumstances. Interesting the URGENT and SUDDEN need for so many to leave town. Poof, gone in the night. Makes one look hard at those not scared, the ones strong enough to stick it out, nothing to fear except for themselves and their cohorts.

Anonymous said...

pretty harsh putting out names like that..

Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't.

"Its Like She Fell Off The Planet.. " -THE MINERAL WELLS PD

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ok .. lets see who has left town..

DELL LIGHT.. in mineral wells he was here for new years

Tiffany Sorrells.. IS IN TOWN HASNT VANISHED Saw her yesterday..

RIGGIN VALLEY.. is and has been in jail for over 9 months

MARVIN BURKETT.. is and also has been in jail for over 7 months

JUSTIN PETE SIMMONS.. Lives behind whataburger and is still in town..

BRYAN FARMER.. is next to me so that means he is is town

VICKY SORRELLS... is also in town and lives in town has not left town..

TISHA STONE.. is in town lives with JUSTIN PETE and yes she left graford but hasnt gone far..

ASHLEY HEYES.. lives in town so..

MATT AHERN.. is with misty marsden in town and is now taking care of a baby..

ANGEL AHERN.. lets see she killed her baby why wouldnt she kill shonda!?!


Anonymous said...

Before you go calling people morons, you left out all the ones who did leave town. But thanks for keeping us update to who is still in town.

Just an FYI:

February 1, 2011
Home invasion suspects indicted
Mineral Wells Index

By Christin Coyne |

PALO PINTO – A Palo Pinto Grand Jury returned 19 indictments Thursday, including indicting three men in the alleged home invasion and robbery in October that left a man injured and two children terrorized.

Thomas Lee Clark Jr., Victor Randy Lozano and Cornelius Lamont Moore Jr., were indicted for aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. The group reportedly broke into a home on S.W. 13th Avenue around 3:30 a.m. Oct. 19, held a gun to the resident’s neck, broke the man’s nose, gave him a head wound requiring four stitches and then held a gun on his son.

The man told the Index he had just gotten out of the shower when he heard a loud noise and walked into the other room to find a stranger standing in his house. He said initially thought the tall man was drunk and grabbed his arm to lead him out of the house when four other men came through the kicked-in front door, the man said.

They held a pistol to him and punched him, breaking his nose and causing a bloody wound on his head, when he tried to move the gun away, according to the man.

He fled out the back door in his underwear, getting blood everywhere, to get help, he said. The suspects then allegedly walked into his son’s room, where he was awakened by the loud noise, and held the gun to the boy.

The men reportedly took a television and a stereo and fled in a vehicle.

All were later arrested on warrants.

Others indicted were:

• Joe Patrick Almaraz, possession of a controlled substance, less than 1 gram.

• Michael Allan Bitnoff, possession of a controlled substance, more than 1 gram, less than 4 grams.

• Jason Todd Braim, burglary of a habitation.

• Peggy Lanelle Bridges, possession of a controlled substance, more than 4 grams, less than 200 grams.

• Robert Samuel Crutsinger, possession of a controlled substance, less than 1 gram.

• Richard Andrew Dorsett, burglary of a habitation.

• Teresa Ann Garrett, possession of a controlled substance, less than 1 gram.

• Billy Charles Kincheloe, possession of a controlled substance, less than 1 gram.

• Bradley Michael Kincheloe, forgery by passing.

• Raul Ortega, delivery of marijuana, more than ¼ ounce, less than 5 pounds.

• Kevin Ray Patten, unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon.

• John Joseph Polk, possession of a controlled substance, more than 4 grams, less than 200 grams.

• Steven Silva, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and assault causing family violence – impeding breathing.

• Riggin Gideon Valley, possession of a controlled substance, less than 1 gram.

• Gary Pat McCoy, theft.

Anonymous said...

what about vincent himphill

Anonymous said...

I thought the ahern girls husband killed the baby?

big bunch of bullys in that family running round town beating people up then again if i am recollecting one dem boys were arrested back with jp and one of his own half kin

any ideas on why any of em wanna hurt shonda more than the other bunch

this id like to hear more about

Anonymous said...

