Friday, November 14, 2008

E! True Hollywood: "Husband's Who Kill"

Tonight at 9:00 PM EST E! True Hollywood Story Investigates.

The one-hour episode, "Husbands Who Kill," explores cases of seemingly loving husbands driven to murder their wives. One was in fact a loving husband. Problem was, his wife loved another man.

Tonight's program on E! investigates the cases of four women slain by their husbands. The three men who only appeared to be loving husbands had been living lies. Two had misled family and friends into believing they were pursuing advanced degrees, one a medical degree, the other an MBA from Harvard. The truth was that neither had graduated from college and both were running out of money and lies. At least one of the wives discovered the truth, but did not live to tell. The other man gave his "ailing" wife Gatorade spiked with antifreeze and went on to become a popular radio host. WCI's Author / Broadcaster Michele McPhee wrote about that case and others in "Why Are Smart Women Carried Away by Fakes?"

The third husband living a lie was David Temple, a Texas football star turned high-school coach. Temple ended up being prosecuted by WCI's Kelly Siegler for firing a shotgun20into the back of his wife's head. Belinda Temple was eight months pregnant with their second child. (Siegler, right, grills Temple during the trial)

In fact, two of tonight's cases involve husbands convicted of taking the lives of their wives and unborn children. Lately, any story about a pregnant wife murdered by her husband immediately draws a Laci Peterson comparison. But the Temple case pre-dated Laci's by several years. The tale is complete with an Amber Frey character—with one key distinction: Scott Peterson's lover did not know she was dating a married man until he became a suspect in his wife's disappearance. When Frey realized that Scott had been motivated to do away with his wife so he could be with Amb er, she helped authorities put him away. David Temple's love interest,

Heather Scott—a teacher at the school where David coached—knew her lover was someone's husband=2 0and father. After David murdered his wife, Heather married him and testified on his behalf (above).

Once the cold-case made it to trial, the courtroom heated up as Kelly Siegler clashed with renowned criminal defense attorney Dick DeGuerin, proving the media's prediction of "fireworks" in the courtroom between the legal giants to be an understatement. DeGuerin (pictured right of Temple, upon conviction) maintains his client—who was filmed on Home Depot surveillance camer as around the time of the murder—was not guilty. DeGuerin accused Siegler of being so effective at her job that she'd done what defense attorney Richard "Racehorse" Haynes once said was inevitable: "She's convicted an innocent man ."

The victim's family saw things differently. When Temple was finally convicted nearly nine years after the murder, Belinda's brother said he'd suspected David's involvement within ten minutes of her death. Following sentencing, her father said, "People have told us, 'Get over it.' You can't get over your baby—especially in these types of circumstances. . . . Put a shotgun to my baby's head and blow her brains out . It just wasn't right. And I'm so glad justice has prevailed."
Kelly Siegler's case is just one among four stories of husbands who kill. For a full hour on that story, look for the show WCI's Jenna Jackson is producing for Or wait for the book that Kathryn Casey is working on: Shattered: The David Temple Story.
But don't miss Susan and Kelly tonight, in what the producer for "Husbands Who Kill" promises to be a provocative hour of television. Click here to watch the trailer for the next THS Investigates: An in-depth examination of criminal behavior.

Friday, November 14th, 2008 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Central Time


Delilah said...

This is a very exciting show and stories that need to be investigated in depth. As we all know there are too many stories to tell!

Proud of you Susan! I will be watching the show!

Unknown said...


so beyond excited!

congrats, make us PROUD!

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