Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tracking Those In The Name of Justice

Intimate Domestic Violence Homicides is an Internet site providing a national compilation of daily news articles about family violence murder and suicides. "Most mornings I wonder when society is going to realize intimate violence makes victims of us all."

This important site is the brain child of Cathy Church whom is also the Executive Director of Access Justice NOW. The site also includes a google map chart indicting each tragedy. The site is important in bringing awareness to the plight of victims after a tragedy. And sadly, it is an important tracking information site of the men whom not only kill their spouse or girlfriend, but the children.

The site also advocates assistance for those who have been victims killed.

Do Not Let a Victim Die in Vain
If you have a family member, friend or loved one who has been killed because of intimate or domestic violence, do not let their death be in vain.
Access Justice Now, a non-profit dedicated to seeking justice on behalf of intimate and domestic violence victims, may be able to help.

Go to and fill out the Legal Assistance form at the bottom of the home page if you feel the death of your friend or loved one could have been avoided had authorities taken steps to enforce the law.
Everyone Deserves Justice, Everyone!

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