I think who ever is the one posting all this names, the craigslist thing has alot to do with what happened to poor shonda they will find u it's just. Matter of time just wait!!! And t.s didn't do nothing to shonda she knows in her heart, she loves shonda.....all this s**t talkin crap to t.s is just wrong, I bet shonda would not want all this stuff goin on it's all crazy and weird and who ever Yal are Yal got sometime on yals hands don't Yal have better things to do? Then bring all these people in! Does anyone have proof that t.s did something or is it just because she was one of the last people to see her?

Anonymous said...

angels own brother is running around saying she killed her baby and is going down why wouldnt she want to get the heat off her

Anonymous said...

who killed wut baby

Anonymous said...

Interesting, he seems to be quite the karate chopper. Along with other various arrests which is rampant between many of those you have listed, though these do not qualify a person to be a murderer. Lots of common criminals don't commit murder.

Course I see the spelling is off, which I do understand. What type of motive would he have had?

Personally, if I were TS, I would be scared of these people if I truly had no knowledge of the actual happenings and had the luck to be the last one to see her friend. Scary prospects out there.

Send in a tip

Anonymous said...

pick a brother there so many of them boys i can keep em straight more baby mama and daddys than can shake a stick at and it is strange bout that girl god rest that poor babys soul brings tears to ones eye reading that article in the paper now i just imagine how shonda youngin is feeling with out his mama. so very sad.

how would this take what heat off of what need you to explain this better

Anonymous said...

so give us the facts then and set all these folks straight people here looking for answers and you seem to have em all so have it miss tough girl sound like you wanna find out who these people are that how you take care of things

Unknown said...

This Is Brittany Lindsey.

In All Honesty I Seriously Dont think T.S. Has Anything To Do With It. Look At It In My Point Of View.

If you killed someone or saw them get killed would you be able to look in your daughters eyes (which is shondas niece) and tell her you loves her. Would you be able to stay at shondas house? be around her family? Her Friends? Go to all the memorials? would you be able to have pictures of the girl in your house.. no you wouldnt and you know you wouldnt be able to because of the fact that all that guilt would overwhelm you and hurt you. Im just saying i know for a fact tiffany has a huge poster frame full of pictures of jus her and shonda and it also says i love chubbs which was thei nickname for each other.. other people may be able to take this cruel mean hatred bashing that yall are doing to T.S. but she is going through a lot of grief which noneof you know about because you arent around her your just accusing her.. and im not saying this because she is my friend its because i know tiffany and she wouldnt be able to stand her self if she had anything to do with this.. shonda is all she ever talks about and the person on criags list is right that you woul be worried all the time but guess what she is worried about her she does cry all the time she is going through all the grieving points and she cries all the time and she hurts more than anyone knows.. but to the point you people are being vishous and need to lay off a little she took her test she passed her test she isnt lying or she would be in jail.

she told her story and she has nothing else to say she has nothing to prove to you people because she knows the truth.. and the only person that knows what happened to shonda is GOD.. that is the only person who knows who did why when where she is and how she is doing.. and everyone needs to realize that GOD MAKES EVERYTHING HAPPEN FOR A REASON..

is prayer your first response or your last resort!?!







sparky said...

that is a mighty kind post brittany and ts should be proud to have a good friend in you i dont reckon everyone here has convicted ts of hurting shonda that would not be right least i havent anyway
but i got one thing to say to you and that is more than just god knows where shonda townsend is and that is something to add to the prayer though a mighty nice try it just aint all the truth

barelysane said...

