Monday, April 26, 2010

Could "Time's Up" have helped Monica Beresford-Redman before it was too late?

The moment I heard the news that former television producer of the show "Survivor's"wife, Monica Beresford-Redman ,had been found dead of strangulation in a sewer while the couple and their children were vacation, my heart sank. I knew there was more to this tragic end than was being reported.

The sister of the slain wife of "Survivor" producer, Bruce Beresford-Redman, said, "he had been having an affair, and that the couple went to Mexico to patch things up.” I realize the toxicology reports and other DNA results are not back yet, but, this walks, talks and smells, in my opinion, like premeditated murder.

Abusers are clever in every aspect when it pertains to harming those in their lives. Think about it for a moment. He is allegedly having an affair with someone outside the marriage. His mind is clearly not on his wife or children. Maybe the person with whom he is having an affair says something like “unless you leave your wife and kids, we are history.” Or perhaps Bruce Beresford Redman is in love with this person and decides the easiest way out of his marriage is to take Monica on a planned trip out of the country for a “second honeymoon.” Considering he traveled the world as a producer it is likely he would have an idea of the best place to go without raising any eyebrows. Bruce makes Monica believe the affair has ended and he wants to recommit to his love for Monica and the kids. She informs family and friends they are taking a trip in hopes of patching things up.

In the mind of an abuser, the main objective in the majority of intimate violence homicide's is to remove the obstacle, allegedly, in this case, the mother of his children and wife Monica, all together from his life.

Monica Beresford-Redman in my opinion did not have a chance in hell for survival once she got on that plane. I have to believe that somewhere in her gut she knew something wasn’t right with the trip and on good faith went ahead anyway hoping their lives would get back on track. Domestic violence homicide is no longer a single act of heated rage or an isolated incident. It is an epidemic, and we can expect more mothers, sisters, community members and co-workers to lose their lives at the hands of those who profess to love them.

In my opinion, had Monica Beresford completed an Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit document and video (example show above) prior to her getting on that plane to Mexico, the person responsible would be arrested and charged with her murder.

If you learn anything from this site it is to be on guard if you are in a relationship with an abuser. Before you take a trip or announce you are ending the relationship or filing for divorce, as a safety precaution, you must prepare an Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit document and video. In the event something happens to you at least you have prepared documentation in advance, just in case you do suddenly go missing or discovered as too many women are, dead.

"Been there, done that…” Susan Murphy- Milano has turned a tired phrase into demonstrable realism through the gift of her newly published book, "TIME'S UP: A GUIDE ON HOW TO LEAVE AND SURVIVE ABUSIVE AND STALKING RELATIONSHIPS"

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