Friday, August 26, 2011

Susan Powell Case: Father-in-Law Takes Cheap Shot

Your daughter-in-law is missing and you participate in a national interview discussing specifics of an imaginary intimate relationship? The reporter asks if Steven Powell fell in love with her and he says, yes.

First and foremost, this is a missing mother, period. Who did not show up for work or drop off the kids at daycare, she vanished on December 6, 2009. Police go out to the marital residence and perform a wellness check. Josh Powell, the only suspect, is returning with their 2 children ages 2 & 4 claiming after midnight he and the boys went camping. Obviously Josh Powell made time before he left to run a large fan on the living room carpet which was still going when police arrived.

Susan had to be at work. She had a very good job. Her income was the main support for the family. She was also in the process of ending the marriage. Susan Powell would never allow her children to be woken from their warm beds, packed in a car to go camping at midnight.

Earlier today a team of law enforcement searched the home where Josh and the kids moved in with his father in Washington State. Mid week a mutual restraining order was issued between Chuck Cox and Josh Powell that they had to remain 500 feet from one another. Chuck Cox, Susan's father has not been allowed to see his grandchildren. A common punishment often administered by a suspect in cases of intimate partner violence and homicide.

Now the father-in-law is trying to raise doubt. A clever move by the fox guarding his hen house planting additional seeds of doubt, knowing his words will be used should this case ever be tried in a court of law. But the so called new details of "intimacy" places Steven Powell A.K.A. Steven Chantrey into the case of missing mother Susan Powell with greater significance.

It not uncommon for a suspect or the only person of interest to make remarks in intimate partner homicide cases going directly to mental stability, suicide, running off with another man, etc., it is an offender's pattern of conduct in these cases that is significant. This is the first time where I have seen a father and son tag team in a missing intimate partner case, slam a woman who likely lost her life by the actions along with direct knowledge of one or both individuals.

Remember, the last person to see any victim alive, in case of "missing intimate partner violence" always has the answers as to exactly what happened to make that person go missing in the first place!

Jounalist Isabelle Zehnder whom has covered this case from the beginning wrote an excellent article on the case:

Steven Chantrey's "Official Website" also known as Steven Powell (Susan's father-in-law) is

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Carol said...

There are details in this case that are reminiscent of the disappearance of Janet Marsh of Nashville back in 1996. Janet's husband, Perry tried many of the same tactics as Susan's husband. His father, Arthur was also heavily involved frequently granting interviews and generally spouting off his opinions. It took along time, but justice was served on both Perry and his father, even though Janet's body was never recovered.
I hope there will also be justice for Susan.

Anonymous said...

sounds so much like my sister's husband Jerry Meek. He lied and said he took the three children camping in oklahoma in the middle of february, made up lies, won;t cooperate and has said many ugly thing. Wish my sister had had a chance to get away from him. I pray all the men pulling this heinous crime is finally convicted.

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