First of all I want to thank everyone for voicing your opinions and your beliefs. But if you didn't know Shonda personally you have no right to judge her. You are no better than the low life S.O.B's who took her from us.Stop and use your common sense because obviously the car was put where it was to throw everyone off. And to think it actually worked. People believe it was drug related just because of a house it was in front of . Come on people.From the get go stuff like this doesn't happen in Mineral Wells so for every one to clear their conscience and make them selves feel better by saying these implications or that she ran off. It's just down right bull shit. My niece wasn't perfect but she had a good heart and a precious son. And if any of you are mother's I don't care how heartless you are. Could you go 7 months with out holding , kissing or making a phone call to hear you babies voice. I sure as hell know I would kill myself trying to get to my babies. Shonda would do the same.Who ever did this left a family hurting so bad . And a precious lil innocent child waitng every day for his mommy to come home. How dare you point your finger's and slander and gossip. Why don't you spend this time you have not wondering whose writing what ,but what they are actually writing . Learn to read between the lines. Stop trying to figure it out just learn to listen. Whoever did this knows their days are numbered if not let me remind you ..YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED ,WE ARE COMING FOR YOU. I don't care if it's 1 , or 2 or a whole damn gang. You won't make it out of this undetected.Someone will cave and ya'lls whole worlds will crumble. You destroyed my Shonda's life and my families hearts and souls. If I lived in Mineral Wells I would be worried I wouldn't want some sick individuals runnning free on my streets. So get your heads straight and start focusing on the fact that an injustice has been done, foul play has come to your little town.And I know I would want some answers. So for Shonda's sake and your own loved ones start asking some questions .Start speaking the truth .God forbid another human life is taken away from their family because another human felt they could do it.No body but god has that right.So let's stop pointing finger's , putting each other down,and for god's sake don't look a gift horse in the mouth. If someone is stirring things up who cares who they are, hand them the damn spoon.Thank you and God Bless you all..I love my Shonda and we will find you soon baby girl.

sparky said...

miss brittany if it aint ts then yall have any clue on who it might be then would love to hear a little somethen new

barelysane said...

And by the way the time on here is ahead people so it isn't accurate. Just thought you all should know that as well. IDK just a thought.Good Night.

Anonymous said...

If there are so many people involved, if so many people "know" who they are, why aren't the police knowing and arresting? It all sounds so crazy.

Unknown said...

I have no idea who it is but i know DAMN STRAIGHT it isnt tiffany we may not get along but i wouldnt never let people slander her in the way people have tonight.. tiffany isnt strong enough for this and its not fair to her children because its putting alot of stress on her she doesnt understand why so many people are out to get her and i dont understand it either i know no one is perfect but it takes a low life to pull this and get away with it for so long. Think about it why has the search siezed why arent the cops out looking every damn day i know for sure if it were one of their children it would be alot louder it would have became something they searched for everyday i think the cops have given up because the cops would knock on every damn door to find their child and i think they should do the same for this family. why has this been dropped why havent they found anything!?! their is a reason for this something must have shown up that they arent telling the public something must have happened..

i have no idea who is to blame but until their is something to prove that they are guilty their is no reason to throw that slander out on people.. especially on people that are going through a hard enough time with this situation..

and tiffany i am sorry if you read any of this you dont deserve any of this we may not be friends or getting along at this point but you definately dont deserve this noone does..

Unknown said...

im not afraid to put my name next to what i have to say i have nothing to hide and neither does Misherie

only people that have things to hide go under anonymous

Justtsayyying... (:

tiffany. (ts) said...

Thanks brittany you know i love you lots and thanks for everything you said about me i love shonda more then anybody knows we are best friend and everybody knows how close we was we was together every day if not every day its every other day shonda is my best friend i love her and the family but thanks for everybody that knows me and shonda and how close we are Im sorry for everybody's name on here this sick person wanna say i done this and done that in witch i did not wrong i love you shonda and (chubbs) no matter what you are my best friend that's right brittany they have somethin to hide that's why

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Misherie Sorrells said...

Omg..Britt I Was Totally Thinking The Samething..The GUILTY Dog ALWAYS Barks FIRST...Just Sayin..

Anonymous said...

Look out you people have some serious issues shorty Poe come on he is friendly as a box of kittens no killer for sure.. I know I have seen killers and he aint one. Matt Ahern well yeah he is a pretty boy but he is one of my best friends.and damn sure ain't no killer. Yeah we are bad boys the guy your mother always warned you about.. Straight up peckerwoods raised on the river..get hit in the face with a shovel,,, well hell yeah Fu$@ around and find out... Go around talking sh$@ about his baby sister, cousin,,ect... I hit you in the face with a shovel too it's real easy to see what kind of people have written this punks won't sign your name scary weasels... The ahern's are from my hood.. I will back them any day...see us country people stick together don't be mad cause your daughters sons chase us around.. Yeah we probably took your lunch money but we aint killers..teenage girls or new born baby's his name was christian.. And John webb will get his in court and if he beats it whelp!!!' heres that shovel again!!! How you say it aherned.. Get off the gas watch us !! Do what stick together .. Hell yeah riddle this two brothers 1488 were in jail.. Dale light in jacksborow so it was not them... Till lightning flashes and bolts clash.
The Cowboy!
Joseph Charles Warner SS

Anonymous said...

