Sunday, December 13, 2009

Put A Tiger In Your Tank?

The news stories of Tiger Woods and the daily developments regarding his sexual behavior reported by the media do not appear to be slowing down. Even Nancy Grace is covering the story on her daily crime show. In fact, we can expect more women to surface claiming to have had a tiger in their personal tanks in the New Year.

Women, some paid, some not, were involved with the mega sports icon for long periods of time while currently married. His squeeky clean image, gone. Woods is now a popular skit segment on Saturday Night Live and he even made David Letterman's top ten list.

And a new facebook fan page titled, "I have slept with Tiger Woods" has also surfaced with over 36,000 members (of which I joined) and growing.

But what I do not understand is the urgency in which "these dozen or more women" are willing to "tell all" as they profess their love and "special relationship with Woods.

Most of those I have heard and seen in the media are attractive and should have no problem in the real world of dating someone other than a married man. Instead, similar to an epsiode
of the "Bachleor"these women are now standing in line with high heels waiting to be crowned the "next Ms. Tiger."


Sacke said...

It takes 2 consenting people. The women need to move on if the only claim in their lives is they had sexual relations with a golfer on parade advertising services for hire.

Anonymous said...

Tiger is sorry he got caught. He is a slut. If Elin were ordinary instead of gorgeous, the media talking heads would be blaming her. I even heard one male announcer say that Tiger should have chosen discreet women for sex instead of these bigmouths who were making problems for him at home. Sports is about testosterone, money, power and sex, with violence thrown in for good measure.
Elin needs to dump him. Let some other fool be stuck with this pig. Wait until the paternity & STD's suits start rolling in....

dee said...

Men always cheat DOWN.

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