Thursday, August 26, 2010

Special Series: Is It Where They Wanna Be?

In 1982, Peggy Dianovsky, who lived in Schaumburg, IL, and a mother of 3 young boys, was very close with her husband Robert to finalizing a settlement on their divorce after a 10-year violent and controlling marriage. Her husband stated when he was questioned by authorities said she just "yea she wanted to go and took off." For 28 years, Robert Dianvosky has repeated the same story "she left voluntarily, taking a few clothes, leaving behind her 3 boys, her car, and her last paycheck."

Although Peggy vanished so many years ago, her unsolved case, is relevant, today in 2010, for several reasons. Including how it weave's into the Stacy Peterson, and Kathleen Savio case(s) and other missing mothers it is a direct connection to intimate partner homicide.

Peggy’s brother Gus, not her husband Robert reported Peggy missing 5 days after the night of the couple's last fight. Similar to Drew Peterson, it was Stacy's sister Cassandra Cales whom reported her missing. In a large number of mothers who vanish, the husband is rarely the person to contact the police and make a report. Drew Peterson also claimed "Stacy just took off and she is where she wants to be."

After their mother disappeared the boys" Andrew, Bobby and John, were never allowed to talk about Peggy after she was gone, an unspoken rule from Robert Dianovsky, their father. Similar to Drew Peterson, although now behind bars awaiting trial for the alleged murder of Kathleen Savio, the unspoken rule also applied to his children, especially in my opinion after Stacy disappeared. Not surprising the relatives of Peggy Dianovsky were immediately cut-off from any further contact with the children. And the same applied to the Peterson kids. Both members of the Savio and Cales [Stacy's family] have also been prohibited from any contact with all 4 of the children from both marriages. Sadly using their own words both men made the same remarks when asked where their loved ones are in reference to their wives vanishing-"they are where they wanna be." This phrase is key and it speaks volumes to each man whose then wife or girlfriend wanted to end the relationship. In the mind of a violent man, when they have had all they are going to take from a wife or a girlfriend, the rage inside of them can explode at anytime. Some will kill their entire family; while others kill and then commit suicide; and then their are individuals able to plan and carry out the crime, taking the chance they have covered their tracks the victim may never be found and they will not be convicted of the murder because there is no body.

At age 31 Andrew was a middle school teacher, and apparently started remembering things from the night of September 12, 1982. After intense therapy he was able to recall a violent fight that night, seeing his father holding a butcher knife to his mother's throat. This was a mere 24 hours before Peggy Dianovsky would disappear for good.

In 2003, now living on Arizona, Robert Dianovsky was arrested for Peggy's murder after his 3 sons urged authorities to re-open the case, feeling safe that they could now share their most secret memories. There was no body and no other physical evidence, this was a circumstantial case that went to trial in Cook County, IL, in 2004. [more about the trial in part 3 on 8/28/2010]

Be sure to return for the next installment of this Special Series Friday, August 27, 2010"Is it Where They Wanna Be?

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