Hi, This is Angelica Joyce Ahern.. I see there are a few people that have been talking about sh*^ they know nothing about. My son and my life don't have a f-n thing to do with this lady.. I never meet the chick.. Dontcha think they would have locked me up?! Well yes, and who
Is being charged for my sons murder?? Keep my f-n name off this stupid site, and unles your brave enough to put your name with your comments what's the point? I know I wouldn't talk shi* to me either, it's easier to hide behind the Internet then speak your mind.. You must have no life if all your doing is watching us... And you say we are the ones that are crackheads!!! You didn't even spell my name right.. I don't know what happened to that chick.... And really I
Have more things to worry about then what people fro
Mineral Wells think or have to say about me. My brother may be a prick sometimes and no we dont really get along, but anyone that knows my big brother would know he wouldnt do that. I really hope you find some kind of satisfaction in reading this comment, can't wait
To hear what everyone has to say. Who is really that jealous of us? I know everyone just wants to put in thier own opinion of my situation and this lady's situation; please
Find something to do with your time.

Anonymous said...

Wow things are really getting heated. I see this as an attempt to solve a riddle. Someone claims to be the one "To Know", and is also posting the riddles. Some of the answers make since. I can see now why they chose to post in riddle, probably scared to death. But it seems as if the pressure is getting to someone.

Anonymous said...

I don't know all these people named on this page. There are so many. It's hard for me to understand why or how so many people would be involved or want to kill her or kill anyone. Are people being randomly blamed? Who will be listed next? It just looks like the list of names is growing by the hour. I do not understand why the police don't do anything if there is a gang of murderers running around. Apparently the people posting know so much more than the law. The towns listed are very small towns where everyone knows everyone. How can all this be? It does not make sense. This woman just needs to be found. Rumors and blaming are not bringing her home. If anyone really knows, please do the right thing and call the anonymous number. It really is anonymous. They will give you a number. They do not take your name. Call from a public phone. Disguise your voice. Whatever. Just please call if you know anything. Maybe she is locked in a closet somewhere. How can one be so positive she is dead? I do not know her but this is so horrible. Please call if you have any information that will help this poor girl and that little baby waiting for his mommy to come home.

Anonymous said...

I think that a lot of these comments that are being left on this page are from someone playing games. I suppose they have no life or nothing to do other than to keep this silly little game of theirs going. This is not intended for people to come to and make up nursery ryhmes to show your small mind at its best. This should be a place for people who might have information concerning Shondas disappearance or a place for people who are upset or sad to put their grief into words. So stop your silly little game and please let it go....Anyone who might have even the smallest clue please contact the authorities, something trivial may turn out to be just what they need to bring Shonda home...

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to state the obvious . If my best friend was missing I would be freaking out.I would be going door to door with a flier. Not being so easily talked out of helping by others. I would be very distraught.Not posting pictures of myself drinking beer and partying at the lake.I mean people saw you hanging out at the lake right after Shonda was missing. And as for spending time with her famiy.The last time you spent time all you did was make comments on you beautiful blue eyed Tim.Your priorities are really out of whack. I doubt it's just because your young , but you have a really weird way of being upset and showing grief.That's just my opinion.My Bff is like my sister I talk to her everyday or text. I would be going nuts at this point. But do it your way I they said if a giant poster puts your mind at ease and helps you sleep at night. go for it.

Anonymous said...

WOW, such language, why is that necessary? So much anger and hostility! You are making a mountain out of a mole hill, over someone simply speaking their mind, you make yourself really look bad going off like that. It would be better to not respond at all than to respond in the way you just did. Maybe you should think before you respond next time, that is totally unnecessary to use such filthy language...Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

whole page full of threats
n no way to delete comments

Anonymous said...

do any of the posters here know facts or are they just pointing fingers? point fingers at anyone but it wont bring the girl home if it aint the right people!

Anonymous said...

