Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One Woman's Fight For Justice

Finally, Safe, begining her new life, a woman's right to live her life without the threat of violence makes the front page of the Chicago Tribune. On November 17, 2008, In a Will County Illinois Courthouse, this courageous woman will step foot in the courtroom, for justice. Below is the prepared for the judge, prior to the sentencing of her ex-husband John Samolis. A convicted felon for violating a court order of protection after his release from Stateville Illinois Correctional facility.

For years we were abused and battered by John Samolis. I didn't know how to get away and be able to protect my children. Then he raped me and beat me so severely the law put him away. That allowed me and my children to get help. It wasn't easy but it was much better than the abuse we had suffered. We've been in therapy ever since.

My children and I suffer from nightmares and anxiety. He had made us feel like we were nothing. He continues to threaten us. He's taken a huge part of our lives and terrorized us and tortured us. He took away our hope for a future.

Therapy has helped us immensely. But I will always look over my shoulder and fear him. I know he wanted to kill me. He has told me so many times.

He has an explosive temper and as the children grew he beat them, more and more. I've sat in therapy and listened to my son's tell about how they hid for hours under the dirty laundry to escape a beating from their father. They told the therapist how they were beat with video cables. His anger increased and escalated as the boys grew.

John was not just abusive he was also neglectful. A few weeks before my youngest son turned 3 he fell 3 stories while under my husbands care. Chase ruptured his spleen, kidney and had severe internal injuries. He almost died.

John Samolis was severely beaten as a child. I don't want my children to grow up to be like him. I could see the effect his abuse had on them. I wanted to leave but was afraid. I am still afraid of him, so are my children.

We lost our home, we had to relocate and had to file bankruptcy. Attorney fees have cost me thousands for the divorce and transport permission. Therapy has been very costly, though worth every cent. I am the sole support of my children. We live with my mother and stepfather who help me care for them.

It's been very difficult losing everything and moving. But with the help of family and therapy we are much better off and looking forward to the future. Nothing was as bad as the abuse.

Please help us, by making John Samolis accountable for his actions. Don't let him keep on ignoring the law. He has broken every OP. He thinks he can manipulate the system.

Please give us time to heal and grow as a loving family. Help me to protect my children, their safety is my highest priority. I want my children's voices heard. They deserve equality and freedom from abuse. Please look at the drawings they did for their therapist, please read the therapists letter. Please read my Victim’s Impact Statement and look at the Timeline of abuse.

I am proud of my children for having the courage to tell the therapist about the abuse they suffered. It is not their fault their father beat them and me. It's not my fault he raped and beat me and continues to stalk and harass me. You have the power to help stop this from happening again, please protect my children and me.


Delilah said...

Regan's success will be an encouragement for other battered women to safely get away from the cycle of abuse.

It's so refreshing to know that, in these times of so many spouses that have gone missing, that there are women who have success stories to tell.

Unknown said...

Message below was posted on http://peace4missing.ning.com/ by Cherry, the Mother of Regan Martin.

Today is my birthday. My greatest gift are my children and grandchildren. I can not look at their faces without also seeing one other face "Susan Murphy-Milano" she has tirelessly helped me and my daughter for almost a year. The Chicago Tribune, the video, are all here because of Susan. More than that, the whole 13 charges, the GPS monitor, the Harvard Law students now trying to help, these are all because of Susan. While I am thankful for the article I am upset they did not put Susan in the article.
Others need to know what to do and where to go for help. Please if you can comment on the article or even let the editor know of how Susan has helped so many. Do it! The whole reason Regan did the article was so God could bring good from this evil. Susan is an important part of God's miracle.

Thank you all for your love and your prayers.

Susan Murphy Milano

Justice Interrupted

Tune in this evening, November 11, to Justice Interrupted Radio to hear the Mother of Reagan Martin, LIVE!

Anonymous said...

Regan is an example of courage and strength. WE all know the difficulty in which one requires to leave with all your fingers toes and limbs and vital organs.

WE have technology for cars and traffic tickets and yet, nothing for a victim of violence and her . What does this not say about our legal system.

Bless everyone duriong this difficult journey Regan her family and Susan and her family.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Susan for advocating for Regan Martin and her family!
REGAN THANK YOU for speaking out! Because of your courage and your strength all of us who have fallen victim to domestic abuse and stalking have renewed hope! Regan Martin you are an inspiration for all of us!
For those reading this blog spot that want to help support Regan Martin please attend the criminal hearings to support Regan Martin and her family! Encourage the prosecutors to take this case seriously and to help keep Regan and her children safe and free from abuse! Regan Martin and her children should not have to live in fear!
One Person Can Make A Difference!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

About.com has done an article about Regan Martin Samolis


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your fight for the lives and issues. I've corresponded today with Regan's mother. We pray for Regan and her family. No one should endure this torment. It's people like you who giving this issue and story great attention that could snatch this family from the jaws of murder.
Jim http://silentministries.spruz.com

Bella Sposa Bridal & Prom said...

May God continue to protect and bless you. I will pray that the young law students learn among their lessons to protect the innocent without financially crippling them.

I found you looking at Susan Murphy's blog to contact her about our recent success: http://justiceforjulia.org

We will add you to our prayers and send 10,000 angels to protect you and your precious little ones. With God's perfect grace you may come to have greater freedom than you have ever known.

What kind of sentence might he receive? If I were you I would probably do a disappearing act. It would probably be your best protection.

Perhaps Susan and the students can get the laws changed and lock these buggers up and work them like slaves as they can not be reformed! Teach them that crime does NOT pay. Take all of their earnings after their expenses: goes to support their victim and PAY the victim back....not as if they ever could! I would work them 18 hour days 6 days a week and pay a fair day’s pay for their labor. With proper management it could run like a proper “Corporal Punishment Corporation”. Even allowing benefits to their children, allowing them responsibility as is due any other man. We want to take away their freedoms, not their responsibilities.

Why should we the tax payers pay for their keep while we work our behinds off? Don't get me started on the ineptitudes of our entire system: welfare, health, victims RIGHTS!

That feels more like for the people governing to me. I also imagine we might see a slow down on abuse if they know that some harshness may be heading their direction: and it isn’t going to stop! No TV either. That is a privilege and the forfeit all of those with their choices.

Now after all is said and done if you will also find forgiveness for him God will bless you richly. This can seem unimaginable at first. It took me ten years to wrap my brain around that one. I know you can do it too.

Anonymous said...

Stay strong Regan, I will be writing letters to Congress for the law to include Domestic Violence Abuse Registry for our Nation. I found Myra Spearman's story this weekend and have not been able to get on the site.
In March of 1989 I was strangled until I passed out. He beat me and the marks on my face took almost one month to heal them. The strangling marks took longer. I did not date anyone for years. I do not want anyone to date this man. I can hardly wait to list him. In 1999 I helped another woman put a man in Federal Prison for Idenity Theft he was surin the web for victims. He won't be coming back to my state. Thanks and I will keep you in my prayers.

Unknown said...

Dear Susan,

I do not know what makes people so abusive.

When I was a member of the South Jackson County Business and Professional Women's Club we made one of the first safe house's in KCMO. Someday I would like to tell you the story behind that.

However, contrary to what your readers think, psychologists and psychiatrists tell us that the abusers do not think of repercussions for their behavior. Getting punished is far from their minds.

Abusive people have mental issues. Take even their threats very seriously. Also remember is your life worth the chance.

In most states, there are now safe houses. Call the adult hotline of your locality, city or state. They can put you in touch with these safe houses.

Anonymous said...

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Lori Finnila said...

Susan saved me by realizing I can talk about police abuse.

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