Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Meal Ticket was the Verdict-Not Justice!

California laws regarding Domestic Violence are considered strict as opposed to other states. They should be quite complex and carry with them serious conviction penalties. Perhaps the State Legislators should amend the law to include the words “crimes committed by celebrities including sports players” shall be prosecuted.

When you are charged with two felony counts as Chris Brown --(somehow the other one magically vanished in court) -- it is imperative you enter the courtroom prepared with someone like Mark Geragos, a strong defense attorney.
It should not matter that these so called strong domestic violence and stalking laws were passed into legislation because women, mothers and girlfriends found themselves in an emergency room or on a slab tagged at the county morgue.

Yes all the fans can jump up and down screaming victory for their kroner making a deal with the districts attorney’s office by pleading guilty to only one count of felony assault and provided with a free get out of jail card. But this is not a game of monopoly it is real life. I am certain if this happened to a relative or family member you would not be cheering and likely demanding justice. But we still as a society do not see this type of violence between intimate relationships as a potentially deadly crime. Blood, gushing out of Rihanna’s mouth as Brown continued to punch her while in route to the Grammy awards her head held down below the steering wheel as he told her “I am going to beat the shit out of you when we get home” implying this was not the first time Brown solved his manly issues with a young woman half his size and strength with violence.

Chris Brown in court yesterday, head bowed with hands folded like a choir boy as he pleaded guilty looking all manly in his designer threads before the judge.

It was obvious Defense attorney Mark Geragos relationships with the system that included the Judge and District Attorney in Los Angeles showing the world he knows how to aggressively pursue alternative sentencing, for his famous, yet cowardly client.

We witnessed firsthand, a verdict from an industry that sets itself apart from the realities of relationship dynamics. Chris Brown sings for a lot of folk’s suppers and that "meal ticket" was the verdict, not justice!


Freedom Soon said...

You go girl! I love the way you make a point, actually several points.

Bless you for being the voice for many of us who continue to remaiun silent!

Rollo said...

If you hit a woman you should get the maximum penalty. No questions asked.

Regan said...

What bothers me the most is if Chris brown had done that to a stranger or a paparazzi or anyone other than his love interest he'd be prosecuted to the MAX.

You're right it's NOT a GAME it's real BLOOD behind those laws. I am sick of batterers using romantic love as an excuse and the courts doing nothing to STOP the CRIME or seek justice.

Shantel said...

Any other "non celebrity" man beats a woman’s ass the way he beat Rhianna’s in California would be placedin prison for a minimum 6 years. Even if the chick doesn't testify, the police report and pictures will be enough. What a complete crock of sh*t!!

rj said...

Black women's lives are the least valued, especially at the hands of their brethren.

Anonymous said...

money, money, money, moneyyyy, money! It's not just a song it allows batters and murders to get a keep out of jail card. OJ got a chance to use it too. This gift tells Chris Brown that he doesn't have to change. We can make a point of not buying another cd or anything else he produces.

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