Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rachel Anderson Was A Target of Stalker?

"The past three months have been a nightmare for her (my mother pictured left is 40- year old Rachael Anderson from Claskston, washington) . She was a victim of stalking and feared for her life. The stalking compelled her to sleep in the living room of her home with the lights on instead sleeping in her own bedroom. Many times she would have a friend stay over with her because she was so scared.

The stalking began three months ago with phone calls. At first with the phone calls, no one would respond. The phone calls progressed into music playing in the background, that was muffled, and no one would speak on the phone. Then she started getting phone calls from various telephone numbers with disguised voices. The disguised voices would tell her what she was doing, what specific lights were on in her home, as if every move she made was being watched.

During this time my mom had the lock to her shed broken off, eerily men’s cologne was present on her front porch at night, her vehicle tires were slashed in front of her home, and the back windshield of her vehicle was broken in broad daylight at the parking lot of her employer. She had reported this information to law enforcement as she feared for her life. Multiple police reports were filed and she was working with a police detective with whom she checked in with everyday. On the day that my sister and I reported our mother missing, our mother was supposed to meet with detectives to try and find out who was stalking and harassing her. Interestingly, my mother also had documented information which she was compiling together that is now missing.

With the search for my mother, the vehicle she was last seen driving was located on Wednesday, April 21, 2010. The vehicl
e was located at a local gas station/bus stop. During the search for my mother, law enforcement has issued search warrants. A building she was last seen in on Friday, April 16th was one of the locations that a search warrant was executed. On Monday, April 26, 2010 the FBI is supposed to become involved with this case.

My mother is a strong, intelligent, vivacious woman who everyone loves and misses dearly. She has two young sons who live with her and are heartbroken by her disappearance. We all need her home safely. Please help us in our search!"

My Thoughts on this case:
This sounds as if the woman knew her stalker. Perhaps she dated him and broke off the relationship. It could be that she wasn't interested in this person and he wanted to get her attention by stalking her and making his presence known by slashing her tires, calling and even going through the home when she was gone.

Many victims of stalking are fearful that if they report somesome stalking them the harassment will increase. But in Rachael Anderson's case she was working with police detectives and checked in with them daily. Often innocent family members are threatened or targeted by the stalker. But in many cases, not taking action either by going to the police, taking pictures and, yes, even preparing an evidentuary abuse document and video even if you are stalked does leave authories and family members with important answers should a loved one suddenbly vanish.

The above posting came from the woman's daughter on Myspace. Another disturbing incident is the fact that cologne was spilled intentionally on the front porch of Racheal Anderson's home. Similar to a dog leaving their scent, announcing to a victim they were there at the home, once again. Stalking is a sick game a predator plays with their victims similar to "catch me if you can."

The family and law enfoprcement are looking for any information that will lead them to this missing mother. The police found her car and, as we all know from other cases, that is not a good sign. If you live in the area pass out flyers or ask people in the community to help spread the word.

My prayers and thoughts are with the family/

If you have any info on Rachael's disappearance, please call the Asotin County Sheriff*s Office at (509) 243-4717, or the Clarkston Police Dept at (509) 758-1680

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Anonymous said...

I think this is a very good sight for everyone to know about. I would have never known about this, but unfortunatly this has hit our family and we will go and do whatever we need to to get the word out not only to prevent this from happening to others but in hopes of finding our Rachael. So please take time to review this and other sights to help. Believe me when I say this could happen to any family.

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