Saturday, January 23, 2010

Former White House Staff Dismisses Dangers of Domestic Violence & Attempted Murder

Fred Fielding, Farren's former boss in the White House counsel office, said, "This report is sad and stunning, and completely out of character to anyone who knows or has worked with Mike."]

The remarks by Fred Fielding regarding the character of Former White House Counsel is a common theme among co-workers and buddies of an abuser. Fielding's Public Relations staff have totally disregarded the safety and welfare of Mary Farren [pictured to the left]and her children. Notice that there is not one word mentioned as to the safety of Mary Farren. That shows true ignorance. It clearly indicates the unwillingness to see that Mike Farren committed a felony, a serious criminal act. Just because a person "thinks" they know someone only deepens the wounds for victim's of abuse across the country. Maybe Fred Fielding can't read or thought that beating one's wife "severely" is acceptable because "it's a private matter."

This was also kept fairly quiet until the cowardly abuser appeared before a judge on Thursday. And if Michael Farren was not the "one time power boy on the hill" serving under two administrations this would never have reached sites like and the huffington post.

Mary Farren did not have a safety plan prior to serving her husband with divorce papers. In my expert opinion, that was her first mistake. She likely thought in showing the abuser she was taking control of her life and leaving the "explosive environment" he wouldn't dare harm a hair on her head. But, Mike Farren became enraged like all abusers do when they have lost control and within 48 hours Farren tried to kill his wife by beating her with a flashlight and choking her. Mary Farren, was beaten so severely in her home that she was knocked unconscious and lost vision, according to authorities. Mary was luckier than most women in her situation she managed to sound an alarm and flee the house with her two children.

Another insensitive comment :"We are saddened to hear the news," said David Sherzer, spokesman for George W. Bush. "This is a personal matter and we will not be commenting on it."

How about taking a firm stance that domestic violence and attempted murder on ones' wife or girlfriend is a crime? Or he deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law? I have an idea perhaps they would like to introduce my books and materials and provide them in every county across the country when a victim of violence has a court order of protection and or divorce papers served. That could have prohibited the police being callled and a "buddies wife" being choked and beaten within an inch of their life.

Sadly, all the money on the planet will not keep a victim of violence safe without a comprehensive plan prior to leaving. Alerting an abuser you are leaving while still living in the home is like handing an explosive violent offender a loaded gun!

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Harvard, IL said...

When will the legal system crate a proper response to abuse victims?

This women was lucky she wasn't killed.

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