Friday, October 30, 2009

Why Does Drew Peterson Need A Lawyer?

(please note the website for Stacy Peterson is no longer available please go to the bottom of the page for information)

In keeping this weeks attention on the Stacy Peterson case below is a post that ran back on November 20, 2007.
Seems rather odd to me. In my opinion why does one who proclaims to the world he knows nothing, and yet, knows for a fact and states firmly and with certainty "Stacy is where she wants to be" and yet, he pleads on national television for a lawyer? While no formal charges, yet, have been filed against anyone.

So why does a person who claims they are innocent require a lawyer?
That is the million dollar question!

The fact is Stacy Peterson is still missing. Please let's all say a prayer that she is found soon!

Name: Stacy Ann Peterson Height: 5'2" Weight: 100 lbs Age: 23 Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown

Stacy has been missing since 10/28/07.

You can help by passing out or creating flyers. Showing up and helping in the search. If you know anything, please call the numbers below.
Contact Information
Illinois State Police District 5 - Tip Line 815.740.0678
Texas Equu Search - Tip Line 877.270.9500
E-Mail Family of Stacy
Find Stacy Peterson
NBC 5 Chicago
ABC 7 Chicago
Fox News Chicago
CBS 2 Chicago


Anonymous said...

And he is where he needs to be!

Rechtsanwalt Wien said...

Knowing how the world goes with the system, I think Peterson knows what he will go through. However, I think it is fair enough not to convict him even before a formal charge. But I do wonder why is there no formal charge against him until now.

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