Monday, April 6, 2009

Derrick Yancey Double Murderer Escapes From House Arrest & GPS Monitoring Device

A double murder suspect released on bond, placed on house arrest slipped out of his GPS device and escaped.

Eleven hours later the monitoring company alerted officials, Derrick Yancy, 49 years of age is missing. According to his attorney who says his client is innocent the poor soul had been depressed for several days. No telling where Yancey went, he is armed and dangerous.

The former DeKalb County, Georgia Sheriff, charged with the double murder of his wife Linda Yancy and day laborer Marocal Puluc was allowed to make bail and placed on house arrest in August of 2008.

Now, armed and dangerous Yancy is on the run. Why isn't he behind bars?

This case has had a foul odor from day one!

Anyone with information should call the DeKalb Sheriff's Fugitive Squad at 404-298-8200.

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Anonymous said...

This is just a nutty story, they should have never released him on bond. He looked at that as an opportunity to run. That's just plain stupid. They have forensic evidence he committed murder and his own family said he shouldn't have been given bond. Now they have a nut job on the loose. If he kills anyone else I see them with blood on their hands. It says he was depressed and his own atty didn't know why? DUH he's going down for committing murder?! Of course he ran. Court's are full of judges without good sense. But I'm preaching to the choir right? You know this from 1st hand experience.

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