Thursday, September 2, 2010

Who Murdered Irma Rodriquez?

I am a family member and am extremely disappointed that the case has gone on deaf ears. I took Irma in the first time when husband tried to kill her and advised her to be strong and continue her life without him, but sometimes fear wins. Unfortunately, my dear niece is not here. Her keen spirit, those special memories, contagious smile and strength in God will live on in our hearts. I hope other women are reading this article and take seriously their current situation if there is any violence. Get out while there is time!”

In June of 2009, Irma Rodriguez, age 45,mother of three, was discovered in the trunk of her car. She had been shot dead. Just 3 days away from finalizing her divorce in Cook County, IL.

Norberto Rodriguez, is the "poster boy" of an dangerous and violent offender. During the couple's fifteen year marriage, orders of protection were filed, police were called to the home and Irma lived in fear for her life. In 1997, Norberto Rodriguez was charged with attempted first-degree murder after an argument in which he was accused of shooting Irma in the hand. Norberto was acquitted of the charges, but lost his job as a Chicago Police officer as a result. And in 2002, Norberto was arrested in connection with transprting heroin. He plead guilty and was sentenced to 52 months in federal prison and was released sometime in 2007.

As a victim of abuse Irma Rodriguez knew that if did not do as she was told by
Norberto, she would end up dead. Some people who knew her might question why she did not divorce him while in federal prison when she had the chance. It is not that easy. First she needed a plan and she was raising their children. Just because her husband was in jail did not necessarily equate to freedom. Even behind bars he controlled Irma with others on the outside. Norberto had strong ties to the street gangs and he made certain Irma knew her activities were always being monitored.

Since her murder, no one has been arrested. And according to sources authorities have no wtinesses to the crime. Perhaps if police released a photo of Norberto Rodriguez maybe someone would recognize him. Or if police decided, as they should, that Norberto Rodriquez is the only person with motive and he needs to be brought in for questioning. But to date the case is as dead as Irma Rodriguez was when her body was pulled out from the trunk of her car.

Maybe someone from the family can contact me to move this case from a cold metal file cabinet and into the light where it belongs, Irma's case could be solved. I can be reached at


Becky said...

"And according to sources authorities have no wtinesses to the crime" respectfully snipped

It's sad that in the state of Illinois being a policeman would seem to be license to murder your wife. What happened to "a preponderance of evidence"? Here in Georgia, there were no witnesses to then policeman Sam Parker killing his estranged wife but he still sits in prison on a life sentence (where he belongs). The good folks of Illinois should speak up for change and not be quiet till it happens!

Anonymous said...

I hope someone steps up with information. There is a war against women and children in this country.It needs to end!

TigressPen said...

Another senseless murder that police should wearing the sole of their shoes out for the proof of who killed.

Irma deserves justice and someone knows the who what when where and why of it all.

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