You know i only have one thing to say right now to the the riddler! If you know so much about who took Shonda, and what happened to her then surely you know where she is!! Why don't you do the right thing, and make that one anonymous call, and tell them where to find Shonda, so that her family can bring her home. God Bless her family, and little boy. I hope and pray they will have closure soon! Just make that call, i'm sure once they find her there will be enough evidence to convict whoever did whatever horrible thing they have done. I will say this, and this is a fact no one can ever keep there mouth shut forever! Someone will talk, a person just can't hold something like this in forever without it eating them up inside, and God will see that justice is served, because no one can get by with something like this forever!That's a promise!!What goes around comes around. I have prayed hard for Shonda, and her family & my GOD does answer prayers. Shonda will be brought home to her family, and baby soon!! And for whoever knows anything you better strike a deal while you have the chance, get this or these killers off of your streets! More than likely your life is in danger too!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone here seems to have so much time on their hands. The time you are all using to point fingers and speculate on what you 'think' happened to Shonda would be SO much better spent out actually LOOKING for her. There is a chance that she is still alive. If you think these "Clues" have something to do with her disappearance go out and investigate them yourself. It seems as though most of the "crack-heads" in Mineral Wells have been mentioned here whether the people knew Shonda or not. These "riddles" seem like nothing more than a way to throw everyone's name out there. There seems to be a huge group of people here that want Shonda brought home, so why not take this group out and start searching for her? She is fading from the minds of most people who did not know her well. People are not doing near as much to spread her case as they had done before, so instead of chastising each other over the internet, why not come together and do something about it. Look at all the clues, try to fill in the gaps. Talk to her friends and family and try to figure out what doesn't add up in the equation. There IS an answer out there, and someone has it. Everyone needs to pull together and FIGURE IT OUT!

Anonymous said...

Hoping and praying someone comes forward before this gets out og hand. It is obvious someone knows but likes to play games. The riddle seems to be close to being complete. We do not need to blame ant one but call the authorities, although they seem to have "dropped"the ball on this case.

Chance said...

You are wrong, all of the Crackheads in Mineral Wells are not listed here. There's not enough space on this site to list all of the names of all of the Crackhead Scum in Mineral Wells. Misherie why do you feel the need to list where all your family members were on the night of July 4th, 2010? You couldn't possible know where they were. All you know is where they state they were located at the time of Ms. Townsend's disappearance. It is true they could all be involved somehow, but we'll leave that up to a Palo Pinto Jury.

Anonymous said...

I respectfully tell you "NO", Law Enforcement has not "Dropped the Ball." People of Law Enforcement never forget. They cannot clock out and go home and forget it. Their minds don't work that way. This case is on the minds of all Law Enforcement involved. Law Enforcement wants the answers. But they have to get the correct answer, there are no second chances on this. They cannot arrest everyone until they get the right crackhead. MWPD, Palo Pinto Sheriff Dept, Jack County Sheriff Dept. are all fine, professional people. Law Enforcement will get the correct answer, they will get it on their time, not ours. We have to be patient and let them do their work. Law Enforcement are GREAT PEOPLE. Be sure to thank them for their hard work and keeping us safe.

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact the police have not forgotten about this case. I, myself had an appt. with one of the detectives downtown a couple of weeks ago, it had to be cancelled at the last minute due to a phone call they had received that might be a possible clue in Shondas case. So before anyone goes and starts putting our police force down you need to get your facts straight. The MWPD is still following each and every lead they received and would love to be able to say this case has "been solved". Hopefully this will be in the very near future so all those working on this case can rest at ease and have one less case to worry about. May this family find the peace it longs for in the very near future and all the MWPD force and other county forces too...

Anonymous said...

I find it curious how one sibling who was only at the EZ mart can claim tabs on so many different people in so many different locations at one time. You must REALLY trust each of these people you named off with your life and vice versa to believe their alibi or story stating they have no clue what happened to Shonda, yourself included. I am not making any allegations here just trying to get to the bottom of your magic super powers of being in two or three places at once. You might say the guilty bark first, I tend to find they are the most defensive.

Anonymous said...

