Friday, December 24, 2010

Following the Money Trail Leading to Murder!

Earlier in the week A& E Biography profiled former Bolingbrook Police Sergeant Drew Peterson whom is locked up in a Will County, Illinois jail awaiting trial the murder of Kathleen Savio.

Whatever hair the Peterson team lead legal marshmallow roaster does not have left on his head, I am sure the "source" that leaked the $15,000 his client received for payment made public in Michael Sneed's column was more than a shock. And my hats off to Michael Sneed for reporting on this fact. Especially, when he's oh so close to the reporter, was not given a head's up.  I am sure he is fuming as to who leaked the information and if he thinks for a moment, it's a short putt.

Apparently Peterson supplied photos and videos for the A& E program.  In exchange he received a $15,000 payday that will go towards paying "his" expert at trial.

Interesting and very sad at the same time, from behind bars he is still collecting dividends from, in my opinion, murder.

I had a thought about the money.  Since Stacy Peterson is still missing and he is still legally married to her doesn't half of that $15,000 belong to her?  What about all the money he gave his son?  Isn't that also a marital asset?  The house, isn't that still jointly in the name of Stacy Peterson?  How is he allowed to pay for a defense when half the money is hers?  Would the Will County States's Attorney's office be able to freeze assets by court order until such time it is determined where she is? Or pending the outcome of not one but, perhaps 2 trials?

Drew Peterson was paid for a show about himself when there is a young woman and mother of two still missing.  He has benefited in so many ways while we all know he was the very last person to see her alive.

Follow the money trail it all ends to the road of murder.

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