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Part Two of Series: "Is This Where They Wanna Be?

The children of Peggy Dianovsky were outside playing as their parents fought inside the house. Bobby, age 7 heard his mother sreaming for help, he ran in from outside up the stairs his mother was on the landing Robert held Peggy down as he beat her. Immediately, Bobby ran down the basement stairs with his hands covering his face trying to forget the images he had just seen.

A short time later, Bobby's father called all the children over to him, while according to the sons, their father was washing off his bloody hands. Robert announced "we are going for a bike ride." The father and the kids left. When they walked back into the house Robert said "your mother is sleeping, don't disturb her." It was September of 1982, the last time the boys would ever see their mother, alive.

The response to Peggy Dianovsky's disappearance was not as publicized as it would be for Stacy Peterson, 25 years later in 2007. And had Kathleen Savio's death been correctly investigated and ruled a homicide, there would likely be no need to keep this young woman's case in the public eye in hopes she can be brought home to her loved ones.

The Sunday morning Stacy was still in her home, so were the kids. Stacy Peterson's two biological children were too young to comprehend anything that happened. But, Kathleen Savio's boys, one or both of them likely heard something. Stacy was alive on October 27th when she tucked her children in bed the night before and Drew was still working his shift. And he returned home the morning of the 28th.

According to a Time line on the site a

Timeline of Sunday according to Bruce (Stacy's sister's boyfriend). - "Sunday morning [10/28/2007] around 10 AM, he [Bruce Zidarich] shared back and forth text messages with Stacy.

She then called him at 10:15 a.m.

She said that she had been just lounging in bed for a couple of hours, and that she AND HER KIDS were going to go to the house to paint today.

Bruce was supposed to wait to hear from Stacy's sister Cassandra, and then call Stacey after Cassandra got in touch with them.

Then they were all to meet over there to paint. However, Cassandra had decided to go to her mother's house that day, and didn't call Bruce.

At 4PM Bruce sent Stacy a text message saying "Lets paint tomorrow". He received no reply. Greta asked him when he began to worry about Stacy. Bruce said that Cassandra called him around 7 PM and said she had not been able to reach Stacy all day. He relayed that he had not heard from her since 10 or so that morning, and that he didn't get a reply to the 4 PM text message he had sent her."

2007-10-28 10:09 AM ILL [ Timeline]: "Stacy calls Bruce [Zidarich], says she is laying in bed. (call lasts until 10:28)."

2007-10-28 chicagosuburbannews 10:00 AM ILL "Stacy’s sister, Cassandra Cales, said the last telephone contact she had with her sister was at about 10 a.m. Sunday. After that, all attempts to reach Stacy by cell phone were unsuccessful."

Was the morning routine of this family shaken by an argument? The kids were definately up that morning. Did anyone hear screams or loud sounding thumps as if someone was thrown down on a carpeted bedroom floor? When Drew came out of the bedroom what did he say to his two children Kristopher and Thomas? Did Peterson tell them Stacy was sleeping and to be quiet? Did he say Stacy has gone out for the day and he was calling Sharon the next door neighbor and they were going over there for a while because he had stuff to do? The boys would likely never question their father. Did the boys think it strange that they were not going to leave with Stacy to paint her brothers house as planned? Regardless, Drew Peterson a heavy handed and likely feared ruler of his domain would be able to have his own children second guess what they might have seen or heard because Drew Peterson in my opinion is a master manipulator. And all children from these types of environment instinctively understand "little children are to be see and not heard," or else they will pay the price.

Twenty-five years between each set of children each torn by fear, truth and loyalty , father's whom likely silenced both women for ending the relationship. The Dianovsky boys now adults, have already paid a high price well into their adult years. They literally are the keeper of destructive secrets, similar to a permanent tatoo that remains within them each day they are alive. The same could hold true for the Peterson boys. Could one the Kathleen's children suddenly remember, perhaps with the guidence of a therapist, what happened on October 28, 2007, 10, 20 or 30 years later? It is a strong possibility.

Drew Peterson's trial date has been postponed while the State is awaiting answers on appeal's for certain testimony to be allowed at trial. Can the State's Attorney place Drew Peterson at the crime scene of Kathleen Savio? Is the case based on circumstantial evidence? Is what the State has enough for a conviction?
Part 3: This is Where They Wanna Be?" continues with Robert Dianovsky's 2004, trial and Drew Peterson's impending trial.

Be sure to return for the next installment of this Special Series Saturday, August 28, 2010"Is it Where They Wanna Be?

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