Friday, December 11, 2009

"Cold Case Continues Collecting Dust"

[pictured above Yolanda Bindics holding her child]

On August 10, 2004, Yolanda Bindics,25 left her job at the Family Dollar store in Jamestown, New York She called her brother, who was watching her 4 children around 8:20pm from her cell phone. When he tried to call her around 8:35 in the evening, there was no answer. That was the last day Yolanda was seen by family and friends.

Her abandoned car was found the next day down the street at the Arby's. In September 2004, her purse, keys, and other items washed up in a storm drain. Two years later, in September 2006, hunters found the remains of Yolanda Bindics in a remote, wooded area in the Town of Charlotte, Chautauqua County.

Investigators have confirmed the remains are Yolanda's, and that she was murdered, but they remain tight-lipped on exactly how she died. "We are feeling very fortunate that we did find the remains, regardless of where they were," said First Assistant District Attorney Tracey Brunecz, "and we are doing what we can with the information we have to further determine who did this to Ms. Bindics."

During the case, investigators have focused on three men, Darien Thomas and Clarence "Carl" Carte, both of whom had children with Yolanda. Authorities also questioned a former police officer by the name of Michael Watson, who reportedly had a relationship with Yolanda. Days after her disappearance, he was placed on paid leave and arrested on unrelated stalking charges against another woman. According to police, Carte had been seen at the Kwik Fill across the street from the Family Dollar store the very same night Yolanda disappeared.

Since the begining police have refused to comment on whether all three, or any of the men, remain persons of interest in this case.

The file of this case remains in a drawer collecting dust. Why aren't police trying to solve this murder? The family is asking for the public's help on this case. If you know something please call the number below. The information you provide is confidential.

There is a $20,000 reward offered by the FBI.

If you have any information regarding the Murder of Yolanda Bindics,
you're asked to contact:
Jamestown FBI at 716-484-7085 or the Jamestown Police at 483-TIPS
or Your Local Law Enforcement Agency.

As a point of interest according to the web site Yolanda's family has, Former Police Officer Michael Watson resigned from the Jamestown Police Department in May 2006, just days before a civil service hearing regarding alleged violations of department policy that stemmed from the stalking and harassment accusations.

Watson is suing the Jamestown Police Department and the city of Jamestown, alleging that investigators maliciously painted him as a suspect following Ms. Bindics’ disappearance.Police, on the other hand, blame the media and the public for reaching such conclusions about Watson, saying they only labeled him as a person of interest, the classification of which included everyone who knew Ms. Bindics and could shed some light on her disappearance.

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