Monday, January 25, 2010

Franki Jacobson: " Behind The Gates"

Franki Jacobson a wife, mother and author wrote under the name Frankaleana Beana. She co-author the children’s book released in December of 2000 titled “Green Bean’s Birthday Party” a book to help parents of children with autism. From what I read on-line she was a pioneer on a mission to bring awareness to children with autism. As a mother of two 7 year- old twin boys Eric and Joshua. She had written articles from "do you know the signs of autism" to "what parents can do for their children once they are diagnosed."

Over the weekend in a wealthy Palm Beach Florida gated community the author and her two boys were murdered by their loving father and husband.

Regardless of the financial difficulty this man was having it is a poor excuse to commit murder.

The issue of intimate homicide reaches every segment of our society. From the homeless to the middle class, the Harvard educated and the wealthy. There are those likely in the gated community of Florida who will dismiss the fact that Neal Jacobson was depressed and excuse the triple homicide murders committed by someone who was not properly diagnosed and treated for his mental illness, and “oh what a shame.” But in the world I live in that is not reality, as far as I am concerned.

When you deal with these cases on a daily basis be it drinking, drugs, depression that is often the convenient excuse an abuser uses giving themselves permission to commit the cold blooded crimes.They actually think about a plan of action long before it is finally carried out. Sometimes an offender learns of a possible infidelity or simply they are jealous over the other person’s relationship with the children and the community in which they live. An abuser often builds up circumstances or events in their mind that may never materialize but they believe them to be true. So over time the thought becomes an unexplained rage in their reality.

Unfortunately, in this tragedy it will not be difficult for a good defense attorney to build a case of insanity on behalf of his client. There were enough remarks and comments from the community who will likely testify that Neal Jacobson was mentally ill.

The problem is that from the grave Franki Jacobson will not be able to testify on her behalf as to the real truth of what went on in the marriage like all women who are murdered behind closed doors.

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Anonymous said...

The book was published december 2009 not 2000. Franki, Josh and Eric were my aunt and cousin in-laws. This event is still impossible to comprehend and it's very hard on everyone.

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