What about the time where 2 of Tiffany's sister tried running Shonda off the road 1 week before she went missing. She called and told her aunt that.
What about George Wesley Fry... Close friend to Tiffany S. He died from suffocation. His family hired a private dective and they believe he was murder as well! Tiffany WAS close to his family. EXPLAIN THIS ONE!!
Misherie it's funny how you post on your facebook about how you love criminal minds and talk about FBI can trace you... Well you are correct.. Did you watch enough of them to help with whatever happened to Shonda.
Wow this list could go on and on......... just sayyin.

Anonymous said...

never heard ne thng bout george fry or a baby being killed. mineral wells too? just keeps getting better in that town!

Anonymous said...

If someone tried to run her off the road before she went missing, was it reported to the police at the time of the incident?

Anonymous said...

George Wesley Fry III, 21, of Bridgeport, died Dec. 31, 2006.

So, you are saying that whoever had a part in this death from 2007 is likely involved in Shonda missing in 2011? So, the "murderer" has gotten away with one death for all those years and may be involved in another? George died 4 years ago. How old would that make the people who are named on this page? It seems pretty crazy.

Anonymous said...

this is justin pete simmons yea i havent left mineral wells and no i didnt live behind whataburger when this happened yes my baby mama tisha does live with me...and yes i am a sorry fuck up not a fucking crack head though yes i been arrested plenty of times yes i have talked to the police and if any of yall got a problem just come talk to me me or any one that i hang out with or my famly does not know what happen or have anything to do with shonda i have a lil girl and i pray they find her alive,,,,so why is everybody pointing fingers saying oh you killed her hoe do you even know she is dead you should be hopping for the best not spreading the worst,,,,,and so from me justin pete simmons if you have anything bad to say about me my baby mama tisha or riggin just come find me and do me the favor of laying your face on my hand so i dont have slap your jaw off ok thank you....prayers go out to you shonda

Unknown said...

To the anonymous cowards

FYI the only people that would have known how close wesley and tffany were would have to be one of her family or one of the townsend family and i think its pretty obvious that its not her family directing this accusation on her

hey anonymous.. do you know where tiffany was the night of wesleys death!?! NO YOU DONT OR YOU WOULDNT B PULLING THIS BULL CRAP..

that is a horrible thing to put i think that "blue eyed" tim was just jealous of wesley because he new he would never meet her stardards like wesley did.. so SUCK ON THAT..

most of the family were together the night she disappeared and vicky WAS WITH ME SO GET OFF YOUR HIGH SPUNG I KNOW WHO DID IT BULL SHIT AND REALIZE HOW BIG OF AN IDIOT YOU ARE...

misherie never said sewas in 3 places at once.. and i saw her that night too and im pretty sure that they have checked their house and hmmm... what do ya know shonda isnt there so the other anonymous your full of bullshit too..
its really sad how all the anonymous just point fingers.. well why wont they say who they are!?! why wont they just say hey im soandso and i think you did it.. because more than likely they have her or they did something to them.. and that person that wrote the family that is right you want to say he tiffany why were you at he lake aweek ater well why the hell were yall throwinga damn birthday party at unks lake 4 days later!?!
if my daughter was missin i wouldnt be having a birthday bash..

wanna critisize on other peoples actions well look at your own...

Your such a "GODLY FAMILY" but your out doing your own thing too tiffany is not a bad person for going out and letting things off her chest just as jessica and cheyenne and tim and dalton and finest arent bad people for going out and having fun because we all know they arent cooped up in that house upset...

just an fyi when you point your finge at one person 3 are pointing back at you..

how do you figure the cops havent "DROPPED THE BALL" who is doing te investigations now!?! who got called in why havent they knocked on every damn door in this town looking for her!?! i can tell you one thing if it was someone big in this towns child missing the search would still be out there looking.. and its bullshit.

like i said before im not afraid to put what i have to say i have nothing to hide from any of you people.. and apparently neither does misherie or her name wouldnt be on here

check the anonymous people they are te ones who think they have it figured out...

sparky said...

thanks fer coming on over jp if you mind splaining a few things how you spect them folks to beleieve you aint hurt no girl when you talk bout hittin a face to ya hand same for that sherie girl

sparky said...

