Monday, October 5, 2009

"Murder Behind The Badge"

As a former police officers daughter, I know firsthand the fear and trauma associated in living with a man that used his badge, ultimately committing murder. In the 5th grade our class was given an assignment to write a poem about our lives. I wrote:

This man who drinks and carries a gun, each night he’d come home it would be no fun.

That badge, that gun, we have no place to run.

In my 20 years advocating police perpetrated homicide the horrors of living with a violent abusive police officer, those committing unspeakable acts of murder were, until now, silently buried with the victims.

Finally, Author and former detective and Women In Crime Ink Contributor Stacy Dittrich has written Murder Behind the Badge profiling police officers who kill for love and money, to the ones who kill over simple personnel complaints; included among other are the stories of Drew Peterson, Bobby Cutts, Ken Dekleine, Richard DiGuglielmo, and Lawrencia Bambenek.
These are stories of the men and women who abused their power, took human life, and will forever pay the consequence.

This book is a must read for police officers entering the academy to criminal justice students and those whom desire the truth within the "blue world."

Murder Behind The Badge is available now for pre-order at

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