Friday, December 5, 2008

Ken Huber Police Chief on Trial For Murder

Ken Huber, 42, is the former Chief of Police charged with the murder of his wife Pam Huber on October 28, 2007 (pictured above the prison stripes is a photo taken at the time of his arrest the other was taken just today as jury selection began in his trial for the murder of his wife, Pam.

This cowdly, tin, badge Chief, charged with first-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter, shot his wife Pam, once in the head with a .40-caliber pistol on Oct. 28, 2007, in their Highmore South Dakota home while her 11-year-old daughter slept next to her.

A criminal complaint obtained in October of 2007, outlined a series of complicated relationships including an affair between Ken Huber and a Hyde County State's Attorney by the name of Jennifer Lowrie that ultimately led to a conflict of interest in the case.

It should come as no surprise Ken was an abuser of physical and emotional abuse.
The night of the murder, according to the complaint, Jennifer Lowrie spoke with her "lover" Ken Huber about 10 p.m., for about 50 minutes on Oct. 28, 2007, on the night of the shooting.
Ken Huber waited until midnight and then the coward called 911 and reported that his wife had been accidentally shot while he had been moving a gun.

How can a trained expert in Glock guns and Chief of Police use the excuse "accidental shooting" as a defense? Basically, Huber is a coward.
Jury selection began today. It is likely Ken Huber will rot in a jail cell, as he should for the murder of Pan Huber.


Archie said...

I am curious why isnt Jennifer Lowrie has not gotten in trouble for her involvement in the murder?

Jessie'sMomGlendene said...

This person, title used loosely (sorry, can't call him a MAN or a POLICE OFFICER, he does not deserve either title, they are for persons of respect) needs to rot in H***.
Good question Archie....why is she not in trouble? She took an oath.

Marri said...

This is a disturbing trend. In additon how can this man call himself aa father when he murders Pam in cold blood w/ his 11 year old sleeping beside her?

Cold, Calculated, Murder. Whatever does not happen to him at thr trial he will have to face our Lord and Savior on his judgment day.

SD said...

What a sick dirt bag. Why didn't he just walk away from the marriage? Don't they teach skills at the academy other than murder?

Anonymous said...

He didn't walk away from the marriage because he would have lost much. Pam and Ken were living in the house that was her parents, where she grew up with her 4 sisters. When her parents died, her 4 sisters decided she should have the house. It was owned free and clear then. When Pam died, it was mortgaged to the hilt so that Ken could have all the toys a big boy would want: camper, motorcycle, boat, and 40+ guns. He wouldn't have stood a chance to get the house if he and Pam divorced. He would have had to have sold off his toys.

Ken is a full blown narcissist. He was mean, a bully, demanding and very selfish. Whatever Ken wanted, he got at his wife's expense.

He had abused his power in Highmore for years. Many people can tell stories of his antics in uniform. Who was going to challenge the only LEO in town, except the sheriff, who had no jurisdiction over him. It was only a matter of time before Ken did something that would get him locked up. His narcissism and position were a lethal combination. He especially took delight in tormenting young attractive girls. One time he handcuffed a teenage girl to a sign post, just to watch her squirm.

God will take care of Ken and we don't have to be there to see what happens.

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