Monday, December 8, 2008

Theresa Parker 911

When we read about people vanishing from off the face of the earth without a trace, unless it effects us in some way, for example if we live in the town the person vanished from, or attended church service, they were a co-worker or lived our children were schoolmates, we do not pay attention.

For the immediate family, not locating the missing person or solving the crime that ultimately leads to the person responsible arrest and conviction, is at the very least, gut wrenching. Those directly affected, be it a parents, child aunt, cousin, are forever altered by this unthinkable act of human violation.

All too often, someone has an answer, but, they came be too afraid to come forward. Some case's have been recently solved some 36 years later. The person came forward because they were no longer afriad that the person responsible was going to do them harm.
As an example, Theresa Parker, a 911 Dispatch from Atlanta, Georgia, married to the former Sgt. Sam parker has not been seen since March of 2007. In February of 2008, Sam Parker was arrested for her murder. Parker, who was charged with murder on Feb. 4, has also been charged with making false statements, computer invasion of privacy and violation of oath by a public officer. He was incarcerated at the Floyd County jail following his arrest. According to court documents, Parker is being held in the Catoosa County jail, awaiting his trial.

Someone out there knows something. All they have to do is leave information without using their name so authorities can recover her body and bring her home for her family to provide Theresa with a proper burial. That is it. No questions asked. You can even contact me if you would like and I will make the call.

Please, I am asking the person who knows something to give the best Christmas present they can to a family who wants to bring their loved one home.

On Tuesday, Marilee Strong, author of "Erased" will be among the guests on Justice Interrupted, Tuesday, December 9, 2008. She discuss her book and why theee men murder their wives, instead of just giving them a divorce and walking out the door.
There is a sisterhood of sorts among police officer families. When a woman is murdered and married to someone in law enforcement, it hits close to my own home, in my own life.


Leslie, Atlanta said...

You are right. Unless someone is directly involved in a case of a missing or murder victim the general public does not pay attention, including law enforcement. Keep reminding folks someone is sure to come forward.

Jurorthirteen said...

I haven't gotten any news about this case in months..... so sad!

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