Monday, May 4, 2009

No Body, No Problem?

It's not unrealistic to think that any man, feeling threatened by talk of divorce and losing their children and property, could kill his wife. Especially, those men empowered with a uniform, badge and gun within the very community they protect. It is not so difficult to see these men eat, drink and sleep power. They snap, allowing their “life fuse” to short circuit and commit murder.

The person may appear to be a great father to their children and the first to assist anyone in trouble, this is how abusers in blue have set up their lives. Everyone has a perception they are wonderful human beings, often above suspicion. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand an abusive officer has been provided the tools in the criminal world allowing acts of domestic violence and homicide virtually impossible to trace or track back to them in cases including the mothers of their children go missing.

In the case of Drew Peterson, Prosecutors are missing an opportunity to consult with some of the top “No Body” experts in the country. One that comes to mind is Tad DiBiase. He provides not only free consultation to law enforcement and prosecutors but he also has successfully tried these cases where a body has not been found.

On May, 21, 2009, the grand jury will have reached their 18 month limit in hearing evidence and listening to testimony in the Peterson case. If this Grand Jury does not reach a decision to indict my favorite dickless wonder, Drew Peterson, the Will County State’s Attorney will have to begin with another Grand Jury from scratch. It would cost the office nothing to reach out to Attorney Tad DiBiase, he is willing to consult the Will County State’s Attorney’s office pro-bono.

All James Glasgow has to do is contact him. Currently, they are other similar cases in Will County of officers wives whose lives are literally hanging by a very thin thread, Four police officers wives to be exact, one is allegedly from the very same police department where Peterson was employed. The point is, we all hope the grand jury will bring justice for two women and mother’s unable to speak.
If not, a back-up plan should be considered as a solid alternative for a man who is still walking free because he covered his tracks.
Joe Hosey Reporter and Author of the book Fatal Vows writes at the end "Finally, I must acknowledge Stacy Peterson and Kathleen Savio. Although you are not here to tell you stories, I hope I have done you justice."

Let's hope and pray the Grand Jury is in the same frame of mind as Joe Hosey. All anyone is asking is for justice to prevail!

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