Thursday, October 29, 2009

"New Poster Boy"

Below is a post on the Stacy Peterson case that ran on November 14, 2007. This week marks the 2 year anniversary since she went missing.

The Peterson case(s) have two alledged victims, now has made Peterson, who moments ago resigned from the Bolingbrook Police Department the "National Poster Boy" for narcissitic passive aggressive behavior.

For years that title was held solely by Charles Stewart, the Boston man who murdered his lawyer wife on October 23, 1989 and accused someone else of the crime. Ultimately, he took his own life. But if you recall Stewart behaved in the same way as Peterson, in every interview, cold and without any emotion. The Cowardly Former Officer Drew Peterson now holds the title. And proudly, I might add.

In my opinion, it was clear from the NBC interview with Matt Lauer that Drew Peterson lives in a black and white world of his own. Obviously he hasn't been able to find a lawyer willing to take the case without some major up front cash retainer. So he decided to ask for one on national television like he was asking for a cancer specialist to treat his disease.

I highly doubt a bank would lend the bozo ten cents against his home. According to Will County Clerks Office, Peterson bought his home on 12/29/2003, for $227,000 with no money down and refinanced in 2005. And on 12/23/2003 he recorded the sale of the home with Stacy A. Peterson. And I do not believe he is able to borrow, legally against his children(s) trust funds. He may be able to get his hands on his pension or borrow against it that is probably an option at this point and the reason he may have resigned.

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