I jus wanna say though it is mightee fine these youngins comin on here an splainin i have en open mind so i like hearin what they gots to say i wannta know about who all was at tha party tha night girl went missing tha should be able to say who wus or wusnt there sence they dont no what happan

Misherie Sorrells said...

First off Sparky Spanky wetf you are..Justin Does Not Hit Girls&&i dont just go around looking for girls to slap!!&&Why would we hit someone??Prob cause whoever is posting this shit about our friends&&familys dont know shit thats why there to scared to post there name!!.Also fyi i do KOVE CRIMINAL MINDS&&hopefully by me watching them&&me going to school will find thos sick person that is posting all this shit on her&&all the other sites!!Another thing here you go bringing up another person who has been laid to rest!!You dont know shit about G.W.F. But the cops do they solved his case!!Do you have a fetish with bringing up people who have pasted away??.Your seriouly a FREAK!!&&Of course im goin to defend my family&&friends who have nothing to do with it!!.&&as far as the family goes they moran in there own way but my sister misses her bff more then you freaks know but she keeps her head up&&stays strong cuz she has kids to think about!!..Do before any of yall anonymous people wanna run your mouth why dont you get a brain cell&&think about this..How/why does this anonymous person know so much about Shonda??..

Unknown said...

what party? she wasnt at a party

Misherie Sorrells said...

Sparky The Cops Know Who Was All At The Party It Noone Elses Buisness Who Was There!

Anonymous said...

Brittany, Do you mean to state: Don't annoy a friend" or "Don't ignore a friend"? I think you have used the wrong words, although I can see how you could be "annoying".

Unknown said...

anonymous... have you not ever read quotes!?! ill give you who wrote the quote and where i got it if you really need it.. yes i ment to write annoy.. because me and tiffany have not been gettingalong and instead o annoying her by sayin how can i help i just help her there isnt any reason to bash her ..

If a friend is in trouble, don't annoy him by asking if there is anything you can do. Think up something appropriate and do it. ~Edgar Watson Howe

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Sparky, Your spelling is very humorous! However it's so telegraphed that it appears rehearsed. Unlike Misherie's spelling which just show's how ignorant and uneducated she actually is. You will not learn anything from watching a fictional television show. Now that comment is Criminal. My advice to all concerning Misherie and Brittany. Just "ANNOYED" them and they will go away.

Unknown said...

instead of looking to help find shonda anonymous writes talking shit to people.. RIDDLE ME THAT ..


i bet they are sitting on the couch eating a twinkie with their laptop in the lap...
hey anoymous good way of lookin for her shes not going to turn up on the internet how about you get off the couch and do something... instead of blaming innocent people..

Anonymous said...

Brit, You and Mandy not getting along. Boy, we didn't see that one coming. Now that is a surprise! Two Crackheads not getting along? No, for real?
Let me give you some advice, watch your back. A lot of people disappear when the Sorrell's family is "Not Getting along very well". with you.
You think you and Mandy hate each other now, just wait until Michael drops you like a hot rock for the chick in that other apartment he's been eyeing.

Unknown said...

Micheal who?

Anonymous said...

Brit, That is a good quote, though not very well known. Let me tell you a more famous quote that you've probably heard before,being a crackhead and all. I don't know the entire quote but Mandy will shortly.

"You ARE under arrest, you have the right to remain silent." Miranda Wright 1959

Smellingarat said...

Was there any altercations going on between Shonda and any other females over any guy(s)? Her BFF should know the answer to this one if they were as good as BFF's as claimed

Unknown said...

sorry never done a drug in my life and apparently you shows how much you know

if you know so much about the crime you must be one of the loser cops in mineral wells..

We know how good the MWPD is

Anonymous said...

Interesting, word on the street is Mineral Wells in the middle of a bust as we speak. Where is the BFF? You still here with us?

Anonymous said...

Shonda Townsend is missing. Shonda has not been seen since leaving her BFF's house (Mandy Suggs) on the evening of July 4th, 2010. Mandy is the last known person to see Shonda. Shonda's family wants her back. We need the answer to this crime. A Murder has been committed and the murderer is still at large. If you know anything about this crime please call your local Law Enforcement and tell them your story. "This will be Solved, the Guilty will be brought forward to stand trial." Please bring Shonda home, please.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

River, bridge, dirt road.? Brazos river? Road?

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