Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kalisha Madden: Endangered & Missing in Detroit

Kalisha Madden, has been missing since the early morning hours of Nov. 28,2011

She was last seen leaving her job at the Sting Gentlemen’s Club in the southwest section of Detroit around 3 a.m. last Monday. Witnesses say Madden left the club with three men in a black SUV or car. Since then, family and friends have been distributing fliers in neighborhoods throughout Detroit and urging people to post information about Madden on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

There is a great power within our communities to spread the word on those who "suddenly" vanish without a trace. Someone saw something last Monday and with every hour that passes the hope she will be found alive diminishes. And hope, is what her family is praying for until she is found.

I have to also wonder if there were security camera's inside the club. Perhaps the witnesses who saw her leave would be able to identify them on footage captured inside or out of the club's parking lot. Depending on the route taken upon leaving the club, did the black vehicle stop someplace for gas or at a convenience store? These places also have security camera's.

Tragically, Kalisha Madden disappearance will not be mentioned on any of the nightly news or on programs like Nancy Grace or Bill O'Reilly. Why? It is not enough of a ratings opportunity for the networks. Fair and balanced coverage often depends on where you live, what you look like and sadly, the color of your skin.

If she is still alive, Kalisha is likely being held against her will either in Detroit or someplace within a 200 mile radius. She, like any missing person deserves our attention. Please post this information on sites, at your church, community centers, hospitals, grocery store bulletin boards, gas stations, and in your community. Below you can cut and paste the information below.

Anyone with information on Kalisha Madden’s whereabouts should contact Detroit police at (313) 596-1000 or Crime Stoppers at (800) SPEAK UP. People can also leave anonymous tips at Black and Missing Foundation Inc.’s website,www.bamfi.org.

Kalisha Madden

Case Type: Endangered
DOB: Jan 01, 1984
Missing Date: Nov 28, 2011
Age Now: 27
Missing City: Detriot
Missing State: MI
Case Number: x

Gender: Female
Race: Black
Complexion: Medium
Height: 4-11
Weight: 160
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Shoulder Length
Eye Color: Brown
Wear Glasses or Contacts: No

Location Last Seen: Family and friends have not seen or heard from Kalisha Madden since she went to work at the Vegas Strip Club on Michigan Avenue.

Circumstances of Disappearance: Kalisha's mother learned her daughter left the club after completing her shift (3AM), but she was not alone. "Getting in either a black truck or a black car with three males, one they say was on crutches. I'm not sure because I wasn't there, but that is the last time that she has been seen." Kalisha's six children spent the night with her mother and she took them to school, but Kalisha always picks them up.

Last Seen Wearing: Unknown

Identifying Marks or Characteristics: Unknown

Susan Murphy Milano is a staff member of the Institute for Relational Harm Reduction and Public Pathology Education as a educator and specialist with intimate partner violence prevention strategies directing prevention for high risk situations and cases.
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Anonymous said...

highly doubt that the color of her skin is preventing news of her disappearance from being on news shows like O'Reilly or Nancy Grace. try something more like, if they announced every single missing person on their shows, that's the only thing they would be doing. why are african americans always so quick to pull the race card?? you have BET and Black History month, but if someone showed up wanting Caucasian History month or Caucasian Entertainment Television, african americans would be the first to scream racism! every race has been enslaved at some time, learn about your world's history. hope they find this girl alive and well, but damn, no need to throw out names like that, or was it just for the attention?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Okay lets just be real! My motther is white and my father is black. I definitely dont chose sides. But reality is reality and just because you are white doesnt mean you have to be naive to whats truth. We all know that the laws and government caters to white america.

Anonymous said...

To be honest I follow a lot of missing cases. The the ones you see pop up in google feeds or the ones you here being talked about are definately not black. Think of the last time you remember a missing persons case where the person was black being blasted all over tv and everywhere. Can't think of many...

Anonymous said...

You've probably never heard of Margaret Theut. Margaret is 71, a white female, who went missing on 11/27/11 in Detroit. She was an active 71 year old. Search her name and you won't find hardly any information. Margaret is still missing and still no media releases on the status of any (???) investigation. Why has her case not received some law enforcement and media attention?

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