Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stalked By Cop..Where Does A Victim Turn?

For five years now, my now ex-husband and now retired law enforcement officer has stalked and terrorized me.

It is bad enough to be abused by a batterer without power and influence, but when an officer is involved, with a broad sphere of influence, the battles for survival become even more fierce.

Even worse yet, is when the officer decides to stalk unrelentingly and the system takes no action.Most police officers who are batterers use aspects of their position to gain undue advantage.

In the cases of Officer-Involved Domestic Violence (OIDV) it is apparent that whatever the officer's training, expertise, fascination and specialized equipment is, is what is used against his victim. With OIDV being estimated as high as 40% among law enforcement families, there is a huge number of women in our nation who need help because they have no safe place to even report the violence. The issues surrounding escaping, divorcing, and struggling to survive are unique, unlike other domestic violence.The police officer knows where the shelters are, he can easily have other officers follow his wife or girlfriend, and he knows the "boys in blue" will cover for him. Often the victim is blamed, evidence planted, coercion transpires, death threats are made, the victim is told to recant and the fear factor flies off the charts.

I know, because I have lived it. I believe my cop-stalker has used all his training, his power and influence and his city-issued police equipment to perpetrate crimes against me and to get away with all but murder!

To hear more, this courageous woman, Susan Rhoades will be on Justice Interrupted Crime Radio, October, 14, 2008

Time: 8 PM PST/10 PM CEN/11 EST

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Anonymous said...

I admire Susan's Rhoades courage for speaking out about her stalker as cyberstalking is definitely a criminal epidemic that is not going away anytime soon. As A former high-tech investigator, I never imagined that I would fall prey to this heinous crime; however, I am living proof that even professional investigators are not immune to cyberstalking. The nation’s antiquated laws are doing little to prevent these heinous crimes and most victims suffer in silence- the silence must be broken.
Our nation’s resources and antiquated laws are not equipped to tackle these more difficult cases involving the use of technology. For millions of domestic abuse victims’ who are already the target of an abuser, and need to keep data from them it is particularly difficult in the 21st century primarily because of the on-line datafurnishing industry and the many databases that house consumer private records information. Cyberstalking is a growing threat in our increasingly automated, technology-dependant society. Technology today allows for anyone including domestic abusers to harass and intimidate with no repercussions because their handiwork is nearly untraceable.
I applaud the efforts of Susan Murphy-Milano as well as the courage of this cyberstalking victim. It is important that more victims like Susan Rhoades continue to speak out as this will help to garner the support of our nation’s law makers to introduce legislation that will help to combat these heinous crimes.
If you are a victim of domestic violence or cyberstalking you are not alone. For more information contact Alexis A. Moore, President and Founder of Survivors In Action. Alexis@survivorsinaction.com

Anonymous said...

Very Good show last night.

Susan Rhoades was a great guest.

Susan Murphy-Milano is a POWERHOUSE!! A highly effective advocate for vicitm's of family violence.